Popular Alternatives To Dental Extraction


The first thought which crosses our mind whenever we face difficulties with our teeth is getting them extracted. Tooth extraction becomes mandatory if your teeth have suffered massive damage or decay that is beyond repair. Often gums surrounding our tooth get deteriorated to such an extent that it becomes impossible for the tooth to maintain a healthy root.

Wisdom teeth tend to grow crookedly by pushing through the existing teeth, making it very difficult to follow proper oral hygiene. They can also make it very difficult to bite and chew, which is why dentists recommend getting them extracted.

Orthodontic treatments like straightening and realigning teeth often require the removal of certain teeth for creating adequate space so that the remaining can attain proper shape. For more insights into dental care and orthodontic treatments, you might find https://wealthylike.com/ a valuable resource.

While extraction might be necessary in the above-mentioned cases, numerous dental procedures can help fight the problem while saving your teeth. Today we are going to take a look at the popular alternatives of tooth extraction:

  • Root Canal

Infected or damaged pulp of the tooth can pose a big threat to your overall oral health apart from causing pain and ultimately leading to an abscess. Such infections can arise from cracks, decay, chips, and other forms of damage causing the tooth’s outer protection to get altered. Getting a root canal treatment melbourne can help with the removal of the infected pulp while ensuring optimal nourishment and health to your problem tooth. An opening is drilled into the tooth for removing the canal contents. Next, the canal is enlarged and filled in. 

  • Apicoectomy

This process is prescribed when a normal root canal cannot be undertaken. The dentist opens the gum tissue near the infected tooth for getting rid of the infected part. Next, the end of the root is removed and stitches are done for promoting quick healing. 

  • Treatment Of Periodontal Disease

One of the biggest causes of tooth loss is gum ailments. If you have been suffering from gum disease, then you need to seek treatment at the earliest. Doing this can reverse the problem before it attains a permanent nature. Reducing the intake of acidic and sugary foods and beverages can also reduce the risk of periodontal disease. 

  • Medication

Often dental infections can be cured using antibiotics. Doctors also prescribe over-the-counter medications and painkillers for relieving pain so that you don’t have to get the tooth extracted immediately and can consider alternative options. It is imperative to note here that painkillers offer temporary relief from pain and can reduce slight swelling. They do not offer a full-proof cure and an apicoectomy or root canal is suggested if the pain is recurrent. Before starting with any medication, you need to consult and get a prescription from your dentist as overdosing can lead to grievous results. 


It is always best to keep your original teeth as tooth extraction often causes additional complications. Teeth removal is also infamous for causing migraines, posture problems, headaches, sleep apnea, etc. amongst patients. Whether your tooth is extracted or an alternative is prescribed, the final decision is taken by the dental professional. Irrespective of the method, your oral health is bound to get benefitted drastically at the end of the process.

Taking care of your dental health from the onset can prevent bigger problems from taking shape in due course. Damage or decay are two of the biggest causes of tooth removal. You can easily circumvent these issues by cleaning your teeth regularly and rinsing your mouth after every meal. It is also advisable to brush twice a day and floss once every day. You can also schedule a dental cleaning with your dentist over a gap of six months. 

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