Juul Pods 101: All You Need to Know Before Buying Them


Smoking is a rather tough practice to abandon. People enjoy smoking in the beginning and then they do all they can to quit it but they can’t. To get away with such issues, new advancements and introductions came into the market in recent times. One of these introductions was E-cigs. These electronic cigarettes help you quire a similar taste of an actual cigarette but lacks the feel of smoking. It is like consuming protein capsules instead of having meals. You get the required nutrients, but that feeling of eating a meal is missing. However, in the case of cigarettes, you have another option than e-cigs, and that is a Juul Pod. Read on to know more about Juul pods.

  1. What’s that now?

Well, the first question the raid your head is what is a Juul pod? A Juul pod is just another version of e-cigs provided that it offers some limitations that makes it quintessential. For starters, this is a type of vape that is rather stealthy bad sleek. To your surprise, a Juul Pod comes in a USB-like design that can be gripped in the hands unlike hefty e-cigarettes. Also, unlike e-cigs, there are no clouds of fumes or vapor curls. Following that, the quantity of nicotine in a Juul pod casing sets a new standard for the e-cigs marketplace since it is exemplarily high. Another noteworthy difference is that E-cigarettes operate by transforming liquid nicotine into a smoke puffed by the consumer. They work on a battery and give you a simulative experience of smoking a real cigarette.

  1. Is it Addictive or is it just a Fancy Gadget?

Well, one thing is obvious and that is it is not a wannabe fancy gadget. However, the nicotine content when you Buy Juul Pods in the UK is somehow a concern. Nicotine is a notoriously addictive material, and Juul is no different. There are presently no readings showing the superiority of   Juul’s addiction as compared to regular cigarettes, just because e-cigs are quite new in the arcade. Though, it is advised by the experts in drug control regulatory that Juul pods should be used under wisdom since an empty Juul pod created more despair than an empty cigarette box. Nicotine is a certainly injurious drug, despite the delivery method. It triggers various modifications in the brain and body, and civic health administrators fear that most persons, mainly youngsters, are not attentive to the potential consequences.

  1. Why Juul Pods are so popular?

Regardless of the concern of drug regulatory authorities, Juul pods are extremely popular. The reasons are pretty obvious. Juul pods are stealthy so they cannot be detected by parents, they create a vague infuse in the air so they don’t smell like cigarettes and most importantly, with a price tag of a mere $ 20, they are cut-rate.

 If you also feel like experiencing smoking with a pinch of taste, you should try Juul pods.

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