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What You See FIRST In This Image Reveal Truths About Your Personality.

Try it and find out for yourself.

Is it true that the answer you give to the image you see below can expose your personality? Let’s find out whether what you see in this image reveal truths about your personality.

Look at the picture below and note what is the first thing you see in it. Do you first see trees, roots or lips?

1. Lips

If lips are what you first saw when you looked at the image, you are a simple and quiet person. You prefer an average life which is not complicated by unnecessary commotion to find fulfillment. You are very flexible in your thoughts and manners and always go with the flow.

You are wise and also sometimes naive as your thoughts are not malicious and you always have good intent. You may be perceived as weak and in need of help but in reality that is not true. You have strength in dealing with problems on your own without the help of anyone.

You do not care for complicated relationships and like to be honest with people. Therefore people come to you for advice or to talk to because they know they can trust your opinion.

2. Trees

If the first thing you see are trees and/or tree trunks, there is a large possibility you are an extrovert. You are polite but also cannot be pushed around or mocked easily.

You are sensitive towards other peoples opinion of you and care greatly for what they think of you. Although you surround yourself with many people who you consider friends, only a few of them are sincere and true. You look soft and gentle on the outside but you are essentially a strong person internally. You are also very wise and tend to hide your true emotions.

In addition to that, you have extremely high standards and do not trust people easily. You have a mysterious side to you which makes it difficult for other people to read you or guess what’s on your mind. You are open to all possibilities and outcomes of the future to ensure that you succeed in anything you put your mind to.

3. Roots

If the first thing you notice are roots, you are an introvert. You acknowledge your mistakes and easily accept constructive criticism in order to change for the better in the future.

People who first meet you will think that you are someone who is very ordinary with no glaring talents or attributes. However this impression changes when they get to know you and they start to realize you are extremely knowledgeable and sharp.

You are also incredibly disciplined and diligent when you put your mind to accomplishing something. You have morals and principles which you use as a guide to live by. This has made you the kind of person who knows what they want and will achieve success in life because of this clarity.

You are also someone who is independent and responsible. You always strive to be a better version of yourself and believe that you can always improve. Although you are meek and sometimes suffer from low self-esteem, you are a hard head and portray signs of stubbornness.

Source: http://en.goodtimes.my


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Take the image below, for example. I want you to quickly look at it and make a not of the first thing you see.

Once you’ve done this, check out the list below to find out what your weaknesses are and how they might lead you to ruin your own love life (so you won’t!).

If you saw…

1. The Skull

If you looked at this picture and the first thing you saw was the image of the skull, your hampering your chances with love by growing overwhelmed with anxiety and worry on every front. You might have an anxiety disorder or you might just be your average Joe worry wort, but either way, your tendency to be overly cautious can keep you from seeing many of the details that make life most beautiful, and that includes the seeing your potential soulmate when they’re standing right next to you.

It’s good to be a little cautious at times and to make sure you look before you leap, but only when leaping actually means jumping off a precipice. When it comes to something like love you’ll waste time and miss opportunities if you spend too much time worrying about all of the different ways it could go wrong.

There are always going to be things that make us anxious, but we shouldn’t this stop us from actually living our lives, and that includes where love is concerned. You don’t need to hide your fears from your partner either. In fact, you might find in opening up about them that the two of you become even closer.

2. The Bound Man

If you looked at this picture and the first thing you saw was the image of the bound man between the two trees, your personality is in near-constant conflict. Now don’t worry. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are literally in conflict with the world around you. If anything, it’s far more likely that you regularly battle a war within yourself, and in order to find lasting love with another person, you must be able to find a sense of love from within.

You struggle so hard to accept yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses and everything in between, that you are missing out on just loving yourself. The battle for inner peace isn’t easily achieved and I’m not saying otherwise, but I am saying that you deserve a break from the inner turmoil every once in a while. Respect yourself for doing all that hard inner work, let yourself off the hook, embrace yourself and love will come.

