Lose Your Weight with Weight Watchers Online


Weight Watchers online is the online version of a diet program that has become very popular since half a century ago. It offers group support to its performers and weight loss plan that is both convenient and effective for them. Weight Watchers online is excellent especially for people who wish to follow the program but cannot attend the regular group meeting in person. Here we will explore several important issues concerning this diet program, including why it is considered an excellent program, how Weight Watchers online differs from traditional Weight Watchers, the pros and cons of this diet program, and how to lose your weight with this diet program.

Why Weight Watchers?

There are two difficulties associated with losing weight:  difficulty of staying committed with weight loss effort and difficulty of keeping up with strict diet pattern. Working alone, no matter what kind of diet program you use, you can only trust your resolution to make sure that you can achieve success. Unfortunately, all diet programs require patience and commitment, and very often people give up before they can make any achievement. Diet program that you do alone is thus least likely to be successful. If you want to guarantee your success, you need a support from like minded people. Group support is the focus of Weight Watchers. With Weight Watchers, you are not alone in your effort to lose your weight and with support from your peers, your chance to achieve success will be much bigger.

The second difficulty is about strict diet pattern. Most diet programs require you to eat this and avoid that. Fat-free programs require you to stay away from fatty foods whereas carb-free programs require you to eat only fat and protein. The restriction is often too hard for weight loss performers to bear, forcing many of them to give up before they gain any meaningful result. Here, Weight Watchers also offers excellent solution because with Weight Watchers, you are encouraged to maintain balanced diet without forcing your palate to suffer.

Weight Watchers Online vs. Traditional Weight Watchers

Traditionally, Weight Watchers requires you to attend the group meeting in person. In this regular meeting, you will be required to report your progress and receive advices and recommendations about how to play your diet accordingly. This is what makes Weight Watchers different from other diet programs, in which you are only required to read a certain diet book and to practice what the book tells you. Weight Watchers is more dynamic because the diet plan is specifically adjusted to your eating habit, exercises and activities. As a result, every person will have their own specific diet plan that is different from that of others. And this plan has been made not only effective for their weight loss routine, but also convenient for them to execute.

Weight Watchers online simply brings the entire program online. Instead of attending the group meeting in person, you can now make report and get advices from any places you deem convenient. By using your computer or smart device, you can log into your online Weight Watchers account and enjoy all essential features of the program as if you are attending a real Weight Watchers group meeting. There are indeed pros and cons of Weight Watchers itself and pros and cons of switching the program online. We will discuss more about that below.

The Pros and Cons of Weight Watchers and Weight Watchers Online

We can summarize the advantages of Weight Watchers program as follows.

  1.     It is one of few programs that involve periodical group meeting instead of mere diet book.
  2.     The group support offers real guarantee of success.
  3.     There is no unreasonable restriction in the diet plan. You are basically allowed to eat anything you like as long as it is healthy and in accordance with the planned diet.
  4.     You are encouraged to be a responsible dieter because you have to report your progress periodically.
  5.     You will get purely personalized advices and recommendations regarding your diet and exercises.
  6.     Weight Watchers keeps up with the latest weight loss trends. The program will never be outdated.
  7.     The progress might be slow, but it is steady.

Of course, Weight Watchers is not always too good to be true as there are some disadvantages associated with this weight loss program.

  1.     The requirement to attend group meeting can be tedious for some.
  2.     As mentioned above, the progress is slow. Weight Watchers is not your best program if you are looking for fast weight reduction.
  3.     Reporting your weight and calorie intake regularly might be tedious. You use SmartPoints for calculating calories, but it is still considered tedious by some.
  4.     Regular group meeting is undoubtedly not cheap. The cost that you have to pay is much higher than the price of a diet book.

As for the online program, it does offer some benefits because you no longer need to attend the group meeting in person and because the reporting task can now be done more privately; however, Weight Watchers online may eliminate, partially or completely, the group support benefit typical of the offline version. Nonetheless, if you are able to skillfully use the online support network, you can still get the group support benefit in Weight Watchers online that is very much similar to that of the offline version.

How to Lose Weight with Weight Watchers Online

To lose weight with Weight Watchers online, you only need to follow these 5 simple steps.

  1.     Make an online account with Weight Watchers online.
  2.     Start planning your diet by inputting your current weight and height. Your BMI will be calculated according to your gender and age.
  3.     The plan will require you to take a certain amount of calorie intake every day. There is no restriction of foods that you can eat. You can eat everything as you like as long as you keep track of your calorie intake.
  4.     Measure your weight periodically so that you can make another plan for your diet. You will continue doing this routine until you achieve your expected goal.
  5.     Be patient. With almost no restriction, Weight Watchers online can be very convenient to use; however, it doesn’t promise quick weight loss. Therefore, expect steady weight reduction even if it takes rather long time to reach your goal.
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