Easy, Everyday Makeup Looks


Nothing is so versatile as makeup. Even a small collection of basic makeup items in your typical makeup bag or drawer can offer several different looks, from fresh-faced daytime, business basic, and evening glamour. Some of us, however, may have found ourselves stuck in a makeup rut, and we are still applying our makeup every morning the same way we did when we first began using makeup.

So what are some easy, everyday makeup looks that we can add to our (makeup) bag of tricks to mix it up a little? How can we use our basic makeup items to pull off a new, everyday makeup look that will have our friends wondering what’s changed, and why we suddenly have a fresh new look?

The No Makeup Makeup Look

The current trend in makeup is to appear as though you aren’t wearing any makeup at all, and just happen to be naturally fresh-faced and beautiful. However, just like the messy bun for hair—which actually requires a little talent to pull off—the no-makeup look requires some makeup.

The beauty of the no makeup look is that it makes it appear as though you have naturally beautiful, glowing skin. In order to achieve this, begin with a lightweight daily moisturizer with sunscreen protection. Then apply a good drugstore foundation for dry skin. These typically leave your skin moisturized and provide a dewy glow which is ideal for the no makeup look.

Next, apply concealer in a slightly lighter shade to the under-eye area to brighten any dark shadows or circles. Apply a highlighting product in either powder or stick formula to the tops of your cheekbones and around the outer curve of your brow bones and temples. Use your fingers or a makeup brush or sponge to blend well. Then apply highlighter beneath your eyebrows. This gives your skin the bright, dewy radiance that makes this makeup look so fresh and appealing.

Next, apply eyeliner to the top lid only, following close to the lash line. Make only the tiniest upward flick on the outer edges of the lids with your eyeliner. Apply a shimmery nude eyeshadow to your eyelids and natural shade of eyeshadow such as medium brown or purple lightly beneath your lower lash line.

Finish your eye area with your best drugstore mascara by doing one sweep only on your bottom lashes, and a single stroke on your top lashes, being sure to capture the small lashes at the outer edge where your eyeliner flicks upward. Fill in your eyebrows in any sparse areas, being sure to use small, fine lines not long straight lines. You want the lines to look like hairs.

Finally, apply a natural lipstick or lip-stain in a natural shade such as peach or coral. Apply it to the center of the bottom lip and the center of the top lip. Then use your finger to blend it out from the center to cover your lips. This is known as the blurred, lip-stain look. Finish your lips with a light layer of gloss. Use the same lip color to add a tiny dot on the apple of your cheeks just below the highlighted area and blend in with your fingertips.

And you’re done! You will look as though you are one of those rare and lucky ladies who get out of bed in the morning looking dewy fresh and naturally radiant!

The Business Casual Makeup Look

Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what makeup look is best for the office environment. Too little and you’ll look like you don’t care enough about your work to show up looking professional and prepared. Too much and you’ll look decidedly unprofessional. So, what’s the best makeup look for work? The business casual everyday makeup look!

First, apply a light moisturizer with sunscreen. Next, apply a primer to help keep your makeup perfectly in place all day long. Then apply a lightweight, full coverage foundation with a matte finish. Use a concealer in the same shade as your foundation to cover any blemishes and conceal any under-eye circles. Blend with a sponge or makeup brush.

Apply eyeliner from the center of your top lids to the outer corners with an upward flick at the outer ends.

Use a neutral eyeshadow palette and apply a light color on your lids, a slightly darker shade along your eyelid crease, and a light, shimmery shade beneath your eyebrows. Also, apply the light shimmery shade to the inside corners of your eyes. Curl your eyelashes and apply a single or double coat of black or dark brown mascara. Apply only a touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend well with a makeup brush or sponge.

Use a neutral or natural lip liner and lightly line your lips. Then, use the same pencil to fill in your lips and apply a light gloss.

Finally, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any sparse areas of your eyebrows, being sure to follow your natural brow line. And, you’re done! This is a perfect makeup look for a business casual appearance.

Easy Date Night Makeup Look

When it’s time for a night out with someone special, it’s also time to drop the daytime makeup look for something a little extra special. You can easily kick it up a notch by paying special attention to either your eyes or your lips, depending on which you prefer to accentuate.

First, apply a good full coverage foundation. Then use a concealer in a shade slightly lighter than your foundation and blend it under your eyes to conceal any dark shadows and brighten the area. Next, apply a shimmery highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones, temples, the outer curve of your eyebrows, and down the bridge of your nose. Apply a shimmery blush just slightly below the apples of your cheeks. Blend it all with a good makeup brush or slightly dampened makeup sponge.

If you want to play up your lips, line them lightly and then fill in with a red, natural pink, or peach lipstick and a slick of gloss. Then underplay your eyes by lining only the upper eyelids with a small upward flick at the ends of your upper lash line. Use a neutral eyeshadow palette in a shimmery format, and then curl your eyelashes and add one or two coats of mascara, being sure to capture the small lashes on the outer edges of your top lid. Fill in your eyebrows, playing up the arch slightly, but remaining mostly in the natural brow line.

If you chose to play up your eyes instead of lips, use a natural lip color without liner and top with a gloss.

Then, do a smokey-eye look by choosing a dark eyeshadow pallet such as grays and blacks or shades of smokey brown. Apply the medium shade to your eyelids, the darker shade to your eyelid crease, and the lightest shade below your eyebrows. Then use a black eyeliner to line below your eyes, staying close to the lash line and blending for a slightly smudged look. Then, apply eyeliner to your top lids, flicking upwards at the end for a cat’s eye look. Use two coats of mascara on your eyelashes, paying special attention to the lashes at the outer corners where your eyeliner flicks upward. Fill in your eyebrows and play up your natural arch.

These are all the easy makeup looks you need to get through your days. And your nights!

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