2. The Fence

If you looked at this picture and the first thing you saw was the image of a fence in the middle of the field, your greatest weakness in love is your tendency to close yourself off from the rest of the world.

This doesn’t mean you’re a lost cause, and it doesn’t even mean your heart is more damaged than most people’s, but it does mean that unless you’re willing to take a risk and open your heart at some point soon, you just might miss out on a chance at real love. It’s an easy, normal, and totally natural thing to try and protect yourself when you’ve been burned badly before, but if you keep a tall wall or a fence around your heart completely, not only can no one else get in, but it’s going to be hard as hell for you to get out.

And while putting up barriers is easy to do, taking them down is hard, so don’t be afraid to start small. Get to know people slowly, at a pace that feels safe to you, while always making sure that you keep moving forward. If you risk nothing, you gain nothing.

3. The Boat

If you looked at this picture and the first thing you saw was the image of the suspended boat and the nest filled with eggs, your weak spot when it comes to love is that you set standards so high no human on Earth can possibly meet them.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s important to know what you’re looking for in love and to make sure you don’t settle, but it is possible to create a list of “must-haves” that is so narrowly defined it prevents you from missing out on making a match with someone who could tick a bunch of other boxes you never even thought to consider.

There’s no shame in wanting a family, an amazing career, and a partner who loves all of the same things that you do, but when you get more and more specific in your aspirations for love, you disconnect from the reality of what love is. And while fantasies are nice and all, they don’t exactly make for warm bedfellows.

Absolutely hold on to your dreams and do hold the people who come into your life as potential romantic partners to a high standard. However, be mindful that your perfect picture of the future could be keeping you from the love you were destined to find.

Source: https://www.yourtango.com


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The moon, as magical and mysterious as it already is, can also define aspects of your life and your personality. Choose your favorite moon and then discover a detailed description of your personality and a message for your life.

1. Efficient and achievement oriented:

You characterize yourself as an energetic, optimistic person with a lot of self-confidence. You feel that you must work constantly in search of safety and you want to create a base of material well-being, because you consider that safety comes as a result of work and a stable home.

Your main challenge is to be more tolerant with yourself, because you can become a relentless and strict judge. Pay attention to how you treat yourself when you make a mistake (the words you use, the things you do), respect yourself, accept your mistakes and work with love and determination to solve them. It’s much better to become the achiever of your dreams than your own executioner.

2. Creative and perceptive:

You characterize yourself as a practical, kind, emotional person who enjoys the most exquisite things in life. You are very connected to the sensuality of the material world and you like to build aesthetic and emotional environments. You have the tendency to incur excesses: stay until the early hours watching movies or listening to music, eating more and eating junk food which all in all decreases your energy levels.

A little moderation in the intensity with which you assume life and a little more organization of your time and energy will help you to intensify the brightness of your life, your work and everything you create.

3. Energetic and tempered:

You characterize yourself as a person who yearns to have confidence, strength of character and be important in the world. You are a great provider that always tries to maintain the good conditions to ensure your well-being and that of your loved ones. You consider friendship as a pact of mutual protection, which makes you decidedly loyal and very afraid of being betrayed, and that is precisely where your great challenge lies: Trust. Constantly distrusting as well as being a sign of weakness is terribly exhausting.

You are characterized by choosing your company very well, therefore give your trust to others without fear, with confidence, kindness and without reservation, because everything you give will always come back to you. In this way your life will be much more calm, full, happy and satisfying.

4. Sensitive and compassionate:

You have a great desire to do good deeds and be approved for them, therefore, you became a very kind person who generally focuses on meeting the needs of others, sometimes you aren’t rested enough or you aren’t taking time to fulfill your own desires and needs. Many times you built your image through others, which could generate some kind of dependence, and that is precisely where your great challenge lies: to recognize your importance, your talents and your value.

You are a person endowed with wonderful talents and feelings, allow yourself to explore them, use them and build wonderful things in your life with them. Helping others is in your nature, but sometimes you just need to think for yourself and help yourself to become well, full, satisfied and happy.

