IS it true that the TBol does not aromatize


The TBOL is popularly known as the Turinabol. This has gained popularity because of its uses. This steroid is known for its potent anabolic qualities. Also, it reduces the androgenic aspects associated with anabolic androgenic steroids. This is being counted among the synthetically developed anabolic androgenic steroids. The users must keep in mind before making its use is that it is produced very rarely.

The TBol is a steroid with anabolic as well as androgenic properties that is not meant for medical scenarios. The Turinabol has gained popularity among the bodybuilders, power lifters, etc, as the Tbol doesn’t aromatize. This steroid has anabolic properties that it does not convert into estrogen. The users are suggested to be aware of the mysterious ingredients, counterfeited products, expired components, etc. that often leads to disappointment. This causes severe side effects among users.

The users of the TBOL are provided with the fast results without posing any side effects. This steroid is typically provided in the tablets of 1mg to 5 mg. This steroid is available with different milligram results. The milligram strength of the steroids has huge influence on the results on intake of the TBol. The average dosage of the TBol ranges between 15 mg to 40 mg every day. This dosage is coupled with different forms of testosterone, so as to promote muscle building. This is helpful in inhibiting ity androgenic effects like that of other anabolic as well as androgenic steroids.

The present dosage of the TBol ranges between 20mg to 50 mg in a day. The use of this steroid is a l=bit lower for the women. This is because; it has the potential to cause Virilization effects. The Virilization in women gives rise to the development of male sex characteristics in them as well as making hormonal changes among them. Some of these include:

  • Enlarged clitoris
  • Unusual growth of hair on the body or face
  • Deeper voice
  • Disrupted menstrual cycles
  • Smaller breasts and many more.

IT has been observed that some of the effects of the Virilization in women are irreversible. The results o intake of the Turinabol depends upon its milligram strength, quality of the product and its different forms, etc. Some of the bodybuilders choose selective androgen receptor modulator along with intake of the Turinabol. This is for maximizing the tissue building. The intake of this steroid triggers minimal side effects.

A primary side effect associated with the intake of the Turinabol is the liver toxicity. Putting stress on the liver causes interruption in the liver enzyme activities that metabolize drugs in the body, which leads to build up of toxic substances in the liver. This steroid is not considered as a moderate androgenic steroid by itself. The users are suggested to be aware of its androgenic effects before starting its intake. The TBol is gaining popularity because of its property that the TBol does not aromatize into estrogen. The dosage recommendations of the TBol differ for beginners as well as for the advanced users.

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