Importance Of Nasonex And How It Is Different From Other Allergy Medicines


Seasonal allergy is something most of the people go through year-round. It prevails more in the winter season or when the season is changing. Most people confuse it with infections like influenza or bacterial infections. That is why they end up using antibiotics which can be damaging to your health. Proper anti-allergy medicines like Nasonex are what that is needed in these seasonal allergies.


Nasonex is an anti-allergy medicine that is used to treat seasonal allergy symptoms. This medicine is also of great use in the case of nasal polyps. The drug that is present in this medicine is Mometasone. Mometasone basically belongs to the corticosteroid class of drugs which explains its role in the relief of allergic symptoms. The role of mometasone being the active ingredient is to decrease the symptoms of allergy by reducing the inflammation in the nasal passages. Nasonex is available in the form of nasal sprays. One thing that most people confuse themselves s that they believe Nasonex is helping them treating the allergy but in fact its only symptoms are relieved.

Use of Nasonex

As it has been made known that Nasonex is a nasal spray so you have to spray it in your nasal cavity. In the case of runny nose and other allergy symptoms, you are supposed to spray it once a day. Since it is used to treat allergy symptoms, it is to be used until allergy symptoms go away. While using the Nasonex Nasal Spray you have to be careful so you don’t spray it in your eyes. The nasal applicator is placed inside one nostril and then pumped in while pressing close the other side of the nasal cavity.

Side effects

The side effects that you usually experience after the use of Nasonex is some dryness in your nasal cavity. Due to that, you may also see blood in phlegm or nose bleeding. Make sure you see your doctor or pharmacist if such side effects appear. Overuse of this or absorption in the blood can cause symptoms like weight loss, headache, swelling in feet and vision problems. All such symptoms are serious and must be discussed with the doctor. If you have prior allergies to mometasone and any other corticosteroid you must tell your pharmacist o doctor about it.

Nasonex in comparison with Flonase

Flonase is also an anti-allergy medicine just like Nasonex, but both of them differ from each other in a lot of ways. Flonase has Fluticasone as an active ingredient in the medicine. Flonase acts by inhibiting the substances that are responsible for causing allergic reactions and Nasonex vs Flonase acts by decreasing the inflammation in the nasal cavity to release symptoms. Flonase is also present in the nasal spray form so there is no difference in the use of medicine. Flonase is used to treat symptoms of allergic rhinitis as well as non-allergic rhinitis while Nasonex is only responsible for treating allergic rhinitis symptoms.

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