Eleven Ways on How to Protect Your Erection


The vulnerability to develop the medical ailment Erectile Dysfunction (ED) increases with increasing age. Although it doesn’t develops in all men as grow old. So here in this article, you’ll get to know on the ways to protect your erection along with how one can avert this malady.

Have an Eye on Your Food- Always try to take a healthy diet full of nutrients. It has been seen that a diet that’s not beneficial for your heart is also not good for your incapability. Research has revealed that the diet which is not proper for your heart and can cause a heart attack because of the restricted blood flow in the coronary arteries may also obstruct the flow of blood in and through the penis. Proper blood circulation is required for good erection of the penis. A poor diet containing lesser fruits and vegetables with higher amount of rich food, including fatty, fried, and processed ones leads to a decrease in blood flow all over the body.

Research indicated that if something is not beneficial for your hear, then it’s also not good for your penis too. Latest research and studies have revealed that ED is rare among individuals who take a pure Mediterranean food comprising of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, good fat comprising of nuts and olive oil, fish and red wine, etc.

The correlation between a portion of Mediterranean food and smooth sexual activity has been carefully tested and proved.

  • Retain an Ideal Body Weight- Overweight and obesity does not only looks odd but also gives an invitation to many health conditions comprising of type2 diabetes that may lead to harm nerves all over the body. In case a person develops diabetes, then it may attack the nerves that furnish to the penis. As a result, ED may develop.
  • Restrict Hypertension and Excessive Cholesterol- A rise in Blood pressure, and Cholesterol may prove dangerous for one as it might harm blood vessels comprising of the ones that introduce blood to the penis. Finally, the condition may lead to erectile dysfunction. That time you have to think about treatment of ED, because it’s very important. You can get detail about Generic Fildena (Sildenafil Citrate) Pills for best ED treatment.
  • Ensure that your physician keeps an eye on your blood pressure and cholesterol level- It is also required to scrutinize the level of blood pressure in between the checkup with your doctor. There are many stores and fire stations which provide free checkups. Hypertension supervision apparatus are also present in the market, which can be used at home as well.

In case your hypertension and Cholesterol level is out of control, then consult your doctor and take proper medication to recover.

Medicaments used to cure hypertension may provide difficulty in the erection process. Whereas doctors have uttered that in many cases, people have blamed these medicaments, but that was not the ultimate cause. It is primarily induced by arterial destruction arising from hypertension (high blood pressure).

  • Guzzle Alcohol in a Limit or Keep it At Bay-There isn’t any study indicating that mild or moderate intake of Alcohol adversely affects erection whereas excess intake of it may lead to harm liver and nerves and other ailments like producing an imbalance in the male sex hormones which ultimately results in Erectile dysfunction.
  • Workout Frequently- Many types of research have shown that doing exercise on a regular basis minimizes the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Running, swimming, and other kinds of aerobic workouts assist in preventing erectile dysfunction. You may scrutinize the workouts that create pressure on the perineum, a middle portion between the scrotum and anus. The two blood vessels and nerves that provide the penis may affect badly by having excess pressure. A scientist named Goldstein has quoted that a riding bicycle is a specific form of workout that can be a reason for erectile dysfunction.A small irregular ride, unfortunately, may cause difficulty. Whereas individuals who spent a great time in riding bike must ensure that their motorbike seat adjusts well and also you can wear padded pants especially designed for cycling purpose and always attempt to stand up often amid pedaling.
  • Do not Depend on Kegels-Kegels is a kind of workout that does not look accommodating. This workout comprises of contraction and relaxation of the pelvic muscles. It may assist men and women grappling with unrestrained, whereas there has been no proof of it that it restricts ED.
  • Keep an Eye on the Level of Testosterone-Paradoxically in a healthy individual; the measure of testosterone often decreases by the age of 50 after a person reaches the age of 40 with each passing year the testosterone level of an individual decline about 1.3%. It comprises of symptoms like lesser interest for sex, mood swings, low energy, and stamina, or facing difficulty in making any conclusion all these points out to its inadequacy.
  • Restrict Anabolic Steroids- The medicaments taken by athletes and weightlifters may dwindle the testicle and attenuate their potential to produce testosterone.
  • Quit Smoking- Cigarettes smoking is not only injurious for being healthy but also damages the blood vessels and restricts the flow of blood to the penis whereas the intake of Nicotine may shrink the blood vessels that may cause difficulty in transporting blood to the penis.
  • Prevent Hazardous position While Sex- It has been found that one of the major reasons for developing ED may occur from the injuries in the penis which arises amid sexual intercourse. So it’s better to have ample time while the intercourse and try to restrict specific positions. It might be a little awkward, but taking advice from your doctor regarding the do’s and don’ts during the intercourse may be of great help. If you want to get more information about erectile dysfunction? Then learn here.
  • Try to be Stress-Free- Researches have shown that an individual grappling with mental stress has increased level of adrenalin hormone that contracts the blood vessels. It’s not safe for an erection to occur. If a person does anything to release his stress and feel calm and composed, then it is considered no less than a boon for his sex life.

So follow these golden eleven points which can prove a panacea for the ones grappling with such deformity.

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