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10 Lies Men Tell Women And What They’re Hiding

Generally women lie about their physical characteristics like their mental state, weight and age etc. However, men don’t pay much heed to their physical attributes but lie for various other reasons. Most of their lies come across dealing with the opposite $.e.x.

Here is what I would categorize as the top ten most frequently repeated lies that men tell to women.

1. “You are the first love of my life”

Men fall in love with almost all the girls that they come across. This is the most common lie spoken by men. This is nothing but just a tactic to impress the other girl and make her love you.

There’s almost no chance that he’ll upgrade you to long-term, exclusive status.

In my lifetime, I cannot tell you how many women I’ve observed get their hearts broken by a man who was already in a relationship and gave them the impression that they were going to “one day” be elevated to the status of his only woman.

2. “I am sorry”

Another lie, men hate using these words still they say it even when they are not at fault just for the sake of maintaining a good relationship. However, majority of the times these words comes out of their mouth just for the sake of saying it and generally they don’t mean in.

3. “I call you tomorrow”

This is one of the most common lies which men tell women. If he texts you saying this, its better that you don’t reply otherwise you will be wasting your time. Men generally say this just to avoid someone. In majority of the cases, you will see that the phone calls do not come not only for tomorrow but also for the subsequent days.

4. “Baby, you haven’t heard from me because I’m dealing with some stuff.”

No, it’s you and him. You know why this happens? Some lying womanizers and cheaters do have a “conscience.”

Let’s say a lying womanizer meets you and gives you the misleading impression that he only wants to spend time with you — even though there are three or four other women he has on the side.

One day, he might start feeling like, “Wow, I am really playing with this woman’s emotions.I need to quit leading this woman on.” However, he just can’t bring himself to “come clean” with you.

So what does he do? He makes himself unavailable and aloof. He’s hoping he can just slowly “fade out” of your life without having to explain anything.

5. “She is not that pretty”

This implies that she is definitely pretty. Even in the company of their wife or girlfriends, men often ogle at other women and when their partners ask them, they just reply “she is not that pretty”. Well, majority of the women believe in their sweet talks but there are some smart ones who understands that they are not being given the due attention from their boyfriends or husband.

6. “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life”

Obviously, it isn’t true. Women are more cautious about their looks than men and every lady wants to be admired. Men usually use these words to impress a lady. Even though they might come across beautiful women every day, they will pretend and say that you are prettiest of them all.

7. “I am single”

Irrespective of whether they are seeing someone, are married or single, men always tend to say that “I am single”. The logic behind it is really not difficult to understand. Saying this implies that you are open to a relationship. It’s always better to be available to everyone, every time.

8. “You know me now, this is how I am”

A man says this to a woman just to avoid an embarrassing situation. It means that even you don’t know have any idea about who you are. Just to make a soft corner in the heart of a lady, a man says this. It also implies that you will still behave this way in future also and you partner should understand your behavior.

9. “I’m on My Way”

Men usually throw this line when they don’t want to meet someone or attend an event. This is best in option when you cannot afford to show tantrums or be aggressive. Also, saying this line and turning up for an event is an excellent way to gain a wee amount of control.

10. “Nothing’s Wrong, I’m Fine”

This is mainly said to protect the male ego and also to avoid drama and confusion over some issues. If a man is saying this then he might not mean at all. However, just to keep things smooth and get going he is admitting that he is fine. Since ancient times, men are known for not showing their feelings.


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Friendships are probably the most important relationships in our lives, especially if we have good solid friends. But sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a nice and a fake person.

Use this guide to sift through who are the truly nice people and remove yourself from the fake ones.

1. Genuinely nice people will support all your actions.

A nice person will support and encourage in any capacity. It can be a hobby or a career change, but an authentic, real friend cares and will be on the journey with you.

2. Love your quirky personality.

We all have elements of our personality that are a little quirky, a real friend will stand by you despite your quirks,

3. Eternal forgiveness.

As well all make mistakes, a nice person will always forgive, and they will do this because they value the friendship more than the mistake you made.

4. Always in touch.

Your real friends will always stay in touch with you because they are interested in you and your life. You might notice that fake people will only contact you.

5. They make time for you.

Your real friends will always make time for you, if it’s a Saturday morning coffee or a phone call after work, they want to spend time with you and they will.

It’s also important to be able to recognize the signs of a fake friend, and not just what a real friend is.

Below are some things to look out for if you suspect a fake friend.

1. Fake people are passive aggressive.

Fake friends are really good at speaking in a passive-aggressive way. They always find a way to insult you with a compliment. This will slowly reduce your self-confidence and often you won’t realize it’s even happening.

2. Fake people constantly let you down.

Fake friends will often initiate plans and never follow through. They agree to plan an event with you but leave it up to you to do everything. They will often have the perfect excuse as to why they couldn’t make it so that they don’t want to feel guilty about it.

3. Fake people expect you to drop everything.

A fake friend will expect you to always put them first. They think that your life revolves around them and their situation will always be worse. Again this is all about competition.

4. Fake people gossip a lot.

This should be a huge red flag for you if your “friend” gossips about others. If they are saying things about others, what do you think they are saying about you? We all need to vent but when they are ripping apart it goes to show they aren’t truly nice people.

5. Fake people will always make themselves seem more important.

Even if you got a new job or a promotion at work, your fake friend will always out-do you. They will always outdo you and your news won’t be good news, their news will always be better. To them, it’s a competition.

One less fake person is better than a bunch of unreliable people in your life. Remember these points the next time a friend lets you down, they could just be having a bad time or they are a fake and it is better to cut them out of your life.

Source: lifeadvancer.com