Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

Pick The Scariest Entrance To Reveal Your Fortune

In this one-step test, simply choose the entrance that frightens you the most in order to discover what your soul truly yearns for.

Which of these entrances scares you the most? Pick a number and keep scrolling to find out more.

Entrance 1

If you fear to enter the ice cave, it may be because you are looking for emotional warmth. You are most likely terrified of feelings of loneliness, unhappiness, or frustration.

Yet, fearing this entrance is actually a positive thing. Most likely you’re in a good place in your life; you accept and know exactly who you are and don’t feel like there’s anything “wrong” with you.

The treasure you seek if you enter this cave is love. If you are single, the sense of self-harmony you have makes you ripe for a romantic relationship. Being that you’re in a good place confidence-wise, you will easily attract someone likeminded. You probably feel like you don’t need a relationship to feel happy; you want one to make you even happier.

If you already have a loving relationship, you are seeking love elsewhere, perhaps from a family member, friend, or, maybe, it’s time for you to visit a local shelter and find yourself a new furry friend.

Entrance 2

If this creepy tunnel gives you goosebumps, it indicates that you need to go on an emotional journey.

Murky or dirty water, like the kind seen trickling into this entrance, typically symbolizes that your thought process is clouded and needs some sort of cleansing. Muddy water is not a good symbol. It suggests that you need to remove all the heaviness in your life in order to see clearly.

If you chose this entrance, the treasure you seek is self-confidence in order to examine how you are truly feeling. You need to express your feelings verbally in order to resolve your problems and depending on the situation, this may be a difficult thing to do.

But it will be worth it because going through this process will ultimately result in a positive outcome. Keep in mind that there is always a light at the end of a tunnel.

Entrance 3


If you’re afraid to enter this eerie abandoned building, most likely you’re a very strong, intelligent, and analytical person. You see life for what it is and live by a high set of values and expect the same from those around you.

Bricks, like the ones seen the above picture, symbolize putting up walls emotionally and spiritually, however. Perhaps your high standards make others feel like they can’t open up to you and be vulnerable — and vice versa.

Upon deeper inspection, though, the bricks surrounding this particular entrance are crumbling and falling off, revealing that you do long to break down these barriers and open yourself up.

The treasure you seek is emotional or spiritual fulfillment. You yearn to connect with someone, or something, on a level so deep that it can’t be intellectually articulated, rather it’s something that is simply felt. Like the grass growing up through the cracks in the rubble above, if you reach a higher level of emotional and spiritual understanding, you will finally feel whole.

Entrance 4

Does this spooky abandoned house look like the beginning of a really bad dream to you? If so, that’s because this image is quite literally your worst nightmare.

Home is where the heart is and most likely, you’ve got a whole lot of love to give. You are generous, bold, and very devoted. You want to protect the ones you adore and give them everything they will ever need. A crumbling house is a failure to do just that.

One step inside and you’ll see things that will break your heart you like decaying furniture, peeling walls, and discarded memories. Yet, if you dig deeper, you may find a buried treasure hidden among the debris like a valuable heirloom, rare coins, or something that can be exchanged for material gain and provide you, and those you love, with security.

What you seek is wealth. Yet in order to obtain wealth, you need to work hard for, invest, and save your pennies, and you need to start doing that now. You may want to give the people around you everything that you have materially, but back off a bit. Instead give them all you have emotionally and save your money. They’ll thank you in the long run.

Entrance 5

Peering down into a well is terrifying. It’s hard to tell what’s down there, how you’ll get out, or what you’ll do.

Not only is being stuck in a well scary, but it’s a terribly boring situation. You’re stuck there, waiting around, until you hear someone and can call for help. Some people would love this situation, as it gives them time to sit with their thoughts and become better acquainted with their selves, but you’re not that kind of person. You know yourself. You’re confident and you enjoy being gregarious.

If you are petrified of the well, then the treasure you seek is an adventure. You want to be out, exploring the world, and enjoying life.

If you ever find yourself in a stifling situation, in which you feel like you can’t breathe, break free. Get out, travel, and act on a whim every now again. The sooner you allow your true nature to break free, the happier you’ll be. Plus, you’ll have tons of interesting stories to share with all the people you love to be around.

Entrance 6

Does this rabbit hole startle you? That’s because you’re afraid of what you may find.

