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10 Things To Expect When Dating A Strong Woman

Strong women can stand up for themselves. They do not have to hide behind their man’s back. When they have a problem, they deal with it, without playing the victim.

They’re independent women who can take care of themselves. They’ve never known what it is like to need anybody, as they had to fend for themselves at a young age.

They’re beautiful, resilient, courageous, and fierce. In case you are the lucky one who gets to call her yours, keep reading to find out what to expect in your relationship with her.

Ten Things to Expect When Dating a Strong Woman:

#1 She knows what she wants

A strong woman does not approach relationships the same way people that are wading in the dating pool do. She dives right in and knows her target long before she has even hit the water. This means that she has been hurt before and knows what to look for in a guy. She has had experience with the kind of people she does not like, so she knows exactly what she wants. She does not waste her time in any dead-end relationship.

#2 She is not looking for a relationship to save her

She learned as a kid that nobody would come to save her – she had to save herself. She never relied on anybody for anything.

In a relationship, she doesn’t see you as a way to cure herself of loneliness or to become more emotionally or financially stable. She doesn’t have any ulterior motive to being with you. You do not have to babysit her emotions. You do not have to earn a lot of money to keep her satisfied. You do not have to walk on eggshells around her to keep her happy.

#3 She has her own dreams and goals

She does not want you to give her life directions or bring home the bread. She does know where she is going as well as how she is getting there. Also, she does want you to have your own life.

#4 She cannot stand toxic behavior and constant complaining

She’s only attracted to an uplifting, positive person, since she has been through a lot in her own life. She’ll always tackle problems with you. However, she’ll not tolerate toxic behavior and constant complaining.

#5 She is not looking for something casual

She seeks out a serious relationship as she isn’t just looking for somebody to love; she is looking for somebody to complement her.

She does not want you to keep her warm in the winter; she wants you to withstand the seasons. She wants you to weather all the climates and storms with her.

#6 She does not get jealous of those you spend time with

Trust is a big deal for her, since she does not hand it out. You have to earn it over a period of time. In case you have her trust, do not do anything to lose it, as you’ll not get that privilege back. In case she does trust you, she does not worry about where you go after work or the friends you hang out with. She does not get jealous of those you spend time with, since she does trust you.

#7 She wants you to grow with her

She does not want you to slow her down in life. She does not want you to control her; she wants you to grow with her. She wants you to have her back and protect her. She wants you to encourage and support her through the losses. Also, she wants to celebrate all the wins in life with you.

#8 She is not afraid of conflict

She’ll not tiptoe around a problem and allow it to fester. Instead, she’ll bring it up front and center. She’ll not yell or let her anger get the best of her. Also, she’ll not cower in a corner. In case something is going on between the two of you, she’ll talk about it so the issue may be resolved fast.

#9 She knows how to control her emotions

When a disagreement occurs, it is easier to talk to her due to her emotional maturity. In your relationship, she deals with things in an adult manner, with grace and respect. She does not let her emotions get the best of her.

#10 She wants you to lift her up, not drug her down

She wants you to lift her up, not drag her down. Also, she wants to add meaning to your life, as well as see the importance of both give and take in the relationship.

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Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time With Assholes

Although strong women are the ones who deal with assholes better than most men and women on Earth, there isn’t a reason for them to do so, and they will be much happier if they don’t simply don’t bother.

While dating seems to be the best use of your time and energy, it can be the worst use of your time, draining you and leaving you worn out. No relationship is ideal, but when the number of those imperfections significantly increases, there isn’t a good excuse to carry on with the relationship. It simply doesn’t make sense, does it?

Even if your partner depends on you and their life will be negatively affected by your breakup, these facts certainly don’t outweigh the idea that happiness is being stolen from you by devoting your time and energy to your partner.

Most men possess certain qualities that make them appealing and desirable, such as good looks, fit body, intelligence, wit, or humor. But, if we take into consideration the fact that every human being has at least one such quality that makes them desirable, it is more than clear that this is not enough to begin or carry on a relationship. Furthermore, the negative features that accompany positive ones, like cheating or lying, actually resemble choices. They are traits, but behaviors which can be fixed.

A good to prevent being dragged into such relationships, or to avoid being dragged along with them, is to stay single and be happy with it. Alternatively, you can be open to happiness with someone else. While being single is associated with loneliness and negativity, staying in an unhealthy relationship can be even more lonesome.

Honestly, actions should be taken into consideration and judged more seriously than words, and if you are not being treated as you deserve, put an end to the relationship. This would benefit the both of you, as it gives you the time to move on and find happiness with another person.

As Buddha put it, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” We all have a limited amount of time and energy, and if we don’t spend it rationally and don’t love ourselves, no one else will give us the love we need.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to stay closed off to the chance of a relationship, but this shouldn’t be your priority either. Be open to guys, but date thinking that your time shouldn’t be wasted. Simply put, don’t waste your time on assholes. Strong women are fully aware of this and would rather be alone than spend time in an unhealthy relationship. This is what makes strong women that special and desirable. They are independent, wise, and know how to appreciate and genuinely love themselves. They know that sometimes it is better and more fun to be yourself and enjoy your freedom.

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