Treat Low Weight In Babies From The Best Hospital


Every parent is excited about welcoming a new member in their family. The pregnancy stage and post-pregnancy stage can be difficult for many expectant mothers. Till the baby is born, every parent goes through a stressed situation. Once the baby is born, the stress still continues in parents if the weight of a baby is low. The low birth weight in a baby is a prominent concern for many parents. Owing to the low birth weight, there has been a tremendous rise in neonatal deaths all over the world. Unfortunately, most of the low birth babies take place in developed countries. The newborns which are born before 37th week of pregnancy have extremely low weight which could be dangerous for a baby’s health. Consult with the best doctors from the best hospital in Hyderabad. The low birth weight baby care in Hyderabad can be treated by the best doctors in the reputed hospital.

All About Low Birth Weight

Newborns who weigh less than 2.5 kg fall into the category of low birth weight. It is also said that women who deliver babies before the 37th week of their pregnancy often have babies with low birth weight. In many countries, the low birth weight in babies is growing rapidly. There are some countries who have witnessed deaths due to low birth weight in the newborns. Average baby weighs around eight pounds. When a baby weighs less than right pounds are termed as a low birth weight baby. There are some babies who have health issues due to low weight. Whereas, some other babies do not show any medical problems due to low birth weight. There are many prominent causes of low birth weight in newborns. Some of the vital reasons which are associated titg the low birth weight are health issues during pregnancy of mothers or the hereditary factor. It has also been noticed that pregnant women who do not follow a healthy diet during pregnancy often give birth to low birth weight babies. If an expectant mother has a high blood pressure at the time of pregnancy, then the placenta does not get proper blood flow which results in low birth weight in infants. If a pregnant woman has uterus-related problems during pregnancy, then the abnormalities in the uterus may affect the growth of a baby. Regular intake of alcohol and other drugs can put a negative impact on the growth of a newborn.

Get Proper Diagnosis

Getting proper diagnosis during pregnancy can prevent low birth weight in babies. In the regular prenatal exams, a doctor can be certain that the baby is growing properly. If you are in a family way and you want to get a regular prenatal examination, then you should visit the acclaimed prem term baby speciality hospital in Hyderabad. The doctors are highly qualified and experienced in providing the best health care treatments during pregnancy. The doctor will check your weight and the fundal height to know if there is a weight issue in the baby which is growing in your womb. Your doctor may also check the fetal ultrasound to know the development of a baby.

Depending on the age, symptoms and health of your baby, the low birth in babies can be treated effectively by the best doctors in the hospital of Hyderabad.

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