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How Good Is Your Eyesight? Can You Spot What’s Hidden In These Pictures?

These optical puzzles will test you, frustrate you and blow your mind away. They have rightfully flummoxed the Internet. Some of them are photographs that are perfectly timed, the others cleverly designed to trick you. So, how observant are you, really? (Psst…solutions are at the end)

The latest Internet sensation is to be able to find out what is hidden in between the bricks. See anything? (Source: Arron Bevin/Facebook)

Can you spot the panda hidden among the snowmen? (Source: Dudolf/Facebook)

If you found the panda, congratulations! Now, try spotting the dog. (Source: Lego/Instagram)

There are two cats perched on the rock, in front of your eyes in broad daylight. Can you spot them? (Source: Wafflesatnoon.com)

Can you spot the cat in the tree? (Source: Wafflesatnoon.com)

There’s an egg dumped in between the rabbits. Can you spot it? (Source: Dudolf/Facebook)

How many girls are there in this photo captured by Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari? (Source: Tizzia/Instagram)

9. Can you spot the animal in this picture? (Source: Caters News Agency via Sliptalk.com)

10. There’s a cat in the crowd, waiting to pounce on the owls. Can you spot it? (Source: Dudolf/Facebook)

11. Can you spot the Oscar statuette among the Star Wars droids? (Source: Mike Rogalski/Eyewasweb.com)

12. Inspired by the original hunt for the panda, can you find the panda hidden among these metal music fans? (Source: Espen Westum/Facebook)

13. There’s an animal hidden in this picture, and no it’s not an insect. (Source: Caters News Agency via Sliptalk.com)

14. Hamsters don’t really look like potatoes, but you’ll have a hard time finding a potato among them. (Source: Watercooler/Instagram)

15 Can you see what the red circle contains? (Source: Jack O’ Neil/Playbuzz)

16. It’s commendable for such a large animal to be hidden in this picture without camouflage. (Source: Caters News Agency via Sliptalk.com)


18. Once you see it, you can’t un-see it! (Source: Arron Bevin/Facebook)

19. (Source: Dudolf/Facebook)

20. (Source: Lego/Instagram)

21. (Source: Wafflesatnoon.com)

22. (Source: wafflesatnoon.com)

23. (Source: Dudolf/Facebook)

24. If you haven’t guessed it already, there are two girls; one looking into a mirror that’s not been captured in the photograph and the other one is looking to her left in the mirror that’s in the shot. (Source: Tizzia/Instagram)

25. (Source: Caters News Agency via Sliptalk.com)

26. (Source: Dudolf/Facebook)

27. (Source: Dudolf/Facebook)

28. (Source: Espen Westum/Facebook)

29. (Source: Caters News Agency via Sliptalk.com)

30. (Source: Watercooler/Instagram)

31. (Source: Jack O’ Neil/Playbuzz)

32. (Source: Caters News Agency via Sliptalk.com)

Source: unki.com