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There Are Things He Will Never Tell You But You Need To Know

Sometimes truth is hard to digest. The truth is that there are certain things which your partner will never tell you. No matter how close and strong bond you share with one another. But you will find it hard to make him convey those things to you in person. He will make it a point never to convey to you because cares more for you and want you to be with him.

We brings to you some of the interesting things which he desires from you but will never tell you. Do you want to them? Keep Scrolling the article and discover the all!

1. He hates making good night calls

Boys hate things they are made to things forcefully. They like calling you because they want to call you. Though they hate calling you to say good night but they still make such calls, This is because they know you love them when they do so.

2. He do notice the extra kilos

Men notice little things too. They notice those extra kilos which you gain with time. But they are sensible enough to make sure not to hurt your feelings by telling it to you. He will never tell you to reduce those extra kilos.

3. He loves it when you dress up for him

Boys love it when you dress up for them. It is wrong notion if you think that a guy too love your comfortable pants and a loose t- shirt. No this is not true, what he likes more is when you do some skin show. This is a very thing he will never convey to you in person but this is true.

4. Cuddle is not enough

Men like making love more when you make them feel needed and wanted. It is true that they are always thinking about it and want it even more every time. More action less talks.

Source: http://lovequotes.tips