How to get the best primary care without burning your pockets


Health care is something that you cannot avoid and also cannot afford to compromise on. However, it is also an expensive affair to get regular checkups and the best quality treatment for your family and yourself. While some can get the benefits of good-quality health services, many people suffer in the unavailability of affordable services even for primary care. While health insurance plans are quite helpful, the waiting period can create troubles sometimes. You can see if there are any health insurance with no waiting periods that also fulfills your requirements to get the most of the insurance policy. There are ways you can find high-quality primary care services at the most affordable pricing.

Often health care providers are more understanding than they are perceived. You can discuss with them honestly about your finances and the inability to pay more. They are very likely to lower your bill amount or can even offer free service. Many providers offer a discount on upfront payments and others have a sliding payment scale to help you with the bills. Particularly in case of an emergency, you can talk to the billing office directly and can get a full waiver on the payment.

  • Look around for free hospital care and charitable clinics

Many organizations are working to provide medical assistance to the people at minimal cost or for free. These organizations have a team of doctors, nurses, therapists, and other specialists who serve voluntarily for the welfare of people. They often consider medical serves as a service to humanity and provide high-quality care and treatment. You can find any of these organizations in your locality and approach them for help.

  • Government assistant can help

The government also runs several programs to help people with the best possible quality treatments and medical care at the minimum possible cost. You can apply for these programs and get considerable discounts on your hospital bills and prescription costs. These programs are often for people who are unable to pay medical bills and are uninsured or under-insured.

  • Go for direct primary care provides

In many cases, your cost can be significantly lowered if you can eliminate the middleman. Approach the primary care providers directly. They charge much lesser as compared to going through a middleman. A good thing about these providers is that they serve everyone equally and unlike insurance providers, do not discriminate for any pre-existing condition.

  • Take steps to cut the medicinal cost

One of the major portions of expense on health care goes in the bills of medicines. Talk to the primary care provider to get a low-cost alternative of the prescribed medicine. You can also look around for different pharmacists who provide similar drugs. Buying online can also get you several discounts and cashback offers.

  • Invest in health insurance

Find good health insurance that suits your individual needs. Contact different insurers and study the plans they are offering meticulously. These plans can seem additional expenses initially but are greatly helpful in paying bills.

  • Enroll for public programs and free checkup camps

Many public programs and checkup camps are organized from time to time by the government and various organizations. These programs and camps offer free services. You can get a thorough checkup done from these camps without paying a single penny.

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