Quick and Convenient Care for Musculoskeletal Injuries


If a person suffers from a broken bone, a sprain, a strain, or any other type of injury that affects muscles, bones, joints, or ligaments, he knows how painful and debilitating it can be; also, it can be frustrating to wait hours in the emergency room for an orthopedic specialist for further treatment; that’s where ortho urgent care comes in. Orthocare is a specialized type of urgent care that treats musculoskeletal conditions. One doesn’t need a referral or an appointment to visit an urgent care center. He can walk in and get the care he needs.

Benefits of Choosing Urgent Orthopedic Care

  • Faster service: One doesn’t have to wait long hours in the ER, where more severe and life-threatening cases take priority. An orthopedic specialist will see him within minutes of arrival at an urgent orthopedic care center.
  • Lower cost: One doesn’t have to pay the high fees and deductibles associated with the ER. At an urgent care center, he will pay a fraction of the cost for the same quality of care.
  • Better outcomes: One doesn’t have to worry about getting the wrong diagnosis or treatment from a general practitioner who may not be familiar with the condition. He will get the proper diagnosis and treatment at a care center from an experienced orthopedic doctor who can help him recover faster and prevent complications.

Typical Orthopaedic Emergencies

  • Fractures: Fractures are broken or cracked bones that cause severe pain, swelling, bruising, and deformity. A sports injury, a tumble, or a vehicle collision can cause trauma, leading to fractures. At an urgent care center, one can get an X-ray to confirm the fracture and receive proper treatment, such as splinting, casting, or surgery.
  • Sprains are injuries to ligaments, a tough band of tissue connecting two bones at a joint. Sprains require prompt medical attention to prevent further injury and chronic instability. At an urgent care center, one can get an ultrasound or MRI to assess the sprain and receive proper treatment, such as rest, ice, compression, elevation, or anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Strains are wounds to tendons or muscles; the tissue cord that attaches muscle to bone is called a tendon. Strains can cause pain, swelling, spasms, and reduced strength. It requires appropriate medical attention to prevent further injury and loss of function. At an ortho urgent care, one can get an ultrasound or MRI to evaluate the strain and receive proper treatment, such as rest, ice, heat, massage, or physical therapy.
  • Dislocations:  A joint that moves out of its normal position and causes a bone to dislocate is an injury called a dislocation. It requires immediate medical attention to reduce the bone and restore joint function. At an orthocare center, one can get an X-ray to confirm the dislocation and receive proper treatment, such as manipulation, splinting, or surgery.


If a person has any of the above conditions or any other musculoskeletal problem requiring urgent care, he should not hesitate to visit an ortho urgent care center nearby. It will save time and money while getting the best possible care for the injury. One can use the online directory to find an orthocare center. Remember, urgent care is a convenient and cost-effective option for musculoskeletal injuries.

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