Foods to consume to improve blood sugar levels


Most people think that medicine is the only means of controlling blood sugars. This is not the case though. There are many things that can help you in mastering diabetes and diet is the most important one.

It is important to avoid certain foods and consume more of certain others in order to control blood sugars. Avoiding foods that are high in carbohydrates like pasta, bread, milk, and rice can prevent blood sugar from rising.

As such an ideal diabetic patients eating plan should focus on the number of carbs consumed through the day. However, this doesn’t mean that one should restrict eating and consume less food. Consuming lesser food may weaken you and dampen your spirits.

There are various foods that you can consume even if you have diabetes. These may be-

  1. Vegetables

Vegetables are not all bland. There are certain vegetables that may be tastier than meat. Vegetables like mushrooms, tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini are all great choices for diabetic patients. You can also add seasonings to deliver better taste.

  1. Green leafy vegetables

There are many types of green leafy vegetables and they are delicious too. Vegetables like spinach, chard, and kale are amazingly delicious. You can use them as additions to some protein dishes for a richer taste.

  1. Drinks

Water is a great drink to enjoy but you could use the natural juices of lemons and cucumbers to enjoy a tasty treat every once in a while. You could also try cold teas made up of cinnamons or lemons to keep yourself refreshed.

  1. Melons

Melons and berries are some of the most delicious fruits out there and are incredibly low on carbs. A whole cup of melon contains only 15 grams of carbs. Try variations with these great tasting fruits by making purees, juices and even yogurt mixes for a delightful treat.

  1. Whole-grains

Whole grains like lentils, beans, and peas contain a lot of fiber and are very fulfilling. It is advisable to add these to your diet in greater numbers. Mixing these along with your vegetables can help you create new dishes with greater diet values.

Even though these foods have carbs, they are still better than other options.

  1. Protein

For an added taste of food, you could try eggs, cottage cheese, yogurts, and lean meats sometimes. Peanut butter is a good source of protein too.

Enjoy a colorful diet and eat well, since eating well is your first aid in Mastering Diabetes.

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