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The Door Leads To Happiness. Which One?

Take a look at the each of the doors below and pay attention to the shape, color, and any other detail. In your opinion, which one will bring the most happiness after crossing the doorstep?


Opening the BLUE door means the following:

You are a giver, rather than a taker. You are considered as the rescuer ad the helper whose success depends on the deep relationships you have with the small circle of friends you have. You prefer having a few people by your side, rather than opening your heart to everyone and ending up torn to pieces.

Choosing this door means that you are loyal, honest, and trustworthy! You prefer doing things quietly and making peace to confronting and fighting back. Your hide behind a tough exterior, but the truth is that you are loving person who longs for happiness and true love. Once you find what you are looking for, you will feel peace!

Opening the PURPLE door means the following:

Choosing the purple doors means that power and glory are of utmost importance for you. You are controlling, determined, solid-willed and free person who never sugar coats anything. This is why people often find you intimidating! Still, you are kind person who deserves true love and devotion. As for love life, you are pretty much the whole package! Mysterious, strong, seductive…

Regardless of the difficulty of a given situation, you need to stop for a second and look within to find the courage to move on. Once you find this courage and strength to keep going, you will feel peace.

Opening the RED door means the following:

Choosing this door reveals that you are energetic, animated, and quite a popular person! People are drawn to your wit, energy, positivity, and fun-loving personality. You are quite competitive and love to be respected and awarded for a job successfully done. Despite your aggressive nature, you are down to earth and understanding.

When it comes to your relationship with friends and family members, you are empowering, warm, and positive. You make a very sexy and above average lover! After all, red is the color of passion, power, and energy!

Opening the OWL door means the following:

Choosing the OWL door means that you are curious and indeed unique person. If you weren’t one, you wouldn’t choose the door with such as unique pattern, would you? You give off such a loving positivity, splendid energy, and spark of individuality and independence.

You have such a big heart and kind personality, so it is no wonder that your friends and family love you so much. Needless to say, you love and cherish them, too!

Those of the opposite sex feel attracted to you, which is not surprising, given your liveliness, kindness, beauty, and self-confidence. The owl is associated with a person who enjoys being the hero due to their selflessness, so you will be blessed with lavish life and fortune.

Source: http://seizepositivity.com


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Mental age is a concept that many relate to intelligence. According to the experts, mental age is what determines the activities we can perform and those that we can not.

You may realize that you have a mental age according to your physical age. On the contrary, you may realize that your mental age is above or below what it should be.


Some years ago, a formula with which someone’s IQ was known was used. It is mediated with the formula: mental age / physical age X 100 = CI. In other words, if your mental age was the same as your physical age, your CI would be from 100. However, at present, this formula is no longer used to know the answer. Instead, we resort to tests like the one we will present next.

Although this test will not let you know your mental age, if we check your brain health. With the results you get in this test, you can calculate your CI with the formula above. The test consists of looking carefully at the image that we will leave you next. What was the first thing you saw? In that case, look for what it means below.

Two dancers

If the first thing you saw was two dancers in an artistic position in the foreground, we have good news. What this indicates is that your mental age is only 16 years, which can be good or bad, depending on what you consider. The advantage of this mental age is that you have a lot of energy both at night and during the day. Joy is something that defines you and that spreads to those around you.


The disadvantage of this is that some may consider you childish, especially when they do not know you. Those who go out partying with you, should be willing to stay until early morning before returning.

Knight in armor.
If the first thing you saw was a knight in armor, it means that you have around 27 years mentally. This means that you have overcome the younger stages of mental and emotional development. You know there is no point in worrying about certain things and you prefer to concentrate on finding the solution. In case you have less than 27 years physically, probably many see you as someone mature.

The face of a man.

The complete image is designed to form an optical illusion that allows you to figure the face of someone older. If that was the first thing you saw, it means that your mental age is around 42 years. In simpler words, you are at the perfect point of maturity. You are someone who knows how to solve problems peacefully and does not allow emotions to control you.

In this last case, you already understood that life is composed of happy and sad moments. You have accepted that both must exist to make sense of your life. You understand that life is not rosy, but you try to see the positive side of everything. The only problem is that you can give the impression of being older than you really are.

Without a doubt, after carrying out this simple test, you came to a little better agreement than before

What is your mental age, according to this test? Let us know through your comments. If you found interesting information, share it with your contacts on social networks.


