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Tell Me How You Close Your First And I’ll Figure Out Your Hidden Personality

Non-verbal language can tell a lot about you without knowing it, the movements and postures made with the body are revealing and are usually unknown because they were not taught during childhood or the whole growth of the human being , are simply done by fashion and unconscious. Reason why in the following article we will tell you how non-verbal language influences your communication with others, specifically the way you close your hand since the position of the fist demonstrates various traits of your personality, how you relate to others And how you deal with life.

It will not take you long, all you need to do is watch carefully how you put your fingers to close the hand in fist as this will determine the relationship you have and your character. Clenching your fist in situations of stress, frustration, annoyance and so on, it is extremely normal to do so and you probably do not know what you might be revealing about your personality.

Non-verbal language: close your hand

1. Verify how you close your hand: if you close your hand and put all your fingers on the thumb, others will see in you that you are a creative person and the creativity for them is synonymous with intelligence. Emotivity infects many people, when someone has enthusiasm and willingness are always the order of the day however, people are often very changeable. It is thought that in this way the arts by fashion go more with you because they denote: expressiveness, talent, sensitivity and wood of artist.

But in reality you happen to be a very calm person, kind by nature and prudent, you prefer to be silent before hurting others, sociable and easy, a free soul that aims to fulfill their dreams and enjoys a lot of sympathy, you usually have few Friends but quality.


On the other hand, when you fall in love you leave aside the drama because it does not characterize you, you prefer a quiet relationship, without problems, where you can be you freely and relaxed but when you are not at all comfortable you prefer to avoid because you do not like to hurt people So they hurt you , forgive and quickly forget something few have.

2. Thumb on your fingers: others see you as a friendly person and therefore trust quickly in you, with charisma and talent. They get admiration and respect from the rest for being intelligent , generous and kind in addition to the self-esteem that impresses, flexibility and attention because you treat others as is appropriate according to the situation.

When in reality you are a person to whom fear sometimes invades and makes you unable to do things, you tend to fear that you are hurt because you are sensitive and good-hearted. You have very high expectations but for fear of losing you do not risk , in general what gives you happiness is to see your loved ones demonstrate the appreciation they feel when they see you because it is you who always need them, that is, you are the lover of the reciprocity.

In the case of love, you have a hard time letting go of the past and you rarely get the freedom of painful memories , you are in constant fear of opening your heart to being loved and therefore you show yourself to the rest as a person disinterested in the subject of love.


3. The thumb on a finger: it is usually believed that the main characteristics of this type of people are: intuition and imagination. They can appreciate in you generosity to collaborate but in situations certain insecurity, you see enthusiastic, curious, exploratory, impatient, tenacious in search of your own interests because you do not like to remain with doubts. However, they consider that these people have a great sense of humor that captures everyone’s attention, which is why they are always surrounded by people.

But in reality, you enjoy your honesty because you are not a person who walks around to say something, you always show security in you and your actions , you are kind, respectful, noble and kind and therefore many people take advantage of it But it does not affect you because you are observant enough to recognize who comes to you out of interest or not.

In the loving part, when falling in love they lack feeling because they are very reserved, although the love represents something important for them, put it in the background because the dreams happen to be the priority. Now do you see how extraordinary it is to have knowledge of non-verbal language?

Source: happylifereport.com

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You can tell a lot about a person just by looking at the shape of their fingers, did you know that? It may sound a bit silly and even stupid, but you’d be surprised at how accurate it can be. Just look at the picture and then look at your fingers, are you type A, B or C? Choose your finger shape and read on if you want to find out. You can check your friends’ shape as well and find out a bit more about their personality. Tell us if you agree with the description, mine was spot on!


– You are not very open and you don’t share your feelings easily. You always strive to present yourself much stronger and more independent than you really are
– You are an emotional person and once you feel connected to someone you can be super fine.
– You despise lies, hypocrisy and dishonesty because it goes against your beliefs.
– You are reserved when it comes to showing emotions and want to appear cool and strong.
– You are known to be a bit eccentric and arrogant. You aren’t very tolerant.
– You have a big heart, and you like to help others. You will finish every task you are given even if you don’t like it.
– You enjoy having a good laugh, and can laugh at anything and everything as long as you are amused, even if it’s not so funny. Your expressions reveal all of your thoughts.
– You are generally cold with people you’re not really close to, but can even be overly emotional to your friends and family.


– You don’t like to be the first one to approach someone or take actions.
– You are very loyal and devoted. If you start falling in love with someone, you will give them your full attention and will always think about them.
– Deep down inside you have a very sensitive soul, although it may not look like that at times. Often people get the wrong idea about you because you are pretending to not know anything in order to protect someone’s feelings.
– You are very committed, once you set your mind on something, you’ll do your best to finish it until the end.
– You’re scared of getting hurt. You want people to think that you don’t need anyone, but you dream of finding your soulmate.
– You will stay calm even when you are feeling extremely uncomfortable about something.


– You easily forget things that make you upset, and you don’t hold a grudge.
– You don’t like unfamiliar territories. It bothers you when you have to deal with anything new and unknown.
– You are respectful towards other people’s opinions.
– You can sometimes come off bossy because your ego is extremely high when arguing with other people. But, you’ll be the first to apologize afterwards.
-You are not very open regarding your problems and feelings, you always keep them to yourself.
– You are very straightforward and you know very well what you like and dislike. You also like people to be able to trust you and depend on you.

Source: interesting-facts.info