What Is Clinical Nursing, And How Can You Enter This Field?


Clinical nurses are advanced registered nurses. Instead of performing the usual duties of a regular nurse, the additional training these medical professionals receive allows them to work in pharmacology, physiology, assessment, and diagnosis. 

Most clinical nurses specialize in a chosen area of medicine. They can, for example, choose geriatrics, pediatrics, women’s health, emergency room care, mental health, critical care, or oncology. 

The training and education for this role go beyond clinical care to prepare these professionals for leadership roles as they may become part of the management team. 

For individuals who would like to become clinical nurses, a bachelor’s degree in nursing is a good place to start. After working as a registered nurse for one or two years, you can enroll in an online nursing school in Indiana to earn a master’s degree at a time that suits you and choose a specialty. It teaches you the fundamentals of nursing and imparts hard and soft skills to prepare you to join the job market immediately. 

What is the role of a clinical nurse?

The specific role of a clinical nurse depends on their particular specialization and where they work. They are regarded as general care nurses and specialists in their specific fields. Their job descriptions tend to be rather extensive and diverse. 

In a typical clinical setting, clinical nurses are expected to carry out the following roles:

Advanced patient care

This includes diagnosing and treating patients, developing treatment plans with doctors and other specialists, and ordering and evaluating tests. 

Identifying complex and chronic illnesses

If you are qualified in a specific area, such as oncology or women’s health, you will be tasked with diagnosing illnesses in your particular field. 

Supervising registered nurses

The additional skills you gain to become a clinical nurse allow you to work in a supervisory role. You may be assign duties to other nurses and supervise and oversee them to ensure they deliver top-quality care. 

Providing emergency care

If you work in an emergency room, one of your roles will be providing emergency care when needed. Most clinical nurses have a dual role at a time like this. They provide care and also supervise other nurses who are working alongside them. 

Training and education

A postgraduate degree in clinical nursing allows you to become an educator. There is a nursing faculty shortage in Indiana, so you can expect to find employment quickly and earn a decent salary. 

Nursing management

Many nurses who pursue a postgraduate degree want to get into management roles to oversee the distribution of resources and guide policy. 

Nurse managers are in charge of all nursing staff, training and education. It is their job to ensure that the nurses working under them deliver high-quality patient care that meets industry guidelines. 

How to become a clinical nurse

The first step to becoming a clinical nurse is working as a registered nurse. A bachelor’s degree in nursing will pave the way for you to enroll in a master’s course eventually. Not all registered nurses have a bachelor’s degree; without it, they are not able to enroll in a master’s course, and this may complicate the journey. 

Becoming a clinical nurse takes work when you are already a working professional. Even if you enroll in an online nursing school, you still have to make time for your classes, tests, and exams. 

This shouldn’t discourage you, however. It doesn’t take very long to qualify. Most courses take two or three years to complete, so as long as you set aside an hour or two each day, you should be able to complete your course successfully. 

Self-care is vital for nurses who decide to go back to school so that they can climb the career ladder. Your day-to-day tasks as a nurse may leave you exhausted, and attending online classes will take an even toll. Set aside time to relax daily, and be proactive about managing college stress

What are the employment prospects for clinical nurses?

America is experiencing a shortage of nursing professionals right now, so with the right qualifications, you should be able to get a well-paying job rather quickly. 

Clinial nurses have a more respectable image than nurse practitioners in the nursing education elite. With more responsibilities, clinical nurses are a viable option for health care professionals looking for a cheaper alternative to physicians. 


Clinical nurses have more knowledge and expertise than regular nurses. They oversee patient care, diagnose diseases and develop treatment plans. An online nursing school can help you earn the qualifications necessary for this rewarding role.

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