Why are vaccinations important for your child?


Vaccines are extremely important for the health and well-being of a child. There are a number of deadly diseases which can be prevented by vaccinating a child at the right time. Incurable diseases like polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles and more will not be able to claim the life of your child if he has been vaccinated. Most vaccines come in the form of injections which are administered according to an age chart available at various vaccination centres all over the country. You can also get hold of one from the hospital where your baby was born or your paediatrician with whom you consult on a regular basis.

How the vaccines work on your body?

Our immunity recognises diseases and produces antibodies to battle them. The key idea behind vaccination is getting the body to recognise the incurable diseases so that the body produces antibodies and is ready to battle the same when they attack. The process of vaccination starts from the moment a baby is born. A number of vaccines are given right after birth and also within the next three months. Some of the commonest vaccines given to all children are Hepatitis B, Diptheria, Influenza, Polio, Tetanus, Rotavirus, Pneumcoccal Conjugate, Chicken Pox, IPV, MMR, HPV and more. The list of new diseases will continue to increase and every child has to be vaccinated accordingly.

Why vaccination is necessary

Vaccination is an essential step towards the upbringing of every child. If any child remains unvaccinated then you risk him getting infected to the disease. Also, the chances of his survival become slim. For instance, polio will make a child physically handicapped and ruin his life.

There is also another reason why vaccination cannot be taken lightly. Unvaccinated children can spread infection among both children and adults.

Vaccination can be availed in all vaccination centres in Hyderabad. So, you simply have to speak to the doctor there and take your child on the allotted date. Vaccines are licensed and only recommended after complete research on their effects.

Is it painful?

Injections are as much painful as a mosquito bite. The older the child the greater is the fear of the needle. So, it is advisable to get most of the injections at a young age. However, some of the vaccines cannot be take until they are around 10 years of age or more. In such cases, it is best to inform the child beforehand about the vaccination process and its importance so that he does not resent it. There is nothing to be scared about vaccination because they do not affect the child in a bad way. Sometimes there might be a bit of pain or fever but the presiding doctor will prescribe medicines for the same.

Missing a vaccination can be crucial to the health of a child because it makes him open to those diseases. Even if you are late it is best to speak to a doctor and get the vaccination done.

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