Check Out The Fake Urine Called Monkey Whizz – Full Review


When it comes to fake urines and brands that are popular among users, Monkey Whizz is one of the most popular choices on the market.

Even though it comes with a lousy name in general that no one is taking seriously, you should have in mind that it is highly efficient and one of the best choices when compared with others.

You can find a wide array of synthetic products that will help you deal with urinalysis with ease. Therefore, the question is how does it work, and what should you know about it.

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What Is Monkey Whizz?

You should remember that Monkey Whizz is synthetic urine from a company named Serious Monkey Business.

They sell various types and solutions when it comes to synthetic pee from powdered to premix, as well as urine device that will help you get inside the testing bathroom to do it even under supervision.

Have in mind that the most affordable product on their range is Monkey Whizz fake pee. The idea is that you will get it in dehydrated form, which means that you have to mix it and add water so that you can deal with problems you have.

It is the cheapest solution on the market, and you can find it for twenty bucks approximately. It is less expensive than Quick Fix, which is another popular and effective synthetic urine brand.

On the other hand, you can also find a pre-mixed version named Serious Monkey Flask urine. Apart from that, you will also be able to purchase a urine belt that will allow you to strap the sample close to you and submit it by simulating urinating through a tube.

Finally, Monkey Dong is an artificial penis made of rubber that features premixed Monkey Whizz, and it is highly convenient if you have to provide a urine specimen under supervision.

It mimics exactly everything that average people would do while urinating, so even if someone is watching you closely, they will not be able to notice a difference unless they already know.

However, it is strictly made for men, since women handle things differently along the way.

What Is In It?

When it comes to quality fake pee, it needs to have proper chemical content so that it can be used as a valid sample. Therefore, labs will check the presence of specific compounds typically found in human urine to check for tampering.

One of the essential ingredients is creatinine, and without it inside, you will undoubtedly fail. If you wish to pass the drug test, you have to find a fake pee with these features:

  • Uric Acid
  • Creatinine
  • Urea
  • Correct pH range
  • Correct specific gravity
  • Froth like a real urine
  • Smell and look like a real deal
  • Features chemical markers that labs are checking to see whether the specimen is valid or not.

Therefore, we have to state that this particular type of fake pee comes with creatinine as well as other compounds that we mentioned in the bullet points. However, the formula does not feature the same quality as other brands on the market, and the number of chemical markers is not high.


As soon as you purchase a product, you will notice instructions on the label. However, everything depends on the type of pee you are buying, because some of them are pre-mixed, and you have to use them, while others require proper preparation.

When it comes to powdered urine, you will get a basic kit that features a set of instructions in combination with powder that you have to prepare. However, you will not get a heating pad within the package, which is why we state that it is necessary and affordable.

That may be a problem because you have to fit the temperature of real urine, and the best way to do it is to keep it warm along the way.

If you choose a premixed kit, you will get a heating pad, but you will have to pay more than a powder. The best way to reduce the hassle is to get a Monkey Whizz urine belt that already comes with the premixed solution as well as two heat pads so that you can use it with ease.

In most cases, instructions are based on the temperature that you wish to use, and the main reason why people fail the screenings is due to the inability to maintain the temperature along the way.

Therefore, if you submit it outside the temperature range, it means that you tampered with the test. Human urine has to be between 96 and 100 degrees F, and labs can accept the ones between 90 and 100 degrees F. Therefore, you have a small margin of error while doing it.

The heating pads are vital for maintaining the temperature, and they work correctly, but you have to make sure that everything is perfect and without strange circumstances.

Sometimes, people tend to overheat the urine and add water to cool it down, but that will only affect the chemical balance inside and lead to failing the test.

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Does It Work?

If you have to conduct a basic drug test, then the question is yes. On the other hand, if the labs are checking for numerous details, remember that this particular fake pee does not have a strong chemical composition when compared with other brands on the market.

Since it comes with a heating pad, you will be able to do it secretly without anyone noticing, but you have to meet the right temperature by following a range we have mentioned above.

It smells and looks like the real thing, and the frothing is similar as well, which means that the appearance and physical perspective will be able to fool both experienced and inexperienced technicians.

However, it comes with certain disadvantages such as incomplete chemical markers, but for the price you will pay, you will get the perfect solution the way.

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