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What Your Underwear Choice Says About Your Inside

Underwear is a secret a girl has with only herself, and the guy she's sleeping with. It's like a secret identity she hides under her clothes, a part of her feminine mystique she keeps tucked away from the eyes of the general public.

It’s a part of a woman that belongs to her alone.

A lady’s choice of panties has a lot to do with her style. You might be able to guess what kind of underwear she’s got on under a pencil skirt or maxi dress. Or maybe she isn’t wearing anything at all?

What a woman chooses to do under her outer garments also says a lot about her personality. Whether she prefers comfort to sexy or cotton to lace, every girl’s panty preference gives a lot of insight into the woman she is.

Whether she’s a go-getter or a laid-back kind of woman, you can bet her panties reflect her personal mantras as well as her aspirations.

Here are ten of the most common types of underwear out there. Pick one that you wear on the most regular basis and see if it matches with your most dominant personality trait.


The T-string is a scandalous piece of underwear that is usually reserved for those who are extremely comfortable in their own skin. People who regularly wear this form of underwear are confident, independent and not shy to show off what they have. There are studies to support this conclusion.

For example, in 2005 a study conducted by Joseph Benz at the University of Nebraska found that men were more likely to exaggerate their financial independence and willingness to commit while women were more likely to be deceptive in regards to their body image. This meant that men were more likely to dress in a way that accentuated their wealth or status while women would dress in a manner that showed off their physique.


You are a hot mama and aren’t afraid to show it. You’re a sexually-free woman who marches to the beat of her own drum.

You enjoy the company of men more than you do women, having always found more comfort in the male species as guys make you feel at ease. I guess there’s just something about catty women that’s always repelled you.

You’re the life of the party — never afraid of the last shot or taking on a bet from one of your friends. You have problems with limits because you never want to stop having fun.


You’re a bad bitch. There’s no argument about it. A thong is the staple of the Alpha Female, the leader of the pack. You take no sh*t from anyone.

You might be a little (read: a lot) intimidating; no one will argue you’re anything but fierce.

You’re the one your friends look to when making plans and you’re the one they go to when seeking guidance. You’re sexy as hell and definitely a man-eater.

You hold your own in every relationship and are never afraid to speak your mind.


In 2010, a study was conducted to identify which colors were deemed more desirable and attractive by the opposite sex. The researchers found that wearing red clothes resulted in a higher rating of attractiveness by the opposite sex as opposed to wearing other colors. The tanga is a type of underwear that is usually preferred by those people who are traditional in nature but progressive in thoughts. They can enjoy the simple things in life but they also require their close circle of friends to be open-minded and current.


The bikini is usually worn by women who are outdoorsy, athletic, and sporty. These underwear are usually worn by women who are extremely comfortable with their own bodies and they can also be playful and sexy but can be serious and practical as well.


The cheeky underwear is usually worn by people who are cheeky as well. These people tend to be alert, smart, witty and funny. They are quick to respond to a joke or a jest and love to be playful and charming. In a study conducted by Timothy Brown and other researchers at the Department of Psychology at Old Dominion University, they found that posture and the way people moved could greatly affect people’s judgment of their attractiveness.


The study found that males who wore tight fitting clothes ranked higher on the perception of masculinity than those who wore baggier clothes. The “hipster” underwear is a cross between shorts and underwear. These are usually worn by people who are reclusive and quiet. Just when you think you know who they are they surprise you with another layer of their personalities.

People who wear hipster underwear tend to keep to themselves but don’t necessarily avoid social contact. They are usually marked by a multitude of layers of personality.


You’re a sporty girl with a great butt. Nothing looks quite as adorable as a pair of ass cheeks hanging out the back of a pair of flirty boy shorts. You’re the kind of girl who dresses for herself and your style is easy-going and free.

You’re the kind of woman people depend on, one who can lead a group with comfort and ease. You’re innovative and charismatic, but you’re also very social and friendly.

You’re a go-getter and a hard worker. You put comfort first so you can always be on your game. You don’t have time to waste buying expensive, frilly panties when you have so much on your plate.

Classic briefs

If these classics are your preferred form of underwear then most likely you are someone who cares about practicality and comfort over aesthetics and appearances. You are also someone who can remain calm in a difficult situation and will think of solutions rather than panicking.


The high waisted underwear is for those who are easy going and fun loving. They don’t really care much for other people’s opinions but they have the innate ability to comfort and make those around them feel much better.

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