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Can You Solve This Basic Math Puzzle Problem?

90% people fail to answer this simple math puzzle.

When we look at these kinds of puzzles, it feels like, Ah! it’s simple, But trust me! 7 out of 10 answers these puzzles wrong. Let see, if you can solve this puzzle or not.

All you have to do is just solve the equation and choose the correct answer from the given options.


Solve the Equation: 3 + 3 x 3 – 3 + 3 = ?

Option: A) 18, B) 12, C) 3, D) 6

Scroll down for the answer.









3 + 3 x 3 – 3 + 3 = ?

First, solve the multiplication and then Add and Sub.

So we have,

3 + 9 – 3 + 3 = 15 – 3 = 12 Ans.

Source: http://picsdownloadz.com


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What do you call a horse missing one leg? A three-quarter horse!


OK, so maybe that joke wasn’t so good. Let’s just get on to the real riddle here! This picture puzzle was posted by PuppiesLovers on March 3, and it has been shared almost 15,000 times.

Do you think you have what it takes to find all of the horses in this puzzle with three legs? Give it a shot, and click to the next page when you think you have the answer:

Oh, and here is some America to listen to while you are working. Because some of the horses are missing legs, but all of them have no name:

OK, think you have the answer? Drum roll, please!

The correct answer is …. it depends?

Whoa, whoa, hear me out, buddy!

If you interpret the question as asking how many horses have ONLY three legs, the answer is five: one in the first row, one in the sixth row, and one in each of the last three rows.

But if you interpret the question as asking how many horses have AT LEAST three legs, then they all do. (There is also a horse without a tail, but that is neither here nor there.)

Source: https://www.simplemost.com


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If you chose #1:

It means you respect tradition, which makes you not a very energetic person, with a restricted ability to adjust to challenges. Now, ask yourself why you chose this figure. In an interview, what would you say to the HR manager if he/she asked you?

If you chose #2:

You’re a delicate person with an illogical streak. Your choices defy logic because you’re controlled by your heart. Unless you’re applying for a position which needs you to be extremely emotional, you’re in trouble.

If you chose #3:

You are best described as the life of the party. Nevertheless, unless you have a very creative answer up your sleeve, which is certainly your asset, you may be understood as a weak choice by the HR manager.

If you chose #4:

It means that you’re the type of employee which any company would love to have among their ranks. Nonetheless, was your answer original enough? You played it safe, and that doesn’t constantly guarantee success. With this, you should contemplate the likelihood of taking greater risks in the future.

Source: http://oddmenot.com


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The Playbuzz challenge, created by Wendell White, has been attempted by over 1,300 people.

It asks quizzers to find the outline of a missing dog, which is hidden inside the sketch of a stag.

While some internet users claimed they were able to spot the secret image straight away, the majority took more than five seconds to solve the brainteaser.

This Classic Optical Illusion Is Hiding A Dog – Where is He?

If you find him, please bring him home! This hidden illustrative image dates from the turn of the century and was the face of a trade card series used as an early advertising gimmick. Marketer’s in the 1880’s didn’t have social media like we have today, so they tricked kids into getting mom to buy the product instead. Pretty sneaky. It seems it is true that tricks are for kids! Poor mom. IMAGE CREDIT: Getty Images / Buyenlarge







Did you find him? Where has he been?

Source: thesun.co.uk


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Only The Detail-Oriented Can Find All 6 People In This Photo. Can You?

They say that only people that are truly detail-oriented will be able to find all six people in this photo – how many can you find?

In case you’ve ever wondered if you would be considered detail-oriented you can test your skills against this new photo. There are supposed to be six people in this photo but only the detail-oriented will be able to find them all. Many people look at this photo and don’t see all six, especially the first time they see it.

Finding all six people is truly in impressive feat. People who can find all six of the people from the photo are extremely detail-oriented and have very good eyes. This optical illusion not only requires you to be detail oriented but have a great eye for patters and deviations.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find all six. This photo is a special optical illusion that is meant to trick you. Not finding all six people is nothing to be ashamed of in this mind-bending experiment. Take a look at the black and white optical illusion and try to find all six people!

This is the photo – how many people can you find?






The first person that most people see is the most obvious – the old man with his back turned to you:

Next, many people notice the woman in a tree standing in front of the man with his back to you:

Then, if you look to the left and right of the woman in the tree, you can see two faces looking at you – those are the next two people in the photo.

If you look very closely at the figure on the left you can see another man inside that face, who looks like he might be painting the woman in the tree:

Finally, if you step back from the photo and look at it as a whole you can see one large face made up of the environment

Source: Davidwolfe