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Science Shows Having A Sister Makes You A Better Person

To every brother out there who is lucky to have a sister but refuses to accept, acknowledge or believe it – science has proved that having a sister makes you become a better person.

According to a report in Huffington Post, sisters help you become a better person by teaching you compassion, empathy, honing your interpersonal skills and communication skills – all at the same time.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Family Psychology shows that sisters can help boost your mental health and self-esteem.

Jensen said, “What we know suggests that sisters play a role in promoting positive mental health and later in life they often do more to keep families in contact with one another after the parents pass.”

This helps the sibling to not feel unloved, lonely, fearful or insecure.

A study from the Brigham Young University suggests that sisters help make you more compassionate, kind and giving.


Coming to the best part, sisters also help you develop your interpersonal skills and communication skills. “Research has found that brothers who grew up with sisters are better at communicating with women than those who were only children or only have brothers.”

So that girl you’ve been trying to talk to and you finally did, turns out, you learn that from your sister too.

Lastly, sisters also teach you to be independent, ambitious and achieve a balance in life. If you’re going to be asking me WHY or HOW sisters are capable of teaching all these things and not brothers, then here’s the answer.

It has everything to do with ’emotional expression’.


Emotional Support And Less Stress

One benefit of growing up with a sister is that it can lead to less stress. Since girls are more in touch with their emotions and are usually comfortable with sharing emotions, this means that you will have someone to go to when you are stressed and need an understanding person. Having a sister in the family can help keep the balance of expressing emotions and not expressing them. According to research done by the University of Ulster, sisters view life and circumstances in a more positive manner than other family members, so having this great outlook on situations can help to deter your stress also. Since stress has such a negative impact on brain functioning, having less stress while growing up can make you better in a multitude of ways.

Improved Self-Esteem

Another benefit of growing up with a sister is improved self-esteem. Having a sister around can help to prevent or quell negative feelings and emotions that lead to low self-esteem. Studies have shown that people with a sister suffer less from anxiety, depression, loneliness, fear, and more. Children with a sister also feel more loved.

Every child will experience negative emotions at some point–that’s life. But it is important for their mental, physical, and emotional development that they aren’t plagued by these emotions. Growing up with a sister can help them cope with these emotions in healthy ways so that they can have a happier childhood which will lead to a better adulthood.

Anger Management And Compassion

Improved conflict resolution skills is another benefit of growing up with a sister. Remember that sibling rivalry we mentioned? All that fighting and arguing is actually beneficial to a child’s development. It teaches them skills such as anger management, compassion, reasoning, self-control, fairness, and more. All of these skills lead to a child becoming a more well-rounded adult who is in tune with their internal feelings.

So every time you called your sister ‘rotlu’ or the next time you get annoyed with a girl being expressive of her emotions, remember, they’re teaching you important life skills.

Source: storypick.com, apost.com


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If You Have A Sister, You Must Let Her Know This! It’s Heartwarming!

Your sister is the person you care about most. Even when you hate her in some occasions. She is the one who behaves badly, but keeps you under control. You are with here since her first day here and she has changed your life completely.

She is your honest partner in every crime. She is the shoulder to cry on when you need love and support. She is your best friend even though you did not expect that she would love you so much.

Yes, that is your younger sister. There are thousands of reasons why this person is the best thing that happened to you.

• She makes you a better man

She is your little sister and you want her to grow up into the best and most honest person. This means that you have to be like that, so you can serve as an example for her. Your young sister gives you motivation to be a better person.

• You were her first friend and that bond is hard to break

Since the first day she was born, she clanged to you. You were her first best friend, before she met anyone else. This makes your bond strong and unbreakable.

• She makes you more mature

You feel a bit motherly when your younger sister is taken into consideration. Your instinct tells you to be her protector always. This will make you be more mature.

• Because of her, you will always be young

Even though you want to be a mature example for your younger sister, she will always remind you that you need fun and relaxation. She has a better style than you had when you were her age, so you can learn something from her.

• Your best friends know her as much as you do, so they also love her

You were her first best friend. However, your friend also started to adore her at the same time as you. You know that you have an awesome little sister when your friends don’t leave the house before giving her a hug for goodbye.

• She supports you no matter what you decide

It doesn’t mean that she will always agree with your opinions, but she will always believe that you will make the right decision.

• She will always help you

She may be less experienced than you are, but she can sometimes serve as your advantage. She has not done as many mistakes as you have and that may mean that she is not afraid to take a risk and she will encourage you to make those decisions you have been avoiding.

• Distance would not be in your way

You may go away on a long trip and you won’t talk so often with your sister. However, nothing will change between you two. You will continue your relationship where it stopped.

• You will become excellent in giving advice thanks to her and you will take care of others

Your younger sister will always come to you searching for an advice and you will become better and better at this. This experience will teach you to do the same for other people as well.

• You will always feel needed

Every person wants to feel needed and wants to improve the quality of someone else’s life. As years pass by, you will realize that your sister will always need you and that will be your biggest reward.

• She is always there even though your life is constantly changing

People come and go from your life, relationships begin and end and everything fades away. However, your sister will always be a part of your life.

Since the day she came home, your sister drastically changed your life. Maybe you were the only child before her, and maybe she stole all the attention for some time, but you will forgive her. You will understand that your life became better the moment you met her. She will become your best friend and your biggest blessing.

Source: http://fullyawaremind.com