How to Select A Good Makeup Artist for Your Wedding: Get the Look You Want


We think that more than their boyfriend, girls love their makeup kit that they always keep in their bag. Wherever they go, it goes with them. There are different versions of it that they use it according to occasions or the place they are going. Usually portable one for carrying everywhere and a little bigger one for home use.

But for special occasions like weddings and engagements, if you are not that expert then you need the help of a professional makeup artist who can give you the look you want. Because she/he is the one who knows and understands everything about makeup. Such makeup artists in Chandigarh are available that you can book for any occasion and function. They are experienced and professional and know everything about makeup art that you don’t need to care about what product they are using or not. A professional makeup artist is aware of all the beauty products that are required according to skin tones.

So you have known why an experienced makeup artist is needed. But not all experienced makeup artists are the same as they claim like they are experienced but don’t have the quality of work. Hence we are going to tell you how you should select a makeup artist for your wedding provided you can get the look you want.

Experience: it is always the point that whenever you select any vendor for your wedding, you should first see how much experience he/she has. Because the more the experienced makeup artist you will hire, the more the quality of work you would get. So before hiring for your wedding you should ask for experience.

Certificate/degree: to become a professional makeup artist one needs a degree, certificate, and diploma. When you hiring you should ask the makeup artist whether she has any certificate or not. From where she has got trained and under whom she has learned all the techniques. Those who have a recognized degree or certificate including experience, you can trust and rely on them more.

Portfolio: you must ask for her portfolio that can include various types of makeups on models. They have a portfolio album too of the models for which they have done the bridal makeup. These days makeup artists have their portfolio on popular social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and others, where you can also check.

Clients’ reviews: when you search for makeup artists online, when you see their profiles or website, you must also read the reviews there that are put by the clients. These reviews immensely help you to select a makeup artist of your choice. The review feature is provided by Google. Whenever you check any vendor’s profile on the internet, you will mostly find the reviews by the clients. It is a useful feature, hence check it before hiring the makeup artist for your wedding.

Trial makeup: if you are just about to at the stage of selecting a makeup artist for your wedding before that take a trial makeup. It is a kind of test you are taking of the makeup artist to know whether she can fulfill the expectation of work you want from her or not. So far we know almost all makeup artists easily get ready to provide trial makeup. Hence before finally booking your makeup artist, take a trial makeup and take a month or a week before.

These are the major pointers that you need to ask a makeup artist when you select her. Besides all that, you can ask whatever questions you want to ask for your satisfaction. On the other hand, rather than wandering in the market knocking at every door of makeup artist, you can book a makeup artist easily by going on, which is an online wedding platform where you can find all the wedding vendors. It is India’s one of the best online wedding markets.

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