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Scientists Reveal How Humans Will Look Like In 1000 Years From Now

Science has finally given answer to the question what people will look like after one thousand years.

According to this scientific video, we will have many different eyes, faces and skin color due to the climate changes. We will adapt to them.

You can see the video or read about what it shows.

In the future, we will be taller. In fact, the average height of an American man today is higher than in the past.
We would probably merge with machines to achieve better eyesight, hearing, taste and health.

In fact, scientists today are creating bionic eyes for the blind. We would probably be able to see invisible things such as light with the help of technology.

We would also evolve to survive. For instance, children with HIV in South Africa are living healthy. Their bodies have built a system that prevents the virus to develop into AIDS.

We would probably also able to control DNA and genes to make us immune to diseases.

Nowadays, there are around 7 thousands languages spoken all over the world. Globalization will probably reduce this number to 100 only.

Our evolution will certainly be affected by the rising temperature on the Earth. Evolution may bring more people to have darker skin color, because darker skin has higher protection against the harmful UV rays.

People will also be able to deal with the excess body heat. Their bodies will evolve and become thinner and taller, which will be quite helpful in dealing with the high bodily temperature.

According to the scientists, mutations may happen as well and they will bring new abilities and eye colors. For instance, nowadays, some men are able to digest everything, even wood and metal due to genetic mutation.

We could also be able to choose the genes of our children, so we could pick genes that make our children smarter, more beautiful and that will protect them from diseases.

However, there will be lack of diversity that could also bring more problems.

No matter what, people are constantly evolving and this evolution is what prevents the extinction of the human kind.

Source : http://fullyawaremind.com