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This Inkblot Test Will Analyze You On The Spot

Choose what you see when gazing at the inkblot. Then, read your description.

If you see

Butterfly: The Humble Believer

You’re the humble believer! You’re the best kept secret around. You’re an incredibly kind, compassionate, loyal and caring person who would absolutely never think to brag about it. You’re that friend that everyone can depend on and you never expect anything in return. Okay, we won’t exaggerate! You’re not a saint but seriously give yourself the well deserved credit! You have deeply held values and a rare moral compass that keeps you down to earth, humble and kindhearted. You see the best in people and no matter how frustrated you may get at times, you go through life with an open heart and an unconquerable loyalty to the ideas, places and people you hold dear.

Flower: The Unstoppable Dreamer

You’re the unstoppable dreamer! You’re an idealist at heart with an intense imagination that has always enabled you to see options that others easily ignore. You march to the beat of your own drum and you often have unique ideas that others quickly dismiss.; but you don’t let it get to you. You don’t take no for an answer; once you’ve made up your mind and set your sights on a particular goal, no matter how far fetched, you’re simply unstoppable. This type of idealistic tenacity is truly a rarity! You have a remarkable ability to manifest incredible things with your passionate dreams. You’re a dreamer and there’s nothing that can stop you!

Nothing specific: The Charismatic Leader

You’re the charismatic leader! You were born to lead. People naturally respect and trust you. No matter what you’re speaking about, you speak with an authority that captivates your audience. Your family and friends have always expected great things from you and though you’re often your own worst enemy, there is literally nothing you can’t achieve. You have a charisma that draws people to you, whether it be friends, lovers, fans or followers. You have the potential to be an expert in your chosen field! The world depends on leaders like you to inspire and guide the rest of us!

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Personality tests are an easy and fast way to discover hidden truths about yourself. One of the most challenging things for people in love is finding out what’s most important to them and what they secretly want to experience in their relationships.

Of course, we all want the basic things- like being “happy” and “secure” in a relationship, but we may not always know what that looks like. It is different for everyone. On top of all that, we have no idea what these things mean for us or about us.

There are numerous resources available to assist you with finding out what you want most in your romantic involvements, such as therapists who will work with you, books, apps, and even TV shows dedicated to helping those with relationship questions.

But to be honest, all of that information can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. So, if you’d rather take an easier route, we’ve got another solution for you.

Look at the image below and without hesitating, what do you see first?

Now, scroll down and reveal what the this personality test says about what’s secretly most important to you in love and relationships.

If you saw…

1. The man’s face.

If the first thing you noticed was the man’s face, you are one of those people who always see the big picture. You enjoy planning out every detail of your life- from the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep. You just can’t help yourself, and having a sense of control makes you feel comfortable and secure.

The thing you secretly want most out of a relationship is stability and control.

You feel like you are on top of the world when you are guiding others and taking charge of your own life. You need a strong partner who is willing to let you take the reins. This also shows that they trust you, which is also a ranking-factor to you.

2. The sheep.

If the first thing you noticed was the sheep, you are considered sensitive, and romantic. You are the type of person who is hurt rather easily. You have a an enormous heart filled to the brim with love to give, but you are fearful. Rejection, and worrying about being let down looms over your thoughts. You don’t want to be this way but you can’t help it, your heart controls you.

The thing you secretly desire out of a relationship is to be swept off your feet.

To be honest, you want to feel appreciated and adored every moment of the day. You’re the type who wants flowers and chocolates, with rose petals lining your path, placed by a partner who serenades you with song. And what’s more, you want someone who isn’t just trying to be nice once in a while, you want someone who has romance in their blood.

3. The boy at the tree.

If the first thing you noticed was the boy at the tree, you’re an optimist but also a realist. You like to enjoy the aspects of dreaming that you two will be together forever, but know that in all likelihood it may not happen. You’ve been through the ups and downs of the dating world, but you still have a firm belief in love. The only difference between past you and present you is you aren’t going to fall in love as quickly as you were when you first started this relationship adventure.

The thing you desire most out of a relationship is open communication and trust.

You’re not the type who needs flowers or elaborate gestures. All you need is someone who understands that a relationship requires equal time and effort from both parties. You want a partner who can communicate openly without making things personal, and who is willing to listen when they need to. One sure way to your heart is by talking things through- your mind is what needs to be seduced.

4. The huts.

If the first thing you noticed was the huts, you are the type of person who is afraid of a genuine relationship. You enjoy the prospect of having a partner, but sharing your life and opening up to someone is not something you are comfortable with- yet. You’ve been known to end relationships abruptly when things get too serious, and have run away from potential love more than once. You want a real relationship one day, but maybe not today.

The thing you desire most out of a relationship is friendship and physical intimacy without labels.

It has many names, but at the end of the day all you want is a friend who you can be intimate with. No strings attached, of course. You may not have clear lines defining what your “relationship” is, but as long as both parties are willing to take things slow when it comes to labels, it’s all good.

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The size of our ears could actually tell so much about our character. Although there is no evidence that proves that Physiognomy is true, studies show that it contains a little bit of “truth.”


