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Do Not Marry The Guy Who Has These 15 Habits

When you are in love you can’t think of any thing other than getting married to the person you love. Marriage is the destination of love. It doesn’t matter if you are madly in love with someone but if your man possesses these habits then it will be difficult for you both to stay in a long lasting relationship.

Some habits just aren’t good for your relationship. Keep scrolling to know about habits and find out if you should marry your man.

1. Ignorant Towards Your Opinion And Thinking.

He repeatedly cuts you in middle of your points, topics and even opinions. If he does that then please take precautions before it’s too late or else you will not have any voice in your own relationship.

2. The Excuse Maker.

Have you noticed that your guy justifies everything? If yes then you will soon have trust issues over his excuse making skills and your relationship will drown.

3. Dependent On You.

You will regret once you get married to a slacker. He won’t do anything and will be fully dependent on you. Try to encourage him to do something or leave him for your own good.

4. Hates Animals.

Hating animals and brutality run side by side. The science speaks about this. So if he hates animals then chances are that he is heartless.

5. Immature And Can’t Take Decisions.

Immaturity isn’t cute when it comes to marriage. Immature guys never become good husbands as they aren’t able to take bold decisions.

6. Once A Cheater.

Well, forgiveness doesn’t always work. If he has cheated once chance is he will do it again and very soon. So stay away.

7. Orthodox Mentality.

In this advanced era, if he is still narrow-minded and believes that you shouldn’t be wearing these clothes and shouldn’t go at certain places then leave the relationship.

8. Does Not Forgot The Old Argument.

This type of behavior isn’t good. If he is not letting go the old arguments then he isn’t worth marrying for.

9. He Is A Narcissist.

In a Greek Mythology, Narcissus was a person who thought he was perfect and fell in love with his beauty. As he couldn’t even leave his reflection behind, he tried to snatch it and drowned in water. So if your man feels he is perfect so tell him he isn’t perfect for marriage.

10. Often Breaks Promises.

Although promises are meant to be broken but there is a limit. If someone starts playing with the emotions behind the promises you make then this isn’t good.

11. More Focused On Work.

This won’t go well after you marry him. Soon after marriage, there is a steep rise in responsibilities and if he isn’t giving time to you right now then what do you expect in the future.

12. Too Clingy.

If your man is clingy do not marry him. A clingy boyfriend will eat your entire personal space and will stick around you as a gummy bear. This kind of guy won’t stick around for lifetime once he feels you want personal space.

13. Abusive, Disrespectful And Heartless.

This is a perfect sign to deny marriage. If he is a cold blooded man who often abuses you and even beats you then fly away from the relationship. Do not stick around such disrespectful person and do not even think to marry him.

14. Smoker.

Smoking isn’t cool when it comes to the health of a relationship. While he is smoking you too are passively smoking with him and that is a bad news. Ask him either to leave smoking or to leave you.

15. Not Serious About The Relationship.

Why are you still into the relationship then? Run for your freedom.

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You Should Never Marry A Guy If He Ever Does These 4 Things

The concept that a loving relationship between partners should be all about love and respect should never be forgotten. There are an abundance of truly healthy relationships where both partners communicate, show respect and affection, and work hard to keep the relationship in good-standing.

Unfortunately, there are also an abundance of relationships that look nothing like the aforementioned relationship. Even more distressing is that many of these destructive relationships evolved despite early signs of dysfunction. For women, these signs should be deal breakers that scream “Don’t Marry Him!”. The four biggest deal breaker should be:

Temper and Violence – In this case violence does not have to become physical in order to set off alarms. If a man is predisposed to excessive verbal outbursts and physical actions, for example, destroying property, it might be nothing more than a matter of time before that violence is turned towards his partner in the form of physical abuse. The worst of all is that temper and violence tend to escalate and cannot be easily fixed without professional psychological help.

Infidelity – “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. Once a person has shown the willingness to cross the line, that willingness will always exist. If your man has a history of infidelity in prior relationships or cheats early within the existing one, the necessary love and respect are not present and it is only going to get worse. Relationships can only grow if people take them one at a time.

Addiction – Drug abuse, alcoholism, sex addiction and compulsive gambling are all highly destructive behavioral problems that tend to take down anything in its path. Far too many women feel compelled to “save” the addict from himself. The reality is that most addicts need intensive counseling and support just to gain and ounce of abstinence and, women are ill-prepared to “fix” a sick addict.

Possessive Behavior – If a man exhibits signs of extreme jealousy and ownership over his partner, he is most likely suffering from issues of low self-esteem and little confidence. A mentally healthy man understands a woman’s need for social interaction and won’t get in the way. Unfortunately, possessive behavior often leads to rage and violence.

In a case your partner shows any of these signs, you should move on and find the healthy relationship you deserve. The right man is the one who is trying to focus on his problems, in order to become the man you really want and need.

Source: yourtango.com, greatquotes4u.com