You may be the kind of person who feels great comfort in the familiar, yet you may be unsure of what you want out of life. The underground symbolizes the parts of ourselves that are longing to be unearthed. It’s time for you to get rooted in the idea of exploring what it is you truly long for and seeing what sprouts.

The treasure you seek is life meaning. You need to take a page from the title character of Alice in Wonderland and engage your curiosity. You may encounter things you find strange or bothersome once you allow yourself to tumble down the rabbit hole, but knowing how you feel about these things is allowing yourself to get one step closer to the thing that will truly make you happy.

If you need a little help getting started, try this exercise that’s just as zany as Wonderland: Take a piece of paper and write “What is my true purpose in life?” and then write down the first thing that pops into your mind, even if it doesn’t make sense. Do this again and again until you find one that feels right.

Entrance 7

If these descending stairs make you shudder, it’s because you have a very potent fear.
If you fear this entrance, you have a hunger for life and indulge in its many fruits. But you may have a tendency to occasionally go overboard.

Going down like these descending stairs, into an unknown place is very symbolic of being buried. Plus, the steps are littered with fallen leaves that signify a new season, or phase. If this entrance scares you, you are, quite literally, afraid of death and what happens afterward.

The treasure lurking beyond this entrance is good health. You need to take care of yourself, inward and outward, in order to stay alive as long as possible. In order to do this, you don’t have to drastically change your lifestyle either, but incorporating a few more veggies into your meals, cutting out a bad habit, or going for a 10-minute walk every day can do wonders for your physical and mental health. It will also help you better appreciate life, which you so obviously cherish.

Entrance 8

If you fear this heavy, blue door surrounded by stones, it’s for good reason.

The door is a very vibrant blue, a color that symbolizes the color of the sky and sea, which you leave behind once you enter this dark space. It is also a color that is often associated with stability, two personality traits you have in spades. Due to your consistencies, you are very productive and you get a lot accomplished, which gifts you with a great feeling of pride.

Yet, the moss on the stones signifies a long length of time in a cold place, and this door just happens to lead to an abandoned prison, somewhere you never, ever want to end up, especially since you consider yourself to be a good and hardworking person who rarely takes short cuts.

Yet, the strict values that you upkeep in order can sometimes be difficult to attain.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just take a break?

The treasure you seek inside this prison of regimen is a comfort.

Comfort makes us feel safe and secure. It also allows us to calm down and unwind, that way we don’t randomly snap, do something we regret, and end up somewhere where we don’t want to be.

So, kick off your shoes and indulge in little R&R. It may seem like a waste of time at first, but after a while, like all the tasks you are dedicated to, it will pay off.

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How do you pick out the perfect Buddha? The #1 rule when choosing your favorite Buddha is – Buddha chooses you! It’s all about the expression – the eyes and the face. Kind eyes. Calm expression. Buddha pulls you in, he calls you out. Each Buddha picture has its own unique utterance and this is the secret to the Buddha picture.

Choose your favorite Buddha to reveal your future, how to improve it and find true happiness and receive a positive Buddha Message.

Pick The Buddha That Speaks To You:

According To Buddhist Lore Your Choice Reveals This About The Future:

Buddha Number 1

You have your feet on the ground and you are very affectionate with your loved ones. You are calm and reasonable person. You seek balance in any situation and extremes make you feel uncomfortable. You are concerned about your own image, but you are not superficial at all.

Soon your love life is going to see a huge development. If you’re single, you’re going to meet someone. If you’re dating then that relationship is going to go up a notch. And if you’re married then a new chapter is starting in your marriage!

Buddha Message for you: Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back and choose the path that leads to WISDOM.

Buddha Number 2

You are independent and have a very strong personality. Nothing seems to make you shiver or make you angry. You prefer to deal with things on your own and you dislike the idea of asking for help from others. That’s why you are very talented and can do many things on your own. You tend to be overly cautious and don’t like taking risks in life.

You should consider making some changes in your life Now is the moment to make that change. If you do so, you will discover that the trajectory of your life will shift and become even more amazing!!!

Buddha Message for you: No matter the path you choose, really walk it.

Buddha Number 3

You are very tolerant and support diversity, whatever it is. You are never aggressive no matter the circumstances. Your diplomatic nature helps you understand people very well. You do not want to give orders, tell other people what to do or lead someone else’s life. You are very loyal person and would never do anything that would hurt or harm your loved ones.

