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Kiwi And His Goth Girlfriend Just Had 4 Babies And The Internet Can’t Keep Calm

Maura T. Hennelly, a 19-year-old girl shared a truly colorful love story of her parrot Kiwi on Twitter and the Internet is in love with it. In mid-2017 Maura saw that her parrot, Kiwi is all sad and lonely so she decided to get him a girlfriend. She got Kiwi an adorable colorful bird but the relationship didn’t work out. So she got him another goth girlfriend, Siouxsie.

Kiwi and Siouxsie were head over heels in love with each other even though their colors were drastically different from each other. Kiwi was all colorful while Siouxsie was all grey and black. Soon Maura shared the news that Siouxsie was about to lay eggs. The lovebirds had four babies and the family looks so colorful and happy.

Maura Hennelly, the owner of a parrot shared the love story of her bird and people are loving it

Meet Kiwi, the cute colorful boy we are talking about

His human noticed that he was sad and lonely during the mid of 2017

So she got him a cute girlfriend

And both seemed to be happy


But unfortunately it didn’t work out between the two and Kiwi was alone again

So Maura got him a beautiful goth girlfriend soon after and named her Siouxsie

Source : http://www.spysparrow.me