6 Effective Tips To Kick-start Your Metabolism



Everyone’s body is different sizes. This is all determined by what they eat. Although, everyone’s diet should be suited to themselves. This is because everyone’s metabolism is different. Some people have a fast metabolism and some have a slow one. This all is determined by the person. Metabolism is basically is the chemical breakdowns that happen in the body. It is how fast or slow you digest food.

People with slower metabolisms tend to be heavy set beings. Their goal is usually to be in the best shape they can be. I am sure if you’re reading this article you are looking for answers to that. Well, I am here to drop some knowledge on how to be healthy, as well as boost your metabolism. The next six tips will only point you in the right direction. It is up to you to walk the road.

  1. Water Is Life.

Drinking more water could burn calories. Water is honestly the most important ingredient in sustaining life. We are sixty per cent of water as human beings. The earth is seventy-one per cent of water. Lack of water is literally the reason we can’t live on Mars. The reason water can boost metabolism is that when you drink more water you keep your body working. The body needs to regulate temperatures, so it burns calories as cold water enters to be able to warm the water up to body temperature. This is called thermogenesis.

  1. Do You Even Lift?

Muscle is just more metabolically active than fat. Lift weights, do a push-up, go swimming; any work out will help you create muscle. Muscle will help boost your metabolism and help you keep the weight off. There have been studies done that show the effects of weight loss from a diet with and without exercise.

The people who partook in the diet but didn’t exercise loss the weight, but quickly gained it back after the diet was completed. On the other hand, the people who exercised along with the diet sustained their weight loss. Working out is very important when trying to boost your metabolism. Going hand and hand with the protein tip, you can take pre workout supplements to give your body more proteins to help burn calories.

  1. HIIT Works.

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a great way to not only stay in shape but boost your metabolism. HIIT is great for many reasons. One, you get not only a metabolic boost but a cardiovascular as well. This will leave you breathing deeply after the workout. Deeper breathes means more oxygen intake. When you are getting more oxygen you will keep burning calories, even after the work out is over. HIIT consists of quick spurts of an intense workout. It can be as simple as just doing jumping jacks until your gasping for air. The Tabata training is eight rounds of a specific exercise going at the rate of 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off. This technique is great for when you are at work and don’t have time for the gym. Although, this is only a temporary boost. For a permanent boost, you would want to actually build more muscle.

4.Protein, Protein, Protein.

When you eat certain foods, you are able to boost your metabolism much more quickly. Proteins help with that a lot. Due to the thermic effect of food, proteins tend to make you more full. This could prevent you from overeating.

  1. Stand Up and Dance!

You don’t have to dance, but just standing up can help boost your metabolism. Sitting too much is really unhealthy. Sitting is so bad that there are some that refer to it as “the new smoking”. This is honestly just because you burn calories much slower while sitting down, and that can lead to weight gain. Which is the opposite of the goal we have? They say that you can burn almost 200 more calories by just spending the afternoon standing rather than sitting. If you work sitting down, spending time throughout the day standing up is healthy and beneficial. Even if it is just standing in front of your desk for periods at a time.

  1. Enough Sleep

Sleeping the right amount of hours is what your body needs to be optimal. Lack of sleep can be a risk to obesity. This can be caused by the negative effects insomnia has on the metabolism. Not being able to sleep could also raise your blood sugar. It is very healthy to do what needs to be done so you sleep a healthy 6-8 hours a night. Lack of sleep could also boost your apatite causing you to eat more.

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