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5 Easy Ways To Spot A Fake Nice Person In Your Life

Friendships are probably the most important relationships in our lives, especially if we have good solid friends. But sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a nice and a fake person.

Use this guide to sift through who are the truly nice people and remove yourself from the fake ones.

1. Genuinely nice people will support all your actions.

A nice person will support and encourage in any capacity. It can be a hobby or a career change, but an authentic, real friend cares and will be on the journey with you.

2. Love your quirky personality.

We all have elements of our personality that are a little quirky, a real friend will stand by you despite your quirks,

3. Eternal forgiveness.

As well all make mistakes, a nice person will always forgive, and they will do this because they value the friendship more than the mistake you made.

4. Always in touch.

Your real friends will always stay in touch with you because they are interested in you and your life. You might notice that fake people will only contact you.

5. They make time for you.

Your real friends will always make time for you, if it’s a Saturday morning coffee or a phone call after work, they want to spend time with you and they will.

It’s also important to be able to recognize the signs of a fake friend, and not just what a real friend is.

Below are some things to look out for if you suspect a fake friend.

1. Fake people are passive aggressive.

Fake friends are really good at speaking in a passive-aggressive way. They always find a way to insult you with a compliment. This will slowly reduce your self-confidence and often you won’t realize it’s even happening.

2. Fake people constantly let you down.

Fake friends will often initiate plans and never follow through. They agree to plan an event with you but leave it up to you to do everything. They will often have the perfect excuse as to why they couldn’t make it so that they don’t want to feel guilty about it.

3. Fake people expect you to drop everything.

A fake friend will expect you to always put them first. They think that your life revolves around them and their situation will always be worse. Again this is all about competition.

4. Fake people gossip a lot.

This should be a huge red flag for you if your “friend” gossips about others. If they are saying things about others, what do you think they are saying about you? We all need to vent but when they are ripping apart it goes to show they aren’t truly nice people.

5. Fake people will always make themselves seem more important.

Even if you got a new job or a promotion at work, your fake friend will always out-do you. They will always outdo you and your news won’t be good news, their news will always be better. To them, it’s a competition.

One less fake person is better than a bunch of unreliable people in your life. Remember these points the next time a friend lets you down, they could just be having a bad time or they are a fake and it is better to cut them out of your life.

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You’ll Instantly Recognize When You Meet A Fake Nice Person – 8 Signs To Look For

In life we meet different kinds of people, some are good, some are bad. It is not easy to find out which ones are real and which ones are fake. In fact, it takes time to see the real personality of someone new you meet. But, i this article, we focus on fake nice people.

With fake people, at first, you have endless chats about everything. You share your deepest secrets, but then, they expose you and talk behind your back. Even though you think of them as nice people, in the end, they turn out to be toxic. Probably, you have had a fake friend in your life.

And, we know that friendships are of great importance, and we should cherish them, but we need to know how to make a distinction between fake and real friends to keep ourselves safe from destruction.

Below is a list that can help you notice that someone is a real friend to you.

  • They spend time with you – Even though being too busy, they always find some time to spend it with you. After a long tiring day, they will hang out with you for some time. These are real friends.
  • They accept you as you are – If you are the one who is too loud, or dances crazy, they will accept you. In fact, a real person will always accept you with all of your positive and negative sides.
  • They keep in touch – Being in a long-distance friendship will not stop them from keeping in touch with you. They will send you texts, call you, send you pictures, etc.
  • They forgive and forget – Since we are all human begins, we all make mistakes. A person that is a good friend will always forgive you and correct you if there is a need. While on the other hand, a fake nice person will mention your faults whenever they get a chance.
  • Accept your choices and decisions – Real friends will always accept your choices and decision, and they will never criticize you. They will support you and everything you do in life.

But knowing who are real friends is not enough. So, here is a list of things you can spot in a fake friend.

1. Fake people gossip a lot

This should be a huge red flag for you if your “friend” gossips about others. If they are saying things about others, what do you think they are saying about you? We all need to vent but when they are ripping apart it goes to show they aren’t truly nice people.

2. They see you as a competition

These people see everything as a competition. They think they are better than you. Actually, they think they are the best at everything. Also, they will always try to win at everything no matter what! Be careful because they may hurt you.

3. They want to be your priority

Even though they would not do the same, fake friend will want you to put them on the top of your priority list. They want to feel important. They need to be the center of your world, and if it is not as they wish, they get angry.

4. They are sarcastic

They want to get from you whatever they want, but when they do not succeed, they may use sarcasm in order to insult you. By making you feel bad, they feel better.

5. They will often disappoint you

In the beginning, this so-called “friends” will make many plans and promises, but in the end, they will let you down. And, when you try to find a way to talk with them about the situation, they may verbally insult you.

6. Respect powerful people

While real people respect everyone, fake ones respect only powerful people. And, the reason behind is because they can use them. If you notice they are nice to people that are not powerful, that is because they have some hidden agenda.

7. Attention seekers

These people are simply desperate for attention. They would do whatever it takes to be in the spotlight. Often, they may use lies in order to make themselves look better.

8. They brag about they achievements

If someone cannot be quiet about their own achievement, and continuously brags about how successful they are, then, they are for sure fake nice people. They simply cannot wait to succeed in something in order to talk about it day and night.

Now you know how to recognize a fake nice person. We hope you would be careful next time when you meet someone new.

How to deal with fake people

First of all, you need to understand that whenever you meet someone you do not like, you can avoid them. Or, if you already have someone who you consider as fake, you can limit your time with them.

Then, you should control yourself when you are faced with fake behavior. When the person has an annoying behavior, you should be careful not to “explode” every time you are with them. Except, when they insult, you can show them their place.

Moreover, you may try finding out what is the reason behind someone’s bad behavior. When you reveal what makes them act that way, it may be easier for you to deal with them.

Remember that you need to stop sharing your secrets with them. Since they are impatient to learn something about you in order to expose you, you need to be cautious. So, when you do not expose your deepest secrets, they may try to find other ways to get them.

Also, you can show them that you prefer and you are grateful to have genuine people in your life. You can tell them that having really good people in your life is what makes you happy. Maybe they will change their behavior.

In the end, if you have had a fake friend, and you feel bad when you revealed they are not what you thought, you can make some new friends. Keep in mind that having a fake friend does not mean that you will never find a real one. The world is big!

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