5 Useful Gym Machines For Women


Many women aren’t comfortable lifting free weights quickly, but still need to combine strength training with aerobic in order to get into shape. There are a number of machines for women who are uncomfortable by lifting barbells, punchers and squat racks. Here are the 5 machines that can be helpful for the ladies who are uncomfortable in lifting free weights and barbells.So before starting working out it is important to find the best ladies only gym that has the best facilities.

1. Smith Machine

It is an alternative to free weights and barbell, made of a vertical bar built into a steel plate. Use only the bar or file up weights for a number of movements, including shoulder raises, dead lifts and squats.

2. Glute machine

You can target your glutes by this machine. The person stands with some equipment and with her foot lifts back weight. She lies on the abdomen with other instruments, her forearms are put on sheets, and she rises, one foot at a time. They can determine how much weight to lift on this unit.

3. Hack Squat

Most women want to tone their lower body–and this is their unit. The routine positions her back on top of the backpad and hooks her arms under footpads and places her feet on a frame.

Weights above the shoulders are on a chain.

4. Treadmill

The treadmill is a powerful women’s workout machine for slimming down. Women can impact several muscle groups when targeting stubborn fat by changing speed and inclinaison during the exercise. While the treadmill targets all the muscles in the legs, hips and glutes, tilt tilts strengthen glutes, quadriceps, ham and calf muscles.

5. Pull Up Assist

Untrained and untrained, pulled-ups can, if not impossible, be incredibly difficult. “The machine completely takes balance on a person’s weight so you can start small. By slowly increasing the

weight you draw while reducing the amount of assistance provided to the unit, and there you can fight for a pull-up on your own eventually.

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