There’s a situation that’s been hanging over you. Your reading indicates the best way to get out of it is to tackle it head on. Stand up for yourself and be polite but firm when dealing with the person or people involved. Believe in yourself!! This will lead to a big change that you and all those around you will love!

Buddha message for you: Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.

Buddha Number 4

You are always thinking of others before yourself. You are the person others come to for help. Being needed motivates you but sometimes people take advantage of you. You are a gentle and free spirit. Your feelings run deep and you can be quite sensitive to hurtful comments from others, although you would never show it. You have a peaceful and tranquil quality and a quiet dignity about you.

You already do so much for those around you.You are extremely giving! But to continue even further on your life journey it’s clear that you should focus more on yourself!! Show yourself more love and you’ll discover amazing things will happen to you right away!

Buddha message for you: Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.

Buddha Number 5

You are characterized as a hard-working person, with many goals, dreams and very creative. Creativity is your main tool and it allows you to find the route and the best way to materialize all your ideas and desires. You are also very eloquent and empathetic, you can understand other people and in many cases offer them protection and tranquility. By having so many dreams and plans, you are also likely to live with great anxiety and in the midst of some emotional ups and downs.

Believe in yourself more and everything you’ve been wanting lately will manifest in your life. If you trust yourself more then you’re going to see radical positive changes in your life. You can do it by just being open and honest with yourself. You have all the power you need right within you. Just tap into it.

Buddha Message for You: Every morning you are born again. What you do today is what matters the most.

Source: zen-magazine.com


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Choose Your BROOM and DISCOVER What Kind Of WITCH You Are

Every woman has a secret magical power in herself … Some stubbornly deny this, hiding the broom in the pantry and some don’t mind bragging about their sorcerous abilities. Let’s choose a broom and learn about the magical gift in each of us!

1. Witch Entrepreneur

You have the ability to clearly identify your own capabilities. You don’t mind trying new things and beginnings. In work, you often include your “witchy flair”, which allows you to avoid risks and losses.

You spend your free time actively: flights on a broomstick and dynamic sports are not alien to you and of course, you can’t wait for Friday’s covenants with your friends.

2. Witch-Leader

You have an expressive face and magical eloquence. Most likely, others noticed that you have the ability to anticipate different events and prepare for them in advance.

You are an extremely intelligent person and you can quickly catch inconsistencies in the words and emotions of other people without a fortune-telling card.

3. Powerful witch

You have the ability to influence people through emotional pressure, while you have good relationships with them. Despite the strong leadership features, you are a sorceress who often sacrifices her own interests for the sake of others.

4. Witch perfectionist

You know where each bowler and broom is in the house. You like impeccable order and demand that others also maintain that. If you are in the process of preparing a potion or organizing an important coven, you will certainly get things done. Other witches flutter before you, each time showing their admiration and respect!

5. Witch mentor

You can subtly perceive other people. Trust in a relationship is the most important criteria for you. You will never forgive the disloyal sorcerer for anything. The universe also gave you the gift of a mentor and teacher. You will like working with young wizards who will see you as a real role model.

6. Witch with an iron character

You can easily recognize falsehood and schemes in a relationship. At the Sabbaths and meetings, you always manage to present and defend your views and principles. Unfortunately, you can’t stand the superiority of other mages and witches, so at times you can be a little bit harsh.

7. Witch-pioneer

You differ from other witches in a wide range of interests. You adapt to new conditions and changes in life with an ease. You are the sorceress who will not wait for a convenient moment: you solve all the important problems yourself and are not afraid to be the first one to prepare a new potion.

8. Witch-dreamer

You are a dreamy and lyrical person … you have a trusting relationship with the other witches: you are good at reading other people and you can feel them. You attach great importance to appearance and sorcery attire, and that’s you do not know how and can never save any magic money.

9. Witch-introvert

You are able to enjoy ordinary life and calmly endure routine duties: cleaning boilers, cleaning the house and preparing a potion. You don’t need to get along with other wizards: you like to help others and feel right. Most of the time you prefer being alone. You enjoy running away to the hills, where you get lost in your thoughts without having anyone around to bother you.

10. Witch Traveler

You don’t tolerate routine: frequent change of workplace is a common thing for you. Work for you is a real creative springboard. You often take a broom and go to the uncharted place. You are interested in other wizards because you are not against sharing your centuries-old experience.

Source: Mssnaturalbeauty.com