A Comprehensive Guide to Zantac Cancer Claims and Settlements


If you or your loved one have suffered GERD or heartburn and your healthcare provider has been prescribing you Zantac to alleviate this irritation, you need to hear this. If you have developed cancer due to a particular ingredient in Zantac, the law allows you to file a claim against the company that manufactured the drug. Consult with an experienced attorney who can help you file a Zantac lawsuit to get the amount of compensation you deserve.

Why is Zantac associated with cancer?

Since 2019 September, there has been a widespread suspicion that using Zantac for a long time can cause cancer. By the end of the same year, the FDA requested the drug manufacturers to perform more tests and analysis on this drug. By that time, Aurobindo Pharma, Precision Dose, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, American Health Packaging, and Golden State Medical Supply had recalled the batches of ranitidine tablets, syrup, and capsules.

As more data came details came into light about the dangers of Zantac and its generic drugs, the FDA demanded that the drug and all its generics be withdrawn from the market completely. This agency has concluded that NDMA is found in some Zantac products. The amount present increases over time.

When Zantac is kept at high temperatures, according to FDA, it could result in the end consumer being exposed to a dangerous amount of NDMA (impurity). Due to the agency’s mandatory withdrawal request, Zantac-related products won’t be available for OTC or existing prescription use in the US.

Types of cancer cause by NDMA found in Zantac

NDMA is an ingredient found in Zantac. It is a probable carcinogen, and using the drug has been linked to the following cancers.

  •         Colon cancer
  •         Stomach cancer
  •         Kidney cancer
  •         Intestines cancer
  •         Cancer of bladder
  •         Multiple myeloma
  •         Prostate cancer
  •         Esophageal cancer
  •         Leukemia

What’s NDMA?

Generally, NDMA is present at low levels in food, water, and the environment. These low levels are considered insignificant and cannot cause cancer risk. But it was discovered in 2019 that Valisure, an independent pharmacy, notified FDA of a particular test they performed, which showed that NDMA was present in Zantac products. At first, the FDA was not convinced that there was enough scientific evidence about these theories. So, the agency issued a voluntary call.

This information prompted the FDA to perform new tests. These tests confirmed that Zantac products contained NDMA. The amount of this ingredient increased significantly in drugs stored in higher temperatures. Some studies have confirmed that the drug formed NDMA in one’s body after it has been consumed.

Are you a victim of Zantac?

Unfortunately, about 60 million people are battling with heartburn in the United States, and 15 million prescriptions recorded annually. Actually, Zantac was the 48th commonly prescribed drug in the country.

If you or your loved ones have developed cancer and have been taking Zantac (prescribed) or as an OTC drug, the law allows you to file a lawsuit against the company that manufactured the drug. Consult with an attorney to know your options.

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