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Here Are 8 Places NEVER to Keep Your Cell Phone. Remember!

Today I show you 8 places where you should never put your cell phone.

Nowadays, it seems that practically nobody goes out without a cellphone with them. However, research shows that there are a lot of places where you shouldn’t keep your phone for extended periods of time, since it may actually end up damaging your health or your phone.

Here are 8 places to avoid putting your phone:

1. Under Your Pillow

There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t store your phone under your pillow. Radiation may cause you to experience dizziness or headaches, and if your screen lights up with each notification you receive, your melatonin production may also end up being disrupted. If you want a good night’s sleep, then keep your cell phone far away from your pillow!

2. Your Back Pocket

There are a number of reasons why keeping your phone in your back pocket is a terrible idea. First of all, it’s very easy to forget about your phone when it’s in your back pocket, which could cause you to break it, lose it, or even dial somebody by accident. It could also disrupt your circulation, resulting in you feeling pain in your legs or stomach.

3. Your Front Pocket

This one can be pretty dangerous for men in particular. This is because studies have shown that a smartphone’s electromagnetic radiation emissions can have a negative impact on the quality and quantity of a man’s sperm cells. This risk increases the longer a man keeps his phone in his pants.

4. On Your Hip

According to scientists, carrying your cell phone close to your thigh or hip can make your hip bones weaker, especially if carried like this for months or years on end.

5. Your Bra

While not all scientists are in full agreement about this one, some of them warn that placing a cell phone inside your bra may increase your risk of getting breast cancer.

6. Against Your Skin

When talking on your cell phone, try to keep your device at least 0.5 to 1.5cm away from your face. This is because by touching your face with your phone, you’ll be transferring loads of nasty bacteria, as well as increasing the amount of electromagnetic radiation your skin absorbs.

7. In a Stroller

Moms who are in a hurry often place their cell phones in baby strollers. However, some researchers claim that doing so may actually lead to young children developing certain behavioral issues, such as ADHD and hyperactivity.

8. On a Charger

While leaving your cell phone charging all night long won’t harm your health, it’ll significantly reduce the battery’s efficiency and reduce your phone’s lifespan. If you can’t afford to replace your phone anytime soon, then make sure you unplug it as soon as it finishes charging.

Source: http://www.ba-bamail.com


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Exhausted your savings by spending all your money on cosmetic treatments that have no long-term benefits? Well, you’re in luck. All you need are a couple of inexpensive stainless steel spoons and this famous spoon massage from German physician and cosmetologist Rene Koch to give you the results only an expensive facial treatment would otherwise!

What all do you need?

Keep ready of two stainless teaspoons, a cup of cold water and some ice cubes and a bowl of oil. You can use essential oil, olive oil, sunflower oil or linseed oil.


1. Clean your face thoroughly of any makeup or residue and apply moisture to make it smooth.

2. Disinfect your spoons with alcohol and dip it in the glass full of cold water and make sure the ice is in it.

3. Put the teaspoons on your upper eyelids when they are cooled and leave them there for several seconds. Repeat this position for 5 times.

4. Repeat the same thing with your lower eyelids. This will help get rid of the swelling and puffiness from your eyelids. Make sure you use cold spoons for both the upper and the lower lids.

Starting with the face massage:

1. Leave the spoons in the heated oil before beginning the face massage. Then press them gently against your facial lines. Tip: start with the deepened facial lines.

2. Start from your forehead, continue to the top of your nose and continue through your temples.

3. Use circular movements on your eyelids from inner corner towards the back.

4. Then spread it on your cheeks from the beginning of your nostrils to the temples.

5. Use it on your chin and your temples and on your neck.

Points to remember:

• Perform these movements at least 10 times.

• Use the oil if the spoon is not gliding easily on your face.

• Start with not more than a minute or two and work up to 10-12 minutes.

