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The Lines On Your Wrist Mean Something, How Many Lines Do You Have 3 Or 4?

According to the metaphysics knowledge, the curved and horizontal lines on your wrist may reveal a lot about your life in general, such as your longevity, health, financial situation, destiny, and your future. They are also known as Rascette lines or bracelet lines.

The more lines you have, the longer you will live. The most common number of wrist lines is 2 or 3. Each line roughly indicates about thirty years of life. The fourth line usually means that you may live to be a 100.

Most people have 2 lines, but there are also those ones who have 3 or even 4 wrist lines. There is something special about these people and here is what:

1. The first line – ″Health line″

This is the most important line on your wrist. It reveals your health and tells how active you are. Strong, thick and unbroken line suggests that you are a healthy individual and your life will be very long.

Cracked line indicates that you are a reckless and indulgent person and that you may have certain health problems. For example, if your first line is curved upwards, into the base of your palm it often suggests reproductive problems both in men and women.

This means that you should take better care of yourself and make some changes in your lifestyle if you want to be healthy. If your line is cracked more than two or three times, it may also mean that some of your dreams are unfulfilled.

2. The second line – ″Success line″

The second line is associated with your financial situation and prosperity. All people have at least two lines. So, if the second line on your wrist is continuous and strong it means you will have happy, luxurious and prosperous life.

Half-formed or broken line is a sign of some economic problems. If you have more cracks on this line, it indicates that you may face numerous financial difficulties in your life.

3. The third line – ″Influence line″

An unbroken and strong third line means you will be very influential in your community. You will certainly take the control over the people in your surroundings.

This line also suggests how strong and extraordinary you are as a person. It reveals your ability to be in control over all aspects of your life, including your actions and emotions.
On the other hand, if your line is imperfect, you will probably be controlled by someone else in your life.

4. The fourth line – ″Strength line″

This line is rare. It usually strengthens and supports the third line. If you are the lucky one to have it, it means you will live a very long life and you will have a lot of children and descendants. This line also suggests a very strong social presence.

However, note that these lines cannot certainly predict your future, since the predictions are too general and doesn’t apply to everyone. They only suggest that something might happen. So, your future is in your hands and it depends only on you and your own decisions.

Even if all your lines are imperfect, cracked or broken, it doesn’t mean your life will be difficult. Imperfect lines only imply that you have to work harder to achieve your dreams and live the life you have always dreamed of.

Source : http://fullyawaremind.com