Various causes of pimples


A pimple is a small pustule which develops due to clogging of pores on our skin. In this problem, dead skin cells get clogged together and form a type of plug in the hair follicles. Due to which bacteria can cause inflammation in the clogged pores which leads to pimples. Most likely they occur during puberty but although they can arise at any age. Pimples are of different types such as whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, cysts and nodules.

Pimples can cause scars. So, to remove scars, people try many types of skincare products on their skin. One of the best pimples marks removal soap is no scars soap which removes pimple marks from your skin and makes your skin flawless. The scars caused by pimples become the most common problem among people. So, we need to know about some common causes of pimples which are as follows-

  • Bacterial infection- When clogging occurs in the skin pores then it encourages the growth of undesirable bacteria in the skin pores and causes pimples. The bacteria then produce some kind of substance that causes an immune response and this immune response leads to skin inflammation and spots.
  • Yeast infections- Yeast infection can also cause pimples. When a yeast cell enters the hair follicles of our skin then it causes the eruption of pimples on our skin. It can occur on shoulders, upper back, face, etc. It can happen to both men and women but is more common among teenagers.
  • Testosterone activity- It has been found by researchers that a higher level of testosterone can cause pimples. Although testosterone is a male hormone it is also present in small amount in females.
  • Dietary factors- The role of diet in causing pimples is still unclear but it is often said that sugar and chocolate can trigger the pimples.
  • Blockage of skin pores- Inside the pores of our skin, there are some oil glands present in it. These glands produce an oily substance called sebum. This sebum can stick to the dead skin cells and causes blockage in the pore. Due to this blockage of skin pores, pimples appear on the skin.
  • Medications- Some medications can also increase the pre-existing pimples such as steroid medicines and medicines used to treat epilepsy. But not all medicines cause pimples.
  • Cosmetic products- This is the less common cause of pimples as most of the products are now tested. But it may be the cause of pimples in some cases.
  • Some risk factors- Hormonal fluctuations may play a role in the occurrence of pimples but it is still unclear.

All these above given are some causes of pimples. These can be prevented by using some types of creams, face washes or soaps. No scars is the most trusted brand for prevention of pimple and acne scars on your face. One of the best acne scar removal soap is No scars face soap which contains some natural ingredients. No scars also provide some other products for scar removal such as no scars cream, face wash, etc. All these products deeply clean our skin and prevent acne. No scars soap has a moisturizing effect on our skin and it moisturizes and nourishes all skin types.

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