Source: https://www.indiatimes.com


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Any woman who’s ever bought a new bag, new shoes, or even a bottle of Advil knows about those little silica gel packets that sternly order us to throw them away and not eat them. We’ve all tossed them (and, presumably, not eaten them), but it’s a safe bet that few of us know why they’re lurking inside all our new stuff.

Silica gel is a desiccant, which means it absorbs and holds water. The gel packs suck up water vapor from the air and keep our new products dry and fresh. They’re frequently found packaged with leather products and other items that don’t react well with moisture.

Although we’re told to throw the silica packs away, there are actually a pretty decent amount of surprising—and smart—uses for the little guys. We suggest keeping a few tucked away, especially now that you know what they actually do. Below, 9 times you can put those pesky little packs to good use.

1. Dry Flowers Faster

Dried flowers can serve as a memento of a special occasion, or can just look really cool in a vase. The problem? Letting them dry out can take a long time, and can cause a mess. If you place a bouquet in a plastic bag with silica gel packs, you can speed up the drying process—that’s important because, if the dying process takes to long, the flowers can begin to die before they’re totally dried. The Daily Mail suggests throwing a few more packs of silica gel into the plastic bag than you think you need, just to be safe.

2. Freshen a Gym Bag

Stinky gym bags are the absolute worst—but they’re also hard to avoid. You throw your sweaty workout clothes and sneakers in there, zip it up, and go about your day. If you keep a few silica gel packs in the bag, they’ll help to wick away some of the moisture (read: sweat) that gives gym bags a bad rap. Also, as Wonder How To points out, less moisture means less bacteria, which is something everyone wants. This seems like a no-brainer.

3. Keep Photos Looking New Longer

Although printing photos may seem like a thing of the past, when it comes to special occasions, nothing beats real, tangible photos that you can hold in your hand. Chances are, if you go through the effort to print a photo, you want that print to last. Store your photos and photo albums in sealed plastic boxes, and line those boxes with silica gel packs. Removing the moisture from the containers will keep the photos from curling and bending due to water exposure.

4. Dry Your Swimsuit While Traveling

There’s nothing more annoying (and gross) than having to travel with wet clothes. Don’t have time to let your swimsuit air dry? Silica gel packs can fix this, as My Thirsty Spot points out. Throw your suit in a large zip-top bag filled with silica gel packs—the more the better. Seal the bag tightly and let the silica wick away all the moisture from your bikini.

5. Save a Water-Logged Phone

We’ve all been there: One second your iphone is in your hands, the next it’s deep in the toilet (or a cocktail—no judgement.) While this is a death sentence for most devices, all hope isn’t lost if you have some silica gel packs saved up! Fill a plastic baggie with the packs and slip your phone it. Seal the bag and let the gel suck all the moisture from your phone. Be careful though” Make Life Lovely warns not to be overly eager and turn your phone on too quickly, as this could cause an electrical short and ruin your phone: Be sure to wait a full day or even two.


6. Preserve Razor Blades

Do you find that your expensive razor blades are oxidizing more quickly than you’d like? Wonder How To has a simple solution—instead of storing your razors in the open air, exposed to moisture that causes oxidization, keep them in a jar filled with silica gel packs instead. After you’re done showering and shaving, throw the wet blade into the jar and the silica will extract the excess water, nixing bacteria preventing oxidization.

7. Protect Silver From Tarnishing

When your silver jewelry or flatware starts to look dirty or less vibrant, it’s most likely tarnished. Tarnish is caused by a chemical reaction between elements in the air coming into contact with the silver. Humidity can expedite this process. A cure for humidity? Yup, silica gel packs. The Daily Mail suggests keeping a few silica gel packs in your jewelry box or silverware drawer in order to keep humidity in check.

8. Defog a Windshield

Foggy windshields are not only a nuisance and sometimes difficult to clear, they can also be seriously dangerous. Fog on windshields is condensation caused by humidity or a difference in temperature between the outside of your car and the inside of your car. An easy fix, as suggested by My Thirsty Spot, is to keep a few gel packs in your ride, specifically on the windshield. The packs should absorb some of the excess moisture caused by humidity and keep your windshields less foggy.

