The Benefits of Sleep Dentistry


A simple trip to the dentist can be a nightmare inducing scenario for some people. But now there’s no need for your teeth to chatter in fear, as sedation dentistry is here to help. A dream solution, sleep dentistry allows the relaxation of sleep to overpower the feeling of dread you have at the dentist. Just imagine dozing off in a comfortable chair and waking up later feeling refreshed, with all dentistry work completed while you were asleep.

Sleep dentistry, also known as sedation dentistry, uses medication to ease patients into a more relaxed state. The level of medication ranges from minimal to deep sedation, and the application method can be oral via a pill, inhaled or through general anaesthesia. Sedation techniques and levels will depend on the dentistry work being done and the level of anxiety felt by the patient.

Already excited to hear more about sleep dentistry? Want to find out why so many people are starting to use this procedure? Below are three of the biggest benefits provided by sedation dentistry.

It’s More Comfortable

For people who suffer from sensitive teeth or gums, a visit to the dentist can be very painful. But fingernails gripping into the chair, shallow nervous breathing, and wincing every time the dentist reaches into your mouth could all be a thing of the past for you with sleep dentistry. Sedation dentistry can make your experience as comfortable as possible. The sedation will last just long enough to see you through to the other side of your treatment, leaving you to wake up feeling rested and with little memory of the treatment. Sedation is also an option for procedures that would usually only include numbing.

Dental Work Can Be Completed Faster

Regular dentistry procedures can require multiple visits to be completed. However, sedation dentistry allows the dentist to get more done in less time. Relaxed and comfortable patients mean dentists are able to work for a longer time, meaning you won’t need to book another appointment. This is a big benefit for the client, saving them the time and money of repeated appointments.

 It’s Suitable for Special Needs

Special need patients can find the dentist especially stressful. Fortunately, sleep dentistrycan helpspecial needs patients to receive the treatments they need in comfort. In the past, it could be difficult to convince people to visit the dentist due to previous negative experiences filled with discomfort and hypersensitivity. Both children and adults with special needs can now experience anxiety-free trips to the dentist.

Above are just three of the benefits of this new and ground-breaking development in dentistry. For some people, these benefits will be truly life changing, although there are advantages for everyone, not just regarding comfort. Even for those with higher pain thresholds, the speed and efficiency of this method is very appealing. If you’ve been putting off seeing the dentist and having important work done, or if you dread regular check-ups and dental cleans, sleep dentistry could be the perfect, pain-free option for you.


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