5 Major Signs You May Have A Pinched Nerve


A pinched nerve, also called a compressed nerve, is a common condition that occurs when a nerve gets compressed by another body part, a bone, or a muscle. It increases the chances of injuries, arthritis, stress from continuous motion, and obesity. If you feel pain and a poking sensation in different body parts and are unsure about its different signs and symptoms, keep on reading.

In this article, we have covered five signs suggested by Roswell pinched nerve experts that point towards this condition. Based on these symptoms, the health experts reveal whether you have a pinched nerve or other health conditions. Without any more delay, let’s dive in! 

5 Major Signs You May Have A Pinched Nerve

1. Pins And Needles Feeling 

Commonly known as paresthesia, a pin and needle sensation in your hand and foot is a common sign of pinched nerves. This symptom arises if you sit with crossed legs or sleep in a position for a long time. Although it is normal, the sensation subsides within a few minutes. If the feeling does not fade with time, it points towards a pinched nerve. 

2. Numbness Or Decreased Sensation 

Damaged nerves result in numbness or decreased sensations. Based on the nerve that gets compressed, you may experience numbness in your feet and hands too. This results in conditions like muscle pain as you might fall asleep in the wrong position and more.    

3. Sharp, Aching, And Burning Sensation 

Pinched nerves can cause sharp, aching, and burning sensations in some people. This pain is not caused only at the site of the pinched nerve; the pain can travel to other body parts such as arms, neck, back, buttocks, and legs. 

4. Muscle Weakness 

Since the nerves can get compressed or squeezed in your arms, back, shoulder, wrist, elbow, or back, it weakens muscles. This condition indicates a pinched nerve. 

5. Stiff Neck 

If you’re suffering from a pinched nerve in your cervical spine, it increases the chances of a stiff neck. If you’ve slept in an awkward position that has compressed your nerves, you might experience neck stiffness.

Wrapping Up!

You might suffer from a pinched nerve if you’re experiencing such symptoms regularly. Since these symptoms also indicate other underlying conditions, ensure you visit your health expert for medical assistance. We hope this article helped you understand the common signs of pinched nerves!

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