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Choose A Moon And See What It Says About Your Personality

The moon, as magical and mysterious as it already is, can also define aspects of your life and your personality. Choose your favorite moon and then discover a detailed description of your personality and a message for your life.






1. Efficient and achievement oriented:

You characterize yourself as an energetic, optimistic person with a lot of self-confidence. You feel that you must work constantly in search of safety and you want to create a base of material well-being, because you consider that safety comes as a result of work and a stable home.

Your main challenge is to be more tolerant with yourself, because you can become a relentless and strict judge. Pay attention to how you treat yourself when you make a mistake (the words you use, the things you do), respect yourself, accept your mistakes and work with love and determination to solve them. It’s much better to become the achiever of your dreams than your own executioner.

2. Creative and perceptive:

You characterize yourself as a practical, kind, emotional person who enjoys the most exquisite things in life. You are very connected to the sensuality of the material world and you like to build aesthetic and emotional environments. You have the tendency to incur excesses: stay until the early hours watching movies or listening to music, eating more and eating junk food which all in all decreases your energy levels.

A little moderation in the intensity with which you assume life and a little more organization of your time and energy will help you to intensify the brightness of your life, your work and everything you create.

3. Energetic and tempered:

You characterize yourself as a person who yearns to have confidence, strength of character and be important in the world. You are a great provider that always tries to maintain the good conditions to ensure your well-being and that of your loved ones. You consider friendship as a pact of mutual protection, which makes you decidedly loyal and very afraid of being betrayed, and that is precisely where your great challenge lies: Trust. Constantly distrusting as well as being a sign of weakness is terribly exhausting.

You are characterized by choosing your company very well, therefore give your trust to others without fear, with confidence, kindness and without reservation, because everything you give will always come back to you. In this way your life will be much more calm, full, happy and satisfying.

4. Sensitive and compassionate:

You have a great desire to do good deeds and be approved for them, therefore, you became a very kind person who generally focuses on meeting the needs of others, sometimes you aren’t rested enough or you aren’t taking time to fulfill your own desires and needs. Many times you built your image through others, which could generate some kind of dependence, and that is precisely where your great challenge lies: to recognize your importance, your talents and your value.

You are a person endowed with wonderful talents and feelings, allow yourself to explore them, use them and build wonderful things in your life with them. Helping others is in your nature, but sometimes you just need to think for yourself and help yourself to become well, full, satisfied and happy.

5. Restless and researcher:

You characterize yourself as a cultured person, noble observer, curious and very objective and although you can be friendly and engage in conversation, you prefer to stay with your loved ones, or simply spend quality time alone. In your mind there is usually a great flow of ideas and for this reason you sometimes suffer from insomnia and stress.

Your main challenge is to believe in your intuition more (the voice of your heart that you hear in your mind) and prepare your mind to live in positive harmony, because the more you do it, the faster you will eliminate the obstacles and ideas that prevent you from reaching true happiness in your life and to become an honest, full and satisfied person. Remember that if you allow your heart to be your compass, your mind – your map and your soul – your guide, you will never be lost.

6. Harmonious and pleasant:

You characterize yourself as a patient person, who values tranquility very much (in some cases you prefer to have peace of mind than to be right) and who enjoys the simple pleasures of life: stay at home to watch a movie, meet in a quiet park with family or friends, go to a small, nearby restaurant. You are a very active and skilled person, but you want to escape from the conflicts of the world and the hectic pace.

You spend a lot of time thinking about the future, which generates a lot of anxiety and that’s where your great challenge lies. How many times have you ruined a good day thinking about things that never really happened? To continue thinking about the future diminishes your happiness, effectiveness and energy, while connecting with your present will help you to be the owner of your life.

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Butterfly #1 – Logical and Tidy

There is a place for everything, and everything has its place. This is your motto, and you expect everyone around you to follow it. Your home is immaculately organized, and that is how you plan on keeping it! If you notice even the smallest item out of place you become overwhelmed with a sense of chaos. Your schedule is just as organized, carefully blocking out the hours of your day in a way that you feel is logical and productive.

Butterfly #2 – Harmonious and Peaceful

You highly value calm, peace and harmony, going to great lengths in your life in order to avoid any possibility of conflict. Your life is fully I balance, understanding that you will need both the light and the dark, the high and the low in every situation that you encounter. There is nothing more important to you than ensuring that you maintain this balance, as you experience a high level of anxiety anytime things move even slightly out of place. Your radiate peace, and bring a sense of calmness to all that you encounter.

Butterfly #3 – Sensitive and Big-Hearted

You have a heart of gold and an unwavering desire and passion for helping others. Often stopping to put yourself into others shoes, this provides you with an understanding of your fellow man that most would only dream of obtaining. You are also highly sensitive, feeling as though you are deeply and personally impacted by all that you experience in life, shaping you into the incredibly loving and honest person that you are today.

Butterfly #4 – Enthusiastic and Happy

You view the world as a constant source of joy and energy, waking up each morning with a smile on your face that refuses to fade, shining just as strong as you climb into bed at the end of the day. You love excitement, always looking for your next big adventure, and hate nothing more than the idea of monotony or boredom. Relishing in our freedom, you fill every day with a variety of different activities, determined to experience everything at least once.

Butterfly #5 – Hardworking and Goal-Oriented

When you set your eyes on something, there is nothing that will hold you back! You aren’t afraid of hard working, understanding that with hard work comes success. While some may refer to you as being a workaholic, the truth is that you take a tremendous amount of pride in your work and feel as though anything less than your complete best would be insulting. You set goals in every area of your life, then work towards achieving them, unwilling to rest until you do.

Source: http://zen-magazine.com