Why You Should Use THCA After Working Out


THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid) is a precursor of the popular THC that exists in the flower of raw medicinal Cannabis. THCA serves as fail-safe protection for the cannabis leaves, protecting them from the effects of harmful UV-B light radiation. It also helps the plant to prune itself and recycle nutrients from the leaves to other parts of the plant’s body.

THCA also helps to defend the plant against attacks by microbial organisms. Human consumption of THCA entails ingesting the natural fail-safe protection which safeguards the plant from external attacks and cures any injury it has.

THC is synthesized from THCA in a process called decarboxylation (a chemical name for a process that involves exposing a flower to extreme heat) when THCA is oven-dried and heated at a certain temperature, according to Cannabis.net. People, however, still mistake THCA for THC.

According to research, THCA has medicinal properties to help in the alleviation of many disorders and illnesses. Also, THCA has strong anti-inflammatory (a strong aid for people who have arthritis and lupus), anti-emetic (increases the appetite of the user), anti-proliferative (helpful for treating prostate cancer) and neuroprotective (heals neurodegenerative disorders) properties. Also, THCA has Analgesic properties.

A good thing about using THCA is that it doesn’t require smoking. The fact users ingest THCA instead of smoking it, reduces the risk of respiratory cancer, and other disorders of the respiratory system. It also reduces any risk of psychoactive activity, or what people term as “getting stoned.”

Because THCA is a direct precursor to THC, and for the fact that it requires ingestion instead of smoking, THCA is, therefore, one of the strongest remedies for post-workout pain. Most athletes who participate in strenuous fights like the UFC championship, Rugby and American football, use Cannabis post-match to help reduce the pains and recovery phase and prepare them for their next match.

Although there is not much research on the therapeutic properties of THCA itself, the fact that stories from these athletes which claim that THCA is helpful for insomnia, muscle spasms, and general body pains, is evidence enough that this compound is effective to combat pains from a strenuous workout.

THCA is also present in certain products marked “pure THCA” in grocery stores. Because there is not much research on the properties oF THCA and the degree of its efficacy, you must be careful about the dosage to ingest. You can start with just little amounts and gradually increase the intake step by step until you begin to see results.

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