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Being Single is Better Than Settling for Someone Whose Soul Does Not Match Yours

Sure, we are all told that there is nothing wrong with waiting for the right person but most of us don’t ever really even consider it. Being in a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship is a mere waste of time.

Love is not as simple as we tend to make it out to be you can’t just turn someone who isn’t meant to be with you into your soulmate or even your twin flame. Of course, there will be people we wish things would work with but that doesn’t mean those people are supposed to be our life partners in the end.

We shouldn’t give our all to people who don’t belong in our lives. We shouldn’t settle for partners that aren’t even trying to help us grow. Sometimes being single is the better option and we need to accept that.

In this day and age, it is extremely hard to stay single and try to wait things out at least on some level for the ‘one.’ I don’t necessarily think that we should all refuse to give chances to people that are actually worth giving chances to but I also don’t think we should be so eager to jump the gun when it comes to relationships. There are plenty of others things we can do, we don’t have to dive right into a new person everytime we are single.

A very big issue in modern times is our bullshit definition of love and what the mirror of our souls might consist of. We fall into toxic relationships and for some reason still, think they are the person who is supposed to be with us until the end of time. People who abuse you are not meant to be with you forever and people who make you feel ugly, crazy, or unwanted don’t deserve a place in your life.

using us. Even when it’s hard we should do what is best for ourselves.

I know this topic is a little odd but it is one that has been needing to be covered for quite some time now. You deserve more and you need to know that. Love will find you when the time is right and the person you are meant to be with will make his or her way to where you are at some point, don’t rush things. Life is what you make it and you should focus on the rest of the things you can work on in the meantime.

This world is so amazing and there is so much more to it than dating. Be single and embrace the universe and all it has to offer you. You deserve someone who mirrors your soul, not someone who breaks your mirror or wants to change who you are.