9. Stop Camera Condensation

Fashion bloggers out there, you’ll love this one. Nothing’s more frustrating than a foggy camera lens caused by condensation, especially when going from the cold back inside. My Thirsty Spot, a blogger herself, suggests removing your battery, memory card, and lens and placing them into a bowl of silica gel packs to suck up all that excess moisture.

Source: http://stylecaster.com


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Denims are conquering the world today. Denims have travelled through many eras and styles and with time they have become more creative, glamorous and elegant looking and pretty expensive too. Staying in trend can cost you tons of money so every woman should be aware of few denim hacks so that you can look flashy and glamorous using your old denims too. Here are some new and quick hacks of the denims.

1. How to tell if they will stretch.

Before buying any denim always ensure the stretching ability of the denim from the retailers. And if you want to check it at home then wear it and do squat for 60 second and check if the denim attains it shape again.

2. How to freeze clean denim.

Washing your jeans is essential for removal of dirt, bacteria and to get rid of sweaty smell but we all know that frequent washing can damage your jeans so there’s a new and quick way to clean your jeans and to prevent it from frequent washing. First of all remove all the stain by spot cleaning stain using stain remover and let it dry completely. Then fold the jeans and put it in a zip bag and then place it in freezer for 24 hours. After 24 hours your jeans would be ready to wear, thaw and wear it.

3. How to make your legs look longer in jeans.

If you want to your legs to look longer than normal then cuff your jeans , wear heels and also try to tuck your shirts/ tops inside the jeans as it will help in making your legs seem longer than normal.

4. How to cuff your jeans with ankle boots.

To wear jeans on ankle boots by slightly cuff them. The best way is to give them one easy roll as it comes up higher than others. It can make you look super chic and give elongating effect at the same time.

5. How to figure out which shoe pair with which jeans.

Every denim cannot match up with every shoe type. Usually, you can wear it by mixing them up with each other but certain shoes suit the certain type of jeans. For instance, knee-high boots and cap-toe flats can match up with skinny jeans, low heel pumps and ankle boot can match up with bootcut jeans.

6. How to tuck jeans into boots.

If you want to wear long boots on your long jeans then the best way is to tuck them in a proper way. First of all fold the ankle part of the jeans according to the length you want of your jeans. Then fold the extra part of the jeans left vertically and wear any socks over it to hold the jeans in place and you can wear a long boot over it comfortably.

7. How to fix faded denim.

You know that washing your denim can result in faded and rough jeans so, to prevent this use dye to bring back their color and shine.

Things you need: 1bottle denim dye, 1 bottle navy dye, 3 gallons of hot water
Directions: pour out ½ cup of denim dye and navy dye in a 3gallons of hot water and soak your jeans in it for some time.

8. How to do original hem

For original hemming process, you can seek tailor or do it yourself because it doesn’t need any type of sewing experience. First of all measure the length from which you want to hem the jeans and mark it using pins and then stitch it using a sewing machine. After sewing, cut off the excess part of the jeans and in the end user an iron to make it creaseless.

9. How to take care of your denim

To get rid of fading of jeans and getting rough choose hand washing over washing machine wash as hand washing is gentler on the fibers. Soak denim 15-30 min in a small amount of detergent and rinse it thoroughly and then air dry it inside out.

10. How to distress your own jeans

Things you need: a chalk, a safety pin, tweezers, a box cutter, a magazine.


  • Straighten the legs of the jeans to remove crease and then use chalk to make your marks.
  • After making marks insert a magazine to protect the bottom layer of your jeans and then use a cutter to slit horizontal strips and pull the threads using a safety pin.
  • To remove vertical threads use tweezers.
  • If you use this method then you don’t need to buy ripped jeans as you can make it only by using your old jeans.

Source: beautyofgirls.com