Post Surgery Tips To Follow: A Simple Guide To Help Make Recovery Faster


Surgery gets in the way of many people’s active lifestyle. The good news is that you can do certain things following surgery that lead to a faster recovery. If you want to heal faster, get back to your regular activities and jump on the train to better overall health, we’ve got a few tips for you.

Prevent Infection

One of the most important things to do following surgery is trying to prevent infection. From a catheter to the stitches, there are many things that invite infection if not treated properly. Always keep your wound clean and dry. Don’t change your bandages or touch your wound without washing your hands.

Remember to take your antibiotic each day so it can do its own work in your body. Don’t put any ointments on your wound even if they seem like a good idea. Unless the doctor prescribed it, an ointment can actually keep the moisture in the wound inviting bacteria even more.

Healthy Eating and Drinking

You might not even feel like eating after surgery due to medications and the surgery itself. You may even feel nauseated. The most important thing to do is look past these complications and stay hydrated and well-fed.

If you drink water and eat healthily, your body is able to work on healing faster with fewer complications. Food and drink is like fuel when your body is under the weather. Don’t load your body with lots of junk or it won’t work as well as eating healthy foods and drinking water.

Safety at Home

Most people don’t think about falls after surgery, but you can get easily dizzy from medication or just being sedentary a few days causing you to fall. Make sure your home is as safe as it can be from falls. Try to sleep near a bathroom so it isn’t as hard to get to if you need it quickly. Put nightlights throughout your home for vision at night. Try to only wear slippers with grippers around the home. Make the floor as clean as possible free of clutter so there isn’t anything you might trip over while simply walking around your home.

Keep Moving

You may not feel like getting up and moving around the house, but it’s best for your body. Staying sedentary could lead to longer recovery times and even a blood clot which is an even bigger problem. You don’t have to get out and run around the block, but it’s easy to walk out to the mailbox or just around your house once or twice. Get your blood flowing and your body moving so it’s able to work within itself for a faster recovery.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

Only do what you can without too much stress on your body to help heal faster. Use aids in your home that makes life easier. From gripper bath mats and bed rails, little things can make a big difference. Don’t try to do all the laundry and wash all the dishes at one time or you may sap your energy. Do things slowly and get back to your regular routine without stressing your body. Click here for more information about things that might aid you around the home.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

It may seem like a no-brainer, but if you do not follow the doctor’s orders, you’re looking at longer recovery time. They give you instructions for a reason tailored to your specific surgery, so it’s imperative you do what they say. If they want you to use crutches, take certain medications and/or eat certain foods, do it.

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