Does your child love to sneak and eat junks? Know how to change the habit.


Do you often find the ice cream stock reduced from your refrigerator? Or your jar of cookies magically keeps decreasing and crumbs can be seen going towards your kid’s room? Or you just find mysterious empty chocolate wrappers in your dustbin! It’s certainly what these signs convey! Your child is simply sneaking the enticing food away and devouring secretly. And however cute it may seem – it isn’t a good sign at all!

Ø How to cope with the problem of your kid having sweets and junks secretly?

Every parent is concerned about the right amount of nutrients and vitamins their child intakes. And we know you aren’t an exception. Obviously, when you find your kid doing such a thing, you tend to worry! But fret not! We have some golden solutions for this problem which are definitely going to work and help you cope with this issue:

o Think where you are missing— Your child sneaking the food cannot be without a reason. Obviously there can be something that is wrong here. Think for yourself because you as a mother know your child and yourself better! Check if you are being too strict in the child’s eating habits! Or is the kid still feeling hungry after the regular meals. Or are you stocking too much of enticing sweets or cookies in your inventory? You can deal with this habit of your child when you find out what’s wrong from your side in the kid’s healthy upbringing.

o Confront the child with patience — Enough of pretending that you never saw the wrappers. And no more shouting or threatening punishment to the child for not obeying your commands and doing so secretly! The situation would be tackled much better if you sat down calmly and talked! Win the child’s confidence and know the reason behind their step. Finding a solution to this problem would be much easier if you know the reason behind the problem!

o Connect with a good paediatric dietician — If your child constantly keeps hiding and eating sweets or junks, or the kid isn’t eating or being satisfied by the meals you provide, it’s a serious matter! You have to contact a good paediatric dietician. In London, Rick Miller is the best one in the city who will guide you accurately in this matter. He will recommend a diet chart that’s specially curated for kids after understanding the problems. And of course, as it’s for kids, you’ll find some good, enticing but healthy options in your child’s diet chart which has room for both health and cheat.

A child sneaking food is considered a bad habit and unhealthy one too. We are sure you are going to tackle this challenge of parenthood just like any other one with the help of the above guidelines and help your child grow as a healthy and happy person!

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