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Partners Who Really Love Each Other Tend To Get Fat, According To Recent Research

There are several benefits of being in a happy relationship; for instance, you always have someone to share your feelings with, you don’t need to call your friends and see whether they are free to go out or not as you have the company of your lover, there is someone to give you a soft massage after a hectic day, you can have a great time cuddling with your partner, and so on.

However, there is one drawback of being in a relationship too as a couple has more chances of gaining weight than the ones who are single. Yes, that’s correct! You may have not observed it but the researches which have been conducted are endorsing this fact.

Here’s a shocking fact, did you know that couples who truly love each other tend to grow fat. Yes, it has actually been backed by scientific proof. Have you ever felt that you were gaining a few pounds when you were in a relationship? Well, that’s because you were.

A lot of research carried out have proved that once two people have a comfortable bond between themselves, they have a higher tendency to gain a few pounds. Research at University of Queensland, Australia, this research focused on women only and studied 6,458 women for a period of 10 years. In their analysis, they found out that lots of women who were within the 20-30 age group, married, or are in a serious relationship had a decidedly increased weight, unlike the women who were single.

The women in a relationship who have fostered a wonderful bond between themselves and someone else weighed about 5kilos. Other women also gained some weight amounting to about 4 kilos. It would have been unfair if only girls suffered from this. Apparently, both male and female couples do.

The Southern Methodist University, Dallas, carried out a four-year long research in which 169 couples were studied and the findings revealed that they have more chances of gaining weight than those who are single. However, the research was not able to come up with the exact reason behind this phenomenon.

Research at Central Queensland University, Australia. A study was done to find out whether being in relationship leads to healthy lifestyle. The research was carried on 15,000 adults out of whom more than 75% were romantically involved. The average age was 52 years and the data was collected for a period of 9 years (2005-2014). As per the research, people who are in a relationship follow healthy lifestyle but still their body mass indices are more than singles.

So the big question remains, why do we get fat when we are in a relationship?

The causes of this phenomenon have not yet been clearly discovered however certain things are said to be its probable causes. The scientists have said that the closeness of such a bond might influence their habits and way of life making a person easily get adapted to their partner’s way of life. Besides that, women in a relationship begin to eat more of sugary junk. This alone can cause them to grow fatter. Sometimes the women also tend to eat as much as their partners without remembering that most guys have a larger appetite. Many of the women who were asked confirmed this exact point, stating that they eat the same amount of food with their partners.

Another clear reason why couples get fatter is that they spend a lot of their time cuddling, and doing lots of domestic work together like doing the dishes together.

Another point is that when we live alone, we most times don’t even bother about cooking any delicious meals, so we settle for taking out or something light. But when we are in a relationship, we spend more time cooking good meals to share together as a couple, and that can also be a contributor to the weight that we put on.

Some people actually stop exercising or living the healthy lifestyle to which they were accustomed to before they entered that relationship. A lot of their attention isn’t focused anymore on getting someone; it is spent on keeping that person happy.

One thing the researchers noticed about the couples who got fatter was that they had some sort of routine which they followed judiciously. This routine included spending time together in restaurants and other social places while they got to know themselves better. Then as the bond between them thickens, they begin to spend more time indoors and settle for cooking dinner and watching a movie after dinner. These activities would result in an apparent weight gain.

The weight gain can also be affected by the relaxed feeling coursing through you. As the bond thickens and we feel safe and secured in it. These positive feelings can bring on more improved appetite.

It’s important to note that all the factors explained here are just general conclusions to which there are lots of exceptions to the rules.

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According To Psychiatrists, Couples Who Argue Actually Love Each Other More

Do you argue a lot with your partner and start losing faith in your relationship? Don’t, because new studies show that arguing strengthens the bond between you and your lover.

If you argue, it means you know your lover well enough and are brave to voice your opinions. It shows the understanding between you two.

Psychologists have carried out tests and have concluded that couples which argue, have a stronger relationship than others.

Relationships usually begin with hearts and butterflies.

Everything is fine and dandy. You agree with each other and you compromise. But, as the relationship moves past the “honeymoon stage,” you start to show opinions, differences, and your individual personalities. It is then that you experience a fluctuation in the harmony of the union. A relationship gets tested. If you can have healthy arguments, you can truly learn from one another.

Arguing is a major form of communication.

It shows individualism, different perspectives and the ability to teach each other. Arguments aren’t necessarily an indicator that there are problems in a relationship. Psychiatrist explains that arguing well requires skills that take time to build. Here are five of his suggestions:

* Don’t insist on being right

* Speak up as soon as you feel anger rising

* Listen

* Stick to the topic at hand

* Don’t say something you will regret

Why Couple Who Argue Love Each Other More

#1 – Arguing means each person is comfortable.

When couples nervously step around each other’s toes, it’s not a sign of love. It’s a sign of fear. It’s a sign that nobody wants to rock the boat because they’re afraid the other person is going to change their mind about the relationship.

The opening shots of a couple’s first real argument are a sign that each person knows they can voice their view without the relationship coming to a dramatic end.

Yeah, things might get ugly and heated. But by that point, the couple knows how much they love each other and aren’t going to let a few choice words ruin things.

#2 – Good arguing is a sign that a couple actually wants to solve issues.

According to Dr. John Gottman, there are many types of couples.

There are the conflict avoiders and the validating couples, who try (and fail) to maintain absolute neutrality.

But then there are the volatile and hostile couples.

Their arguments are intensely emotional – but for good reason. Each person is aware that things aren’t exactly where they’d like them to be. But they’re not ready to throw in the towel. No, they love their partner too much for that.

Rather, they’ll push for changes – even if it means huge, emotionally draining arguments.

#3 – Couples who argue tend to be more passionate.

Psychologists refer to this phenomenon as ‘arousal transfer.’ Simply put, when a person is excited by one stimulus, they are much more easily excited by another.

What’s that look like in layman’s terms? Well, in a relationship filled with deep, arousing passion (one stimulus), it can only be expected that little annoyances (the other stimulus) will produce an equally intense response.

On the other end of that intense negative response lies even more intense passion.

Arousal transfer. It’s a wonderful thing.

#4 – Couples who argue learn more about each other.

In the absence of conflict, people tend to become ‘flat characters.’ They have no three-dimensionality, no real personality.

But then a fight rolls along and each person in a relationship realizes that hey, there’s some real depth to this person who sleeps beside me. They have flaws that become apparent in the face of conflict.

And, as with any convincing television character, those flaws – as long as they don’t involve hiding a crystal meth empire or anything – are like magnets. They increase attraction on a deep level.

#5 – Arguing, just like love, is visceral.

Yeah, there’s probably a bit of intelligence behind it. But it’s mostly intense emotion.

Couples who never argue likely haven’t reached that stage of deep, visceral love. They’re drawn in by good conversation and practical things like appearance.

But as the love grows, so does the emotion. Things become less logical and more intuitive.

Arguing is a sign that a couple has entered a very raw, deep place – a place where love and anger can exist simultaneously.

Mutual respect, love, compromise, compassion and trust are important factors of a healthy relationship.Like everything in life, it’s about moderation. You never want to insult or disrespect a loved one. You can state your point in a manner that both parties can hear. When you are authentic in a relationship you can always share what you believe in. It’s all in how you present any discussion.

“The truest form of love is how you behave toward someone, not how you feel about them.” ~ Steve Hall

Source: happylifereport.com, davidwolfe.com