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What You See First In This Picture Reveals Much About Your Current Life Situation.

This test is an optical illusion, all you need to do is to look at the picture and memorize what you’ve seen first. This image can tell you a lot about your current life situation.

1 (3)

This image is closely associated with freedom: birds, and the village itself. You are a free and independent person.

Disadvantages of your freedom:

You are a boat, and shore is a life. You are not tied to the shore, and you can easily get lost. You do not know the boundaries between allowed and forbidden. Such attitude can lead to conflicts and even divorces. After all, most people do not understand the wisdom of a free person. Such free spirits often become lonely in life. But the world needs them!

Advantages of your freedom:

You are a unique person — an amazing and talented one. You are an interesting for other people and they want to spend time with you. You can feel people and also you are a great listener. You are an extraordinary person, and you can choose what exactly you would like to do in your life. You can overcome any difficulty if you believe in yourself. So do it!



It means that now you feel you need to be protected. You need someone who will cover you like this elephant covers the huts. It is a period in your life you feel insecure.

You are a kind, honest, humble, sincere, and generous person. Unfortunately, you are experiencing hard times. Now your inner voice shouts quietly to you, that it’s time to move on. Shake off all the dust and dark thoughts and continue to live, create, smile, speak, scream, love and forgive.

Each time you feel you are too scared to move on, remember this elephant. It will help you to calm down!

Source: interesting-facts.info

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Every individual has moles all over their body. Some are small, some are bigger, however their position on your body has a special meaning. There are moles which are related to a person’s wealth; others are related to a family fortune while others are related to a person’s health. So, do you want to know what do your moles mean? Read this article in order to find out.


A mole on the temple is related to travel opportunities. If you have a mole on this part it signifies that you will have the opportunity to travel. It might be a job opportunity, or travel for pleasure.


Women with moles on the upper lip or chin area are considered to be beautiful. These moles also indicate that they lead a balanced, successful life.


A mole in this area is connected to your career development and advancement, on the grounds that this is the career sector. It may mean that you are up for a promotion, a rise in salary or something along that line.


This area is related to your home. If you have a mole here it signifies that you are a person who is able to adapt, indicates intelligence and creativity. You are good with people and can assume a leadership position .


Having a mole on the upper lip, means that you worry the most about food and clothing. You have good interpersonal skills and also you are popular among your friends.


A mole on either cheek represents a courageous, sincere and studious person. This person might not be interested in material pleasures of life and will be a gifted athlete. Moles on the right cheek denotes a sensitive and caring person who values family and the one on the left cheek represents a person who is an introvert and sort of arrogant as well. If you have a mole on your cheekbone it signifies that you will have a powerful position at work and your wealth will increase.


A mole on the nose says that the person has high self-respect, is a sincere friend, and a hard-working individual. Look out for the person who has a mole on the tip of their nose, as they are often quite short-tempered. A mole on the right side of the nose means the person is passionate and, seeks more sexual activity. Whereas, a mole on the left side of the nose represents struggle.


Having a mole on the inside of your palm, means that you will never be short of money. You are smart, ambitious and can easily have a leadership position. In a case, it is on the back of your palm it signifies that you have a strong financial ability and management and you are good with the economy.


To have a mole on the soles of your feet it means that you often travel, enjoy different cuisines and so on. Additionally, you are popular in the workplace, and you can be a good leader and be in charge.

So there you have it, look for moles on your body and see what they mean. It will be fun and exciting!


Moles on ears are good moles. If it’s on the right ear lobe then it indicates the person’s strong commitment towards his family.

Source: indiatimes.com, interesting-facts.info, cosmopolitan.in


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Look At Your Fingerprint – It Says About Your Personality

While you might have known that all fingerprints are unique to their person, there are about four different types that we generally see across mankind.

And each one has been linked to certain traits and characteristics of a person’s personality.

Look at your fingerprints, and then flip through the cards below to see what your prints reveal about you!

#1 Loopy

This is the most common type of fingerprint. People with it tend to possess average intelligence and an easy going attitude.

#2 Whirly


This is the second most common fingerprint type. People with it tend to be intellectual, strong-willed leaders.

They are also often controlling.

#3 Swirly

People with swirly fingerprint tend to be analytical, naturally talented and short tempered. They tend to be reflective loners.

#4 Curvy

People with curly fingerprints are often energetic and confident. Its difficult to sway them once they’ve made a decision.