EMSculpt & Buttocks Surgery Complete Guide For Beginners


An area of the body not easily enlarged, or shaped by weight, training or diet is the buttocks region. Individuals that wish to enlarge, lift, and shape the buttock mounds, have a variety of different size and shape buttock implants from which to choose. The decision for the shape and size of the implants is made depending on each person’s individual desires and on their general body build. Buttock implants are very soft, solid silicone, implants and are completely unlike breast implants.


Placed into each buttock area through a single incision overlying the tailbone, buttock implants are positioned to look as natural as possible for the optimal cosmetic effect.

Since this is an area of the body that is required for walking, sitting, and so many other movements, patients might experience greater pain during the recovery period than other common cosmetic surgery procedures and the recovery time is usually longer. The EMSculpt Houston also helps a lot in this procedure.


Buttock surgery is preformed under epidural o general anesthesia by Dr. Robert Peterson; in any case you’ll feel no discomfort or pain.


Pain medications typically are prescribed to help with the discomfort, but after approximately 5-7 days the patient is able to be up and about; moving, walking, and sitting more comfortably.


There is generally very little swelling and bruising after buttock augmentation so the results may be seen very soon after surgery. Full physical activities are usually permitted within a month after surgery.


The chances are excellent that you’ll be happy with your buttock surgery. After the swelling and bruises are gone the area will look better, firmer and you will see a noticeable difference in the shape of your body quite soon after.

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