5. Restless and researcher:

You characterize yourself as a cultured person, noble observer, curious and very objective and although you can be friendly and engage in conversation, you prefer to stay with your loved ones, or simply spend quality time alone. In your mind there is usually a great flow of ideas and for this reason you sometimes suffer from insomnia and stress.

Your main challenge is to believe in your intuition more (the voice of your heart that you hear in your mind) and prepare your mind to live in positive harmony, because the more you do it, the faster you will eliminate the obstacles and ideas that prevent you from reaching true happiness in your life and to become an honest, full and satisfied person. Remember that if you allow your heart to be your compass, your mind – your map and your soul – your guide, you will never be lost.

6. Harmonious and pleasant:

You characterize yourself as a patient person, who values tranquility very much (in some cases you prefer to have peace of mind than to be right) and who enjoys the simple pleasures of life: stay at home to watch a movie, meet in a quiet park with family or friends, go to a small, nearby restaurant. You are a very active and skilled person, but you want to escape from the conflicts of the world and the hectic pace.

You spend a lot of time thinking about the future, which generates a lot of anxiety and that’s where your great challenge lies. How many times have you ruined a good day thinking about things that never really happened? To continue thinking about the future diminishes your happiness, effectiveness and energy, while connecting with your present will help you to be the owner of your life.

Source: http://zen-magazine.com


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This fun and accurate test will analyze your relationship in the best way possible. Let’s see what your temperament and personality are like in a relationship. All you have to do is choose the flower you believe the butterfly will first land on.

So, which flower did you choose? Let’s see what it says about you!

Via MssNaturalBeauty

You chose flower A!

You are happier when you find yourself in a relationship!

Temperament analysis: You are not someone who blindly craves a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship. However, you are happier and more fulfilled when you are with someone special. It’s fun to experience the special, little things with a lover, and the feeling of stability will bring you joy. You also think that living alone is not that fun, so the probability of you dating is high. You are not someone who relies on someone to be happy, but it will always bring you joy if you happen to find a good relationship.

Partner recommendation: You will get along with someone who chose flower B on this test.

You chose flower B!

You will not date unless you are convinced you love this person!

Temperament analysis: You don’t really like to think about love, but this doesn’t mean that you view it negatively. You feel that life is short and that finding love isn’t the end goal. You don’t simply want to date just for the sake of dating. You want to find real love with someone. You won’t commit to someone until you are fully convinced this person is someone you love deeply. You are happy by yourself and feel fulfilled with your hobbies and interests.

Partner recommendation: You will not meet someone until you are fully convinced this person is someone you love. You would be a good match with people who choose flower B and C on this test.

You chose flower C!

You are someone who enjoys the freedom of being single!

Temperament Analysis: You are someone who can live happily by yourself! However, you aren’t someone who says, “I will never date someone!” You understand the freedom of being alone. You are an independent person, so you’re fairly good at making your own decisions. You think “you time” is very important, so it might be better for you to live alone! If you try not to think about the difficult parts about dating, you’ll be able to think about love and romance in a more positive light!

Partner Recommendation: It’s hard to date someone who cannot guarantee you your own alone time. Therefore, it’ll be good to date someone similar to you! It’s still good to spend time together though when you have time. You would be a match with someone who chooses flower C on this test.

You chose flower D!

You really want to be in a relationship!

Temperament Analysis: You really want to meet someone special! You can feel quite lonely by nature. You feel happier when you’re able to rely on someone else. When you think about happiness, you envision family, friends, and a lover. It’s important for you to have stable emotional relationships, family, love, and marital relationships. You are happier when you are dating.

Partner Recommendation: You are someone who can adapt to any partner. You are a good listener and are reasonable. You would be a good match with someone who chooses flowers A or D on this test.

