Stem cells: The future treatment methods


Bone marrow precursor

Blood is the one of the most amazing cell that is present in the human body system. It is called as the liquid connective tissue as it is liquid in appearance and also it contains many cells which are an important part of the blood, along with that it has a wonderful connectivity all around the body. No portion of the body is left behind due with its motion. For which the name of the liquid connective tissue is very much apt in every sense. The blood contains the cellular part also mother than the liquid or water. The cellular part of the blood is composed of different cells called as the RBC or the red blood cells, WBC or the white blood cells and the platelets. These RBC’s and the WBC’s are very much important for the human body as they have separate functions to play for and without them we won’t be able to live properly. These cells have a special precursor cell. The precursor from which these RBC’s and the WBC’s are grown are called as the Bone marrow. Part from producing the cells the bone also possess a very special characteristics, which is called as the stem cells and because of this property it can help in the formation of a number of cells as well in different way.

Stem cells and its properties

When we are talking about the stem cells we should expect great things. A stem cell is that type of the cell present in the human body which contains a lot of properties which are that they have the power to produce unlimited amount of the cell with same potency all throughout. In a human body cell division is a very common process which takes place each and every day in the body and the most important thing is that is very much limited in number. That is at one point of time it will stop automatically. However stem cells will not. Another important thing about the stem cells is that they are able to produce in an unlimited manner and also for a different type of cells. A normal cell division gives rise to single type of cell according to the position for which the cell division is happening. This characteristic is the most important of all as this particular characteristic has been taken up by the scientists to us it in many disease treatments. And the results are very much successful too.

Sight of it presence

Along with the bone marrow which was earlier told as the sight of the presence of the stem cells other places are also present in the body which contains the stem cells. They are the umbilical cord and brain etc.

Success stories

The stem cells are already in the use for many diseases. Bone marrow transfusion has been very much positive for the body and blood problems, as the reports suggest. Although the whole process involves a lot of money.


Naturally the stem cell treatment cost in India is very much high which only few section of people can only avail.

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