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12 Things You Should No Longer Be Ashamed Of

Everyone has things that make them feel ashamed. In fact, there are things we feel ashamed of that we do each and every day. If you really want to take your life to the next level of consciousness and learn how to intentionally be involved with happy living, there are 12 things that you need to take note of. Being aware of these things can truly change your life and it can help you realize that you should not be ashamed of the things you do or the way that you feel. Continue reading to find out what you should express with pride as opposed to hiding in shame.

1. Trying your hardest

Anyone that makes you feel ashamed of trying your hardest, even in the face of insurmountable odds, should be ashamed of themselves for doing so. There should never be any shame in trying your best, even when you fully realize that the chances of success are very slim.

2. The food you eat

Sometimes people will make rude comments about the food you eat. They may comment that you should refrain from eating dessert unless you are already a size two or that you should skip meals. If you are hungry, eat. Furthermore, eat the food that you want to eat. If someone is making you feel bad about it, tell them to mind their own business.

3. Your body

People have the misconception that they have to have the perfect body or they should not be seen in public. This is absolutely absurd. Be proud of who you are and of the way your body looks. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you should be ashamed of anything.

4. Past choices

Everyone makes mistakes. If you are too ashamed of those mistakes to own up to them, you just might make them again. Worse yet, you might be able to help someone else by admitting that you have made mistakes in the past and showing them that it is possible to succeed and live a happy life even in the face of those errors.

5. Being yourself

There is nothing wrong with marching to the beat of a different drummer. Sure, some people will make fun but even if someone else is laughing at you, the worst tragedy is giving in to the pressures of society and pretending to be someone you’re not.

6. Taking personal time

There is nothing wrong with taking time for yourself. If you want to be healthy, both physically and mentally, it is absolutely essential. Do not ever allow yourself to feel shame for doing this.

7. Showing your emotions

When you show your emotions, it makes you more human. It also makes you more accessible to other people. No one wants to deal with the person that acts like a robot. You should not ever be ashamed of showing your emotions. You’re simply being true to yourself and letting others know exactly where they stand.

8. Friends and family

Sometimes people try to tell you who it is okay to spend time with and who you should avoid. Do not ever allow anyone to do this to you. You decide who you want to be with. Whether the relationship in question is romantic or not, you should always spend time with the people that you want to be with, regardless of other people’s views.

9. Your job

People take a lot of pride in their jobs. That’s great if you have a prestigious job, but if you don’t, people can often make you feel ashamed because of what you do for a living. The point is, you’re working and earning a living for yourself and your family. There should never be any shame involved with that.

10. Being an optimist

When you are an optimist, people will undoubtedly tell you that you are naive or they will attach some other negative connotation to it. Don’t listen to all of those comments. When you expect a favorable outcome, that is usually what you get. By the same token, if you give in to negative comments and start to expect the worst, you can virtually count on that happening as well.

11. Having hope

Sometimes, people will tell you that you are silly for having hope that something will work out. You should never be ashamed of being hopeful. Sometimes, hope is virtually the only thing you have left to hold onto.

12. Forgiving others

Even if someone has done something horrible to you, it is easier to forgive them and move on than it is to be angry all the time. The goal is to live a happy life and you simply can’t do that when you are always angry. Learning to forgive is much better for you and for those around you, so don’t let anyone shame you into refraining from doing it.








In closing, you should never be ashamed of anything about yourself. Even if it is a mistake, you should own it, learn from it and be proud of the person you have become as a result of it. By following these steps, you can learn to do exactly that and you can live a happier life in the process.

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10 Simple Tricks To Manage Depression And Be Happy Again

Depression is one of the most common, yet one of the most complex illnesses in the modern world. It is generally believed that it is caused by chemical imbalance in the brain, but some scientists oppose to the idea. Nevertheless, what everyone agrees is that the prescribed medications rarely work, particularly if used more than the prescribed dose.

The good news is that there is a simple and all-natural way to manage depression and its symptoms. This article presents 10 simple tricks which will help you regain your happiness and the control over your own life!

1. Dancing

As strange as it seems, dancing serves as a great mental exercise. Once you start doing it, you will feel calmer, more relaxed, and happier. This activity soothes the nerves and positively affects the brain. Try out different dance moves to see which one works the best for you, such as line dancing, break dancing, or ballroom dancing.

2. Working Out

When you are working out, your heart starts releasing more blood and it is important for overall health. Moreover, exercise releases endorphins that help in controlling your stress level by boosting the neurogenesis that is the brain cell growth. If you are angry with something or someone, then do rigorous exercise. Once you are done with your exercise regime, you will find that all your anger has been drained away and you are feeling relaxed and happy.

3. Travelling

Traveling doesn’t necessarily have to be somewhere far away. You can take a day off and visit the hotel nearby and enjoy your stay. The staff will treat you the best way possible, which will in turn give your mood the long- needed boost. Travelling alone is the best way to alleviate depression, as it helps you boost your self-confidence while facing the challenges on the way.

4. Lifestyle Changes

Our lifestyle is the reason behind our depression, so a little bit of tweaking to our lifestyle will have a positive effect on our mind. If you are a night bird and wake up really late in the morning, then change the routine and hit the bed early, so that you can get up early and exercise. Even the food habits need to change. You must not indulge in canned foods, rather fresh fruits and gluten-free foods are best suited. These little changes can bring in a huge difference in your life.

5. Do What Makes You Happy

Do more of the things that make you happy, whether it is hanging out with your friends, watching a movie, enjoying a long walk alone, shopping, or something else.

6. Avoid Being Alone

Loneliness is a state of mind and it generally creeps in when you are sitting alone. Once you are stuck with this loneliness, then no matter how many people are there by your side, you will still feel lonely. So, try to keep your mind engage with something creative to help you stay away from this loneliness.

7. Plan Your Future

Having no idea about your future and goals is one of the reasons why people feel scared and depressed. Stop for a moment and think about the things that make you happy and about the way your future should look like. Once you determine what is that you want, work on it!

8. Genuine Faith

Our generation hasn’t seen misery or crisis that our ancestors have been part of. Their minds were always pre-occupied with several things. Nowadays, half our job is done by machine, so we have enough time to sit idle and think rubbish and somehow depression has become a part of our life already.

9. Appreciate The Good

It seems like we are so busy with ourselves so we rarely take the time to think about others and their actions as well as to appreciate the things they do for us. This must be changed! Any act of goodness and kindness should be acknowledged and appreciated.

10. Two Sides of The Coin

Happiness and sadness are the two sides of the same coin and human being enjoy their life as much as they suffer. It I just that when we are happy we don’t pay much heed, but when we are angry or sad, then we turn the whole world upside down. So, as soon as you accept the fact that you will have to deal with both the emotions, you will do just fine.

Sources: http://seizepositivity.com, havehealthy.life