Source: http://mysticalraven.com


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The First Detail That You Notice On This Image Reveals Unconscious Secrets of Your Personality

This image is the perfect image for this psychology test because it gives the right subliminal message about life and living. Your focus and perception tell the rest of the story:

Look at This Image! What’s The First Detail That You See On This Image?This Image Reveals Unconscious Secrets of Your Personality

Do not think about it, just go with your intuition!

1. Face

The First Detail That You See On This Image Reveals Unconscious Secrets of Your Personality – Face

Just like the face on this image, you build your character like a puzzle.

You don’t look for yourself, but rather, you try to create yourself. You want to show yourself to the world.

You try to excel at different areas and put them together like pieces of a puzzle to construct the ideal image of yourself.

You collect various different Character Pieces that you put together to create this image.

These pieces can be actual (outer): clothes, looks, accessories, property, social circles, friends, even partners that paint the image that you want to project; or abstract (inner): accomplishments, experiences, values, mastered talents and memories you use as tiles to construct the character you identify yourself to be;

But you might try to build your image to perfection and this can be counterproductive as perfection is an illusion.

Your approach for self-actualization is outward. You start from your essence and you materialize it into an image through various different elements.

You want the world to see the real truth of who you are.

There’s nothing wrong in the approach you take, but make sure your main purpose is not chasing approval from others.

2. Brain/Tree

The First Detail That You See On This Image Reveals Unconscious Secrets of Your Personality – Brain and Tree

Just like the tree on this image, you desire to consistently grow your knowledge.

You are really curious. You try to learn and understand as much as possible of the world. Everything you do is because you are looking for knowledge.

You love learning about new things and explore different topics. It’s most likely that you are a fan of supernatural phenomena, conspiracy theories, and mysteries.

Others would describe you as someone who is knowledgeable in many different areas.

You easily understand psychology and psychological concepts. If you were born a couple of thousand years in the past, you would have been a philosopher, without a doubt.

But every single piece of information that you take is intended for a bigger purpose. The bigger purpose of everything you are trying to understand is to find the cosmic truth.

The information you collect is put together and closely examined, like detectives do on a pinboard, in order to link things together, find the answers and solve the mystery.

Your approach for self-actualization is inward. You start from the outside world and you absorb as much information as you can so you can come closer to the truth and find the answers you are looking for.

You could not care less of how others perceive you, all you want is to find out who you really are and what you are doing here. That’s your greatest mystery.

There’s nothing wrong in the approach you take, just be careful not to lose yourself in the process. You are not the answers that you find, you are the one who asks the questions.

3. Birds and Nature

The First Detail That You See On This Image Reveals Unconscious Secrets of Your Personality – Birds and Nature

Just like the birds on this image, you do not feel like a part of the game society tries to play, or let’s say the image society tries to paint.

You do not try to create yourself, nor find yourself. You just want to be free to be yourself and experience the world.

You do not feel like you fit where you are at the moment. You would rather travel and explore the majestic world.

You do not like to stay at one place for too long. The understanding that everything is momentary just amplifies your anxiety and desire to try different things.

You do not take things very seriously. You love to party, have fun and just be crazy from time to time.

You love being surrounded by nature. Your heart fills up on the sole thought of exploring new exotic places around the world.

You value experience over any knowledge. You absorb information and materialize different elements, but nothing stays for too long. It’s there until it serves the purpose of creating the experience and then you let go. You move on.

Your approach for self-actualization is radiant. It’s a mix of inward and outward with the emphasis of going forward. As you beam forward like a photon of light, unchained and dual in nature, you learn more about yourself and project more of yourself.

But your main purpose is to realize yourself and experience the world. You don’t really care about how others see you, or what’s the cosmic truth. You feel like a traveler on a vacation who is there just to explore and have fun.

There is nothing wrong with the approach you take, just make sure you do take proper care about your relationships. Even though nothing is permanent, the only time you will find substance in your purpose is when you build and take care of something that will not last forever.

Written By Dejan Davchevski

Originally Published on lifecoachcode.com

Source: themindsjournal.com