You are conservative and responsible and do things carefully and responsibly. You also like stability and value politeness.


You love yourself and love to be in the limelight.You’re a likable person because you are mostly good to everyone. As long as something is interesting to you, you are willing to challenge it.


You don’t like stupid or meaningless stuff and you will plan things ahead of you and strive for perfection. You don’t make promises you can’t keep.


You think it is important to consider other people views and ideas, so you less likely to advocate your own views. You are a good-natured person and also very honest, so people around you trust in you.



You have the thoughts and actions that most people don’t think of. You are self-centered, moody and act based on how you feel at the moment. Sometimes it’s hard for your friends to understand.

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Let’s find out how your interpretation of the world influences your inner-self. Take a look at these pictures to learn something about yourself you might not have known before.

The first thing you see in this picture will reveal the truth about who you really are! Remember, it’s not to be taken too seriously, but it can shine some light onto your personality.

A skull

You have great observations skills are an excellent communicator, whether you realize it or not. You are the mediator between friends when one is needed.

Everyone loves you because you are a warm-hearted person who gives all of yourself, all of the time.

However, you need to remember to take time for yourself and focus some of that attention inward as well.

A butterfly

You have a unique personality and you always make quick and clear decisions. You are also great at solving problems- for yourself and your friends. Everyone comes to you with their troubles, and your unique perspective always gives wonderful advice.

However, you can sometimes be overly-strict with people you consider to be “difficult.” Learning patience and empathy will help with this.


You have a mysterious charm and a keen artistic eye. Also, you are known for your great observation skills. You like to take in and appreciate everything around you, and you take note of the little things.

You are considered kind and have a witty sense of humor.

However, you are might have too much pride, and can be wishy-washy when it comes to making decisions.


Blade of grass

You have excellent learning and analytical skills. Others see you as a smart and organized person.

You are good at keeping your thoughts on track, and separating your mind from your heart. You like to manage your own way- systematically and analytically.

However, you tend to be a perfectionist whose biggest fear is making a mistake. Relax, and try not to be so hard on yourself.



Thanks for taking our test. If you like and agree with the results share them with your friends and family.

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Psychologists have been using houses for decades if not centuries to figure out people’s personalities. It speaks a lot about the person and their habits. It tells about what makes a person because for most people the image of a house refers to something safe, as their comfort zone. It is a place where they can be just who they are without being judged.

However, it may also a place one dreads. Be it owing to a terrible childhood or an abusive relationship with their parents, or the melancholy of losing a loved one. It is perhaps these reasons, which make houses one of the most used symbols of personality analysis in psychology. However, the results are not always, what we are ready for and may be difficult to take.

House #1

You are a warm and welcoming individual whose doors are always open for others. You are a person who will go out of his way to help the other one out and will do it all with a smile. You love being able to be the pillar that people can rely upon. You always have a couch; a friend can crash on when they are low. It won’t be a surprise if you take in an absolute stranger to help them out of a tight spot. People can always count on you to answer the doorbell, and you won’t mind waking at 3 a.m. to talk to a friend who is calling you to pour their hearts out.

If it comes to it, you would even put yourself in discomfort to bring some respite to another’s life. It shows how huge a heart you have and how compassionate you are towards everyone. However, some might say you are excessively kind for your good as people can take advantage of such people and cause them heartache. Be kindhearted, but don’t let yourself be taken for granted. Identify toxic people and learn to stay away from them. We know it is hard, but you have got to do this.

House #2

You lead a secretive life. You do not like people to know what is going on in your life, be it what you are thinking, what you are feeling or how life is going. You keep all doors into your life closed, and the curtains remain drawn so that no one can even peek in to gauge how you are feeling or what you are going through. It helps you feel secure and safe that no one can take advantage of your vulnerabilities and exploit your emotions when you aren’t feeling too great. It gives you a feeling of strength as you feel you are the only one in control of how you feel. It may be due to a neglected childhood.

You may also have faced bullying in your early years and learned to cope with everything as best as you could i.e. by putting up walls all around you. However, it is a good thing to keep yourself away from exploitative people and not giving the satisfaction of being troubled by their actions, your nature may be blocking out some of the loved ones who genuinely care and want to be there for you. Let down your guard and let those who bring light chase away the darkness of days long gone. Next time that friend asks are you okay; don’t say ‘I am okay’ and change the topic. Take a deep breath and say you aren’t but don’t know how to talk about it. Even being able to share a little goes a long way. (house with closed doors/windows with curtains drawn. Dark colored exterior).

House #3

You love everything life has to offer and take on new experiences with enthusiasm. You love exploring things and taking long walks in nature. You like pushing your limits and setting new records for yourself. You believe that everything has a purpose in life and that life is beautiful, not because of a single thing, but each person, experience and moment in it is valuable. You like being able to look at something difficult and finding a positive aspect in it. You radiate this optimism to everyone around you and people cannot help but be influenced by your infectious nature.

You love animals and might even own pet(s) that could not be more fortunate to have you as their caregiver and companion. People love you for your positive outlook on life and like being around you. However, blind optimism just might be your downfall. It is thus important to accept that there are times in one’s life where the optimistic outlook may be hazardous such as those dropping profits you need to keep an eye out for and fix the cause before the losses become unbearable. We wish you sunshine and happiness forever and ever with a sprinkle of fairy dust too.

House #4

You are an open book. Everything about it is transparent. No hidden agendas, no two-faced-ness. You are the same on the inside as you are on the outside. You are driven by your emotions and love the euphoric high these emotions give you. People feel comfortable around you as they do not have to be constantly on the lookout for ulterior motives or to be scared of being played. Your partner loves that you are easy to read and this helps with the communication between the two of you.

However, at times it may be frustrating s you may not be able to mask your disappointment or the partner may be an exploitative one and use this against you. You speak without filters and are honest to a fault. You speak what you think and call it just as it is which might at times makes the other feel that you lack tact and are insensitive to their feelings. It might have caused you a few of your friendships, and there are times you wish you could control your emotions and not let them shine through like a blinding torch. Just practice a bit of tact and you are set for life!

House #5

You hold on to the few cherished memories from your otherwise troubled childhood. Though you had it rough as a child and had to fight against all the odds life threw at you, you learned how to make lemonade! And what an excellent lemonade you make. You have a way of taking the bad in life, internalizing it and then firefighting your way out! You learned how to turn your circumstances around and come on top of it all. You believe in your potential and your strength, and you wouldn’t give it up for anything in life.

You are no more resentful about your past as you have accepted it and acknowledged that these experiences make you who you are. You have a nurturing nature that compels you to be there for those who have no one as you know how it feels to be alone and afraid. There are days you can’t seem to get rid of the gloominess that hangs around and even getting out of bed is difficult. Other days you feel light as a butterfly, making life a constant struggle you are determined to master! Hang in there the sunshine! You rock!

House #6

You do not trust easily, but when you let someone in, that person becomes a connection for a lifetime. You are selective about those who get the privilege of knowing you, but once you accord someone that place, they become eternally dear to you unless they mess up. Even then, you hold on to the fond memories while letting go of the person (however begrudgingly). You are skeptical of sweet talk and see a person for who they are. You are not easily wowed, but if occasionally someone sweeps you off your feet, you do your best to be friends and let down your guards.

You have acquired this personality based on learning and hit and trial. Who knows, you may have been a very openly trusting individual once, but your experiences made you cautious and selective. Be careful, take time but don’t be too hard to others. Despite everything, you have a positive outlook on life, and that is commendable. Your partner is the luckiest person alive to have you as you are a rational and optimistic individual.

House #7

You love dressing up. ‘Life is beautiful and so should everything in it be’ is your life mantra. You love being well put together and have a huge wardrobe to boast. You are forever ready to be on the go with the perfect outfit picked out to complement not only you but the weather and the occasion perfectly. You have a way with putting together them most unrelated of articles together and coming up with stellar combinations that designers would kill for.

Not only are you the classiest in your hood, but you also have an eye for the perfect nick-knacks and how to use them to your advantage. You love decorating your house, and it is always an adventure visiting you and your most artistic home. However, sometimes you find yourself too occupied with all things material and needed some alone time. It would be good to meditate to create a balance and to be able to detach for a bit every occasionally. Oh, what about we would visit you once and take a few classes on aesthetics from you!

House #8

You are a nature enthusiast and have a passion for all things pure and unadulterated. You prefer to be around people who are honest, open and do not feel the need to conform the society’s standards just to fit in. You are an individual very much in tune with yourself and thus do not feel intimidated by anything or anyone. You are your individual and are enough for yourself. You do not seek validation from others and do not aspire to things that are considered the norm.

You believe in taking the road less traveled and find it more befitting your style. You inspire a lot of dialogue and actively try to generate conversation around what needs to be highlighted rather than what would be click bait. You try to be a part of the changing narrative and inspire a more open and accepting culture with greater tolerance towards each other and opposing schools of thoughts and believe in social harmony. While this may be very well suited, don’t get too sure of yourself and become too comfortable in your skin to hinder your chances of growth and become the things you raise awareness against.

House #9

You are a man hanging on the ridge, wanting to jump but unable to let go at the same time. You have come a long way in letting go of things you found were detrimental to your being however you find yourself a little lost and seeking answers. You are trying to figure out the next steps in life. You ask bigger questions such as your purpose in life and the suffering of humanity. You believe in live, and let live and are not weighed down by material possessions or desires. You feel a change in life is coming and is on the horizon, but that is taking its sweet time approaching.

You love being able to move and are proud of yourself for making the decision to lead the roadie life. It speaks to you on a personal level, the need to constantly be on the move, even when being home ‘literally’ is a man’s forever quest of finding meaning in life. Though it’s nice to be on your toes and always looking for more, know that it is no one thing that makes life worth it, it is the sum of all our experiences that make us who we are and in turn who we were supposed to be. So don’t be too lost in your quest and forget to live.

SOURCE: relationshipgoals.me