The Benefits Floatation Therapy


The treatment may be as simple as simplicity gets, and yet it has been found to be an incredibly effective way to boost health that has taken a phenomenal stand among the global populace. The sensory deprivation tank that was conceptualised more than half a century ago by Dr. John C Lily involves individuals floating in an isolated and enclosed pod that is dark and usually soundproofed which effectively reduces all sensory experiences to a certain degree.

Even smell and temperature variations are not detectable by the individuals due to the fact that the Magnesium Sulphate solution that they float in is preheated to body temperature. This makes the floaters unable to differentiate which part of their anatomy is above and which parts are below.

This gives them a ‘womb-like’ experience that is similar to floating in space which relaxes and clams their minds significantly which lowers the production of stress hormones particularly cortisol and adrenaline which are the main culprits that cause stress which usually lead to numerous other health issues.

The treatment has been found to be effective from both mental and physical aspects and among the more significant observations that have been recorded is improved sleep. Those who suffer from insomnia will be delighted to find that this non-invasive therapy will help them to sleep better.

Usually those who suffer from sleep deprivation tend to have low immune systems that leave them open to an assortment of other sicknesses, however, undergoing floatation therapy just twice a week has been found to improve sleep quality tremendously within a month.

Apart from being effective against stress and insomnia, floatation therapy has also been found to be effective against fibromyalgia due to the fact that floatation therapy reduces markers of BDS or bodily distress syndrome which take place when people are placed under or faced with constant stressful situations.

The fact that the therapy significantly enhances the individual’s tolerance to pain, reduced muscle tension and the state of enhanced relaxation are the primary elements that make the treatment as effective as it is towards fibromyalgia.

The enhanced tolerance to pain in other words basically means that there is a significant reduction in pain even for those who do not suffer from fibromyalgia. Those who undergo floatation therapy have been found to experience relief from pain that sometimes they do not even realize that they suffered from.

Many people are into the habit of ignoring discomfort that they feel or tension and stiffness in their shoulder region or in their lower back. Most only realise this after a session or two of floatation therapy when they find themselves much lighter, more flexible and agile.

These are not placebo effects and have been proven to be true via clinical trials that have been conducted extensively over the last decade due to the phenomenal success of the treatment for a wide variety of ailments.

Floatation therapy is currently being offered by medical institutions worldwide as a value-added treatment as more and more facts are being uncovered about this ‘new age’ therapy that allows people to float their pains away!


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