Self-Isolation Tips: How to Buy Prescription Glasses Online


If you are looking for a reliable source to buy your prescription glasses than the SmartBuyGlasses is a wonderful option. you will get comfortable eyewear in a few minutes. You simply order and get the prescription eyeglasses at your doorstep. Do a wise shopping of your eye wear during this pandemic situation. Do online shopping, stay home and stay safe. Plus, get the best protection for your eyes by picking the lens that suits with your weak eyesight.

You will get a variety of frames and find them according to the shape of your face. To buy the pair of prescription glasses from the SmartBuyGlasses you can follow the steps given below.

Get your prescription

First, you have your latest prescription so that you can spend on the right eyewear. If you don’t have your new prescription then consult your optometrist to get the right number for your eyes. Your doctor will suggest the proper eye care as well as suggestions to bring comfort for your eyes. It is important because your optician will design a lens according to the suggestions provided by your doctor.

The best thing about the SmartBuyGlasses platform is that it offers the virtual scan of your eyes. In case, if you are unable to visit a doctor or you have lost your recent prescription. No need to worry. Simply install the lens scanner app and get your current prescription through the free app that you can get from Google PlayStore.

Get your prescription and proceed to the next step.

  1. Get the right frame

Getting the right frame according to the face shape is very important. you have to choose the frame that is suitable for your need. You can look upon following factors to find an appropriate frame

The shape of the frame

Try to know your face shape first. It is important because your eyeglasses create an impact on your personality. Therefore, you should decide the eyeglasses according to your facial shape.

Frame size

Just like the frame shape the frame size is important too. If you choose the large frame but your face size is also bug then it will be an inappropriate decision. So choose the size according to the size and shape of the face shape. Similarly chose the size that fits well with your face. Don’t choose too loose or too tight that provides discomfort to you.

Frame materials

In a similar way, there are a variety of frame materials available. check your feasibility and budget. You can choose from metal, plastic, acetate, or titanium. Moreover, you can pick from multiple brands like Tom ford and Persol. Pick the frame that ensures longevity and improve your personality.

Frame colors

After picking your frames’ shape, size, and materials, move on to choosing the color of your choice. You’ll find the color you desire for certain, as most designs come in a wide range of colors. See the catalog at SmartBuyGlasses and you will definitely will find the right one.

  1. Ordering procedure

Enter Your Prescription and Choose Lenses, and Coatings

To order from SmartBuyGlasses you first have to enter the optical prescription.

  • After that click on the frame that you have chosen
  • Or you can upload to the system
  • Then choose the lens material you want in your eyewear.
  • The last thing is to focus on the coatings of the eyewear. It must depict your lifestyle. Try to pick one that offers anti-scratch features, moreover, UV protection type coating also plays a role in providing durability to your frame.
  • Choose the frame and get a new pair of eyeglasses from SmartBuyGlasses. Moreover, get